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Robert Holland
· January 26, 2018
Not a good day for your department. The officer harassing the citizen in the parking lot is troubling to say the least and probably criminal! He appeared to have no interest in what the gentleman was ...saying and seemed to have already made up his mind that he was guilty of whatever crime the officer could conjure hell with the Constitution or the law. I feel very strongly that the camera saved the citizen from some made up charges. If the officer is so blatantly dismissive of individual rights while being recorded; one can only imagine what happens when his camera is the only one running! Of course those recordings never get lost...right? See More
Paim Tom
· September 27, 2017
Modesto has gone downhill. From eye sore to loud Obnoxious blaring music. No one follows the speed limit every red light is being ran texting while driving to tax hike with nothing to show. Crime is r...idiculous and out of control. The crime rate of Modesto is through the roof Modesto has lost control of its people. Nothing wrong with enforcing the law. Stop putting the money in your wallet and start putting it back into the community. As soon as our house is paid off in a few years, we are out of this place. Modesto does a very good job and chasing the taxpayers away. See More
Moose Marine
· January 26, 2018
You have a BAD COP on your force R,Rosas #207 he needs retrained the way he talks to people he is a Punk Thug with a Badge he is going to cost your city a lot of money one day he like to VIOLATE peop...les RIGHTS he is a Smart ass Cop if he acts this way on camera think how he acts off camera He really needs fired check out the utube video he is a Lair & a punk with a Badge that's all I can say See More
Richard Grüber
· August 30, 2017
We home owners are getting screwed with water rate increases because the City can't see into the future during the drought. Home owners did their job to conserve by 20% and in the end we get screwed b...ecause of it. Then the City puts BS language in their rate increase proposal saying there will be 2 rates, Drought & Non Drought. Who decides when it's a Non Drought year? This was put in place in hoping it would make people feel warm and fuzzy that the City is helping rate payers, Hogwash! As far as I'm concerned we rate payers are getting the shaft and the City can pound sand!!!! See More
Christopher Tooze
· October 10, 2017
When are you going to fix the god damn metal plate on Sisk??? It gouged my tire and had to replace my tire. Where can I send the bill? Modesto is so run down, it's ridiculous
Gerald Stitt Jr.
· January 26, 2018
Very disturbing to see one of your officers going up harassing a citizen demanding to see his I D when he has committed no crime and then threatens to go in the store to possibly have him banned from need to gett the officer under control and stop his power trip!! See More
Ashly White
· June 10, 2017
Brought my kids to the park off laloma today. Ewing? Not sure on the spelling. I was pretty saddend ..this park has so much potential with the bridge over the creek , it's beautiful gives a very feel in the middle of the valley. Dozens of squirrels. However the amount of transient and obvious drug use is staggering...not talking about the homeless old timers ...but the clusters of 20 somethings shooting heroin and smoking dope. If they enforced the no camping rule this place would flourish... The bathrooms are " closed due to vandelism" one isn't locked and has broken toilets soiled clothing torn up "missing" posters . It's not a huge park and seems to be very easy to turn around and maintain..... Sadly I don't see it happening See More
Jeremy Seabolt
· January 26, 2018
Got to love it when the police harass someone for walking in a parking lot. Clearly a case of harassment for him fliming an officer running tags on private property. Lame!
Kim Wilson-Baker
· July 14, 2017
We had an issue with our water pressure pulsating throughout the house. It was noisy and caused our water filter to leak. I emailed City of Modesto and a technician arrived within minutes. Long story ...short, the issue was with our swimming pool auto-fill valve. Paco figured it out within minutes of arriving. Problem solved. Extraordinary customer service! City of Modesto: thinking outside the box....going the extra mile. Thanks gentlemen. From: A very satisfied customer. � See More
Marvin Armstrong
· January 26, 2018
This police department is just like all the other department that let their officers talk down to the taxpayers. Shame on the chief.
Ashley Peterson
· August 2, 2017
We had an issue with our sewer pipe and contacted the city. Wow, they were so professional and courteous (on two separate occasions:)! I was so surprised, I felt this needed sharing. Problem solved...; thank you! See More
Lulu Jus Lulu
· November 24, 2016
I am at an okay with the city of Modesto because our water bill and MID bill went up $20 more a month to up keep I guess the light poles I was told but my street hasnt had lights for about 2 weeks dark. Hmmm Our poles arent being kept up... Im at work nights and during the day i sleep so cant report it but im sure an officer or 2 have noticed it is really dark they could of reported it also, and gotten a quicker response from the city. See More
Jae Flora-Katz
· March 5, 2016
You have a great town, but it is being seriously marred by your inaction to stop the killing of innocent animals by hunters. Cats are being slaughtered in your city and proudly posted across FB. Sur...ely this is illegal and the good citizens of Modesto will be outraged hearing this is happening in their home town. See More
Mike Denison
· December 4, 2017
Methesto is a shithole....criminals have more rights than anyone else....want something stolen?....move to Methesto...
Evan Timmons
· May 1, 2016
Love my Beautiful city! Born and raised here.
You are what you make of it, and it is good...
Kim Galbraith Wood
· August 9, 2016
I love Modesto. I'm an apt manager, & I know there are a lot of good people in this town. Don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. Lo
Maria Jerry Ruiz
· May 11, 2016
City of Modesto needs to clean up Roselawn ave... the golf course is dumping garbage place/homeless camping
David Wettstein
· June 27, 2017
I like this we can ride bikes stress free
And kids are safe to ride
Jacob Barnett
· December 13, 2016
This city has become over populated, over priced, criminalized, and under whelming.
Noel Quinn
· December 7, 2014
Modesto Officer "Ben Cromwell" tortures and beats senseless a man sleeping without a home in #MODESTO, CA —

The video clearly shows the officer initiate an unnecessary attack -brutalizing the disori...ented man for several minutes and leaving behind a pool of blood.

TORTURE OF MAN WITHOUT HOME IN CALIFORNIA VIDEO: Liveleak dot com query 1402189168

#Manteca just enacted #HomelessHateLaws that go into effect on December 4th. Sign the petition: brave new films

#PoliceBrutality #Homeless #OpSafeWinter
See More
UPDATE: Day 1 of abatement at 624 9th Street. City Council approved funding to abate the property following a fire that caused significant damage in early October. Abatement crews will be at the property throughout the week. One northbound lane of traffic will be closed, so expect congestion in the area. Prior post (9/1/17): Thanks to the many hands of city and county employees, community groups, advocates and volunteers, the 68 tenants in the 27 units at the condemned 624 9th Street apartment building have been safely relocated. More than half of the tenants have found permanent homes and the remaining will be placed in temporary housing. All of the animals from the apartment building are being housed with their owners, at foster homes, or at the animal shelter. Staff will continue to work with those in temporary housing to connect them to resources and find long term solutions. There is a shortage of affordable housing in Stanislaus County. Any landlords who have vacancies that wish to help with permanent housing are encouraged to contact Jeanette Fabela at Community Services Agency, 209-525-6529. #CommunityPartnerships #CityOfGreatNeighbors #WeAreModesto #Modesto
From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Today Empire Landscaping began installing the new pedestrian bridge between the 7th Street and HWY 99 Bridges for the expansion of the Tuolumne River Regional Park trail system. We are hoping to complete this essential phase of the project in the next couple of months so that we can begin the establishment period of the natural landscape to be installed this Spring.

The project will add over 2,000 linear feet of trail, an outdoor classroom, a pedestrian bridge over the backwater channel and an observation deck perched on the bank of the Tuolumne River. We hope everyone will enjoy this new addition soon!

Image may contain: sky, ocean, outdoor and nature
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Join us and various community partners on Saturday, March 17, 2018 for Modesto RecFest. #parksmakelifebetter #ModestoRecFest #paddling #bicyclerides #kiteflying #trailrunning #fishingclinic #discgolf #naturewalks #livemusic

Sat 9:00 AM PDTTuolumne River TrustSan Francisco, CA

Shout out to the Modesto Senior Center Crochet Club for crocheting beanies and donating them to the Howard Training Center!

Interested in join this great group? they meet every Thursday, 9:30AM at the Senior Center (211 Bodem St.)

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Construction is nearing completion as we strengthen the new 4 million gallon industrial tank in south Modesto. The project will service the southeast portion of Modesto, which will improve the water system's reliability and pressure. #WaterWednesday #OneWaterModesto #WaterMatters

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City of Modesto is now recruiting for Lab Analyst I/II position. Details here :

View current job listings.

Celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth at City Council tonight by recognizing the achievements and contributions of African Americans in our community.

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Are you an active Senior looking for help navigating your Cellphone, Tablet, or laptop computer? The Modesto Senior Citizens Center is hosting a workshop where you will get paired with a volunteer who will help you learn the basics of your device. We are excited to offer this program every Wednesday from 2:30PM-4:30PM. Space is Limited.

Please RSVP to Shannon Parker at (209) 341-2974 or

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Its not to late to attend the 12th Annual Chinese New Year Celebration happening today, 2:00PM-5:00PM at the Senior Citizens Center (211 Bodem Street)

Come enjoy cultural dances, musical entertainment, martial arts and much more #yearofthedog #chinesenewyear #seeyouthere #getoutgetbusy #parksandrec.

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PAL Boxing, at Maddux Youth Center
Stanislaus County Police Activities League's oldest activity. Boys and girls ages 10-17 are encouraged to participate. PAL Boxing stresses the importance of hard work, education, good manners, fitness, conditioning and sportsmanship. This is a free program. Classes run January 1 through December 2018

Location: Maddux Youth Center, 615 Sierra Drive, Modesto.


For questions please contact the Maddux Youth Center at (209) 341-2950

See More
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Did you know that Modesto is in the recycled water business? The City has been discharging recycled water from the Jennings Water Quality Control plant into the Delta Mendota Canal since December 29, 2017 for the Del Puerto Water District (DPWD), as part of the North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program. In addition to purchasing this resource from the City, DPWD will also be reimbursing the City for the construction costs of the new recycled water pipeline and pumping facility. #WaterWednesday #OneWaterModesto

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The Outreach and Engagement Mobile Access Center at Graceada Park was a success! We are grateful to partner with these organizations who connected with more than a dozen individuals needing services during today’s event. #CommunityPartnerships #WeAreModesto #CityOfGreatNeighbors

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The 12th Annual Chinese New Year Celebration is only days away! Mark your calendar for Sat. February 10, we hope to see you at the Modesto Senior Center (211 Bodem St.) from 2:00PM-5:00PM.

Admission is free to this exciting event. 2018 is "Year of the Dog" Come celebrate with us!

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Come and learn the fundamentals of tennis including strokes, serving, volleys, strategy, and rules and etiquette of this fun game for a lifetime. Lessons taught at Downey Park by experienced instructors. Tennis shoes and own racquet required.

Lessons are Saturdays. Next lesson begins Saturday, February 17th.

Classes offered are:...
Beginner Youth (5-11 yrs) 9am-9:50am $35
High Performance Teens and Adults (12+ yrs) 10am-11am $50

For more information and to register please contact the Modesto Parks and Recreation Department at (209) 577-5344.

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Looking for a part-time Job? We're Hiring seasonal and year round lifeguards!

The Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department is looking for energetic and highly motivated people who want to work outside in a fun atmosphere with kids during the summer.
Lifeguard Certificate is required before working on pool deck. *lifeguard training, first aid, CPR/AED for the professional rescuer, and title 22. Check Recreation Activity Guide for certification classes.


For more information contact (209) 577-5344 or to apply online click on the link below.

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View current job listings.