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About Chuck
  • Many of you may know Chuck Damato personally. Chuck is a proven leader and motivator in Southern California. He has accomplished this by:
    being a super salesman for years, earning many awards from national and international

    Married to Rosemarie Damato for 55 years
    Career: Chuck began his career in the automobile business over 25 years ago, working for such manufactures as BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes Benz. He has always maintained an open, honest relationship, practicing solid Christian principles, with both employer and customer. In 1993, Chuck became self-employed and began a new career in the field of sales, working with international diagnostic testing equipment. Setting goals in his business life, and taking a step of faith into a new business, his goals and needs have been met beyond his own expectation. As a result, in 1996 being named "Outstanding Salesman of the Year" by his company
    Chuck Damato's involvement W/Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International (FGBMFI)
    STARTING IN 1973
    Started Thousand Oaks Chapter October 3rd 1973
    35 years Chapter President
    Field Representative
    International Director (Board Member) 17 years
    Chaired Southern California Men's Advances (many times)
    Hosted South African Airlift (13 men from Thousand Oaks Chapter
    Appeared on FGBMFI TV Program: Good News (many times)
    FGBMFI: Circuit Speaker
    Faculty Member of the FGBMFI: Advance Leadership Training Seminars (ALTS)
    Involved with FGBMFI International Conventions
    International Membership Chairman

    Business Men's Fellowship BMF
    Chapter President 21 years
    National Board Member 20 years

    TV appearances:
    Two time guest on The 700 Club CBN
    TBN Praise Program (many times)
    Co Hosted: Man In The Arena (Bob Harrison) TBN
    100 Huntley Street, Toronto Canada
    Corner Stone TV Network, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
    (Russ Bixler Program)
    Cable TV Ventura County (Hosted by Chuck and Rosemarie Damato "Celebrate"

    Served on Deacon Board of Trustees Assemblies of God Church Thousand Oaks California (20 years)

    Currently Chuck serves as Chaplain to Mike Rovner Construction (MRC)
    For last 12 years

    Married to Rosemarie Damato 55 years
    Children: Thomas and Pamela
    Grandson: Kai Robert Bogart
    Chuck was born in Akron, Ohio
    August 30 1937
    Graduated from Ellet High School Class of 1955
    Lives in Thousand Oaks, California for 39 years
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  • I am to young to be this old


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