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About Chuck
  • Chuck Rea is a man, a myth, & a legend.

    The Man: Chuck is an actor. Some would say the greatest actor of our time, but he's fine with just being the greatest actor of any time, anywhere. And like many others, he seems unable to get to the gym on a consistent basis.

    The Myth: In Greek mythology, Chuck Rea is the winged horse that was fathered by Poseidon with Medusa. When her head was cut off by the Greek hero Perseus, Chuck sprang forth from her pregnant body. His galloping created the well Hippocrene on the Helicon (a mountain in Boeotia).

    The Legend: Chuck killed a bear! A GOD DAMNED BEAR!!
Favorite Quotes
  • "It's all ball bearings nowadays!"

    "I'm sorry. You sounded a lot taller on the radio."

    "Never open your mouth until you know what the shot is."

    "Maybe people only ask you how you're doing 'cause that's easier than lettin' on how little they could care."

    "It's an illusion. A trick is something a whore does for money."

    "White. A blank page or canvas. So many possiblities"