The Lubbock Animal Shelter Adoption Center has $30 adoptions until Friday. That is HALF PRICE adoptions. Stop by and give one of these loving fur babies a forever home. #AdoptDontShop #ForeverHomes #FurBabies #ResponsiblePetOwnership

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Lubbock Animal Shelter Adoption Center
10 hrs

Willy is a male about 5 years old, not much on his surrender but I can clearly say he is such a sweetheart. Someone give him a home!

We have some exciting news: we have been working on redesigning your City website! And we want you to be involved in the process. The City of Lubbock Website - Citizen Collaborators group will be a space for discussions on different topics about the user experience.
- We will share previews and ask for your feedback and suggestions.
- We will assign tasks and request your opinion on your navigation process.
- We want you to engage with us and give us constructive criticism.


The new website is still in a prototype stage, and is scheduled to go live by mid-Summer!

Join the group by answering 3 short questions to become a member. Can't wait to talk to you about the new website!

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The Lubbock Animal Shelter is doing free adoptions all this week through Saturday March 3! But in addition to the event, there is a moratorium on all euthanizations this week in an effort to get all eligible animals into forever homes. Please visit the adoption center at 3323 SE Loop 289 today!#lubbockanimalshelter #adoption #NoFee
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