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De Dickerson
· February 9, 2018
A giant thank you to the city of Moline plow truck driver who cleared our street late this afternoon! Not only did he make multiple passes to do a through job, but when I went out to scoop out the mes...s at the end of our driveway, he stopped and waited for me to move. Then he dropped his blade along the foot of our drive and scraped it back clear to the edge! With a jolly shout he exclaimed "I think I shoveled it!" And then he sped away. Just like Santa! See More
Dave Watters
· November 8, 2017
I have wanted to live in Moline since high school.we looked for over a year trying to find a place that we thought we could afford for our income. The taxes shot up so fast ! To where we are just buy! It seems to me that if we should have to make changes in our lives that everyone should!. Maybe Moline should look at what there paying for retirement. This is no longer the good old days.The wages just aren't there to compensate for the high costs. I'm not saying people don't deserve it. I feel there is gonna come a day when I'll have to throw in the towel and move on which I'm not looking forward to. Like many other residents in Moline.just sayin! Thank You! See More
David Jay Anderson
· October 22, 2017
Moline is the best city around. Best Police, location, people, library, affordability, highway system, events, amenities, bus system, administration, everything. Thank you to everyone who makes Moline GREAT!
Anna Marie
· February 13, 2018
I don’t understand why sidewalks aren’t being shoveled!? Yesterday there was a women walking on the side of the street down 23rd ave because the sidewalks are knee deep in snow.
Frank Jamieson
· December 29, 2016
I'm relatively pleased with the overall snow removal on snow routes and main roads. The maintenance of many side street, especially dead ends is horrendous. Do not understand why these aren't addres...sed once the snow routes and main street are under control. The enforcement of the city snow removal ordinance for sidewalks is POOR. I find it absolutely unfathomable that people are not held accountable for not doing their sidewalks. I've addressed this with my alderman, but got nowhere quickly. It's a wonder that people move into Moline with what appears to be a gross lack of regard for it's citizens. See More
Kristin Jordan
· June 28, 2017
The bike path is great!! Amazing job!!! My morning commute went from awful to fabulous. Great job City of Moline workers!!! ��
Willis Hodge
· February 26, 2014
The School Board wants to close two school,but there is no sidewalk for kids to walk on.If we build the side walks who is going to keep them clear.The city can not make anyone clear the walks on their... homes now and our city code allows for 6 inches of snow before they can think of some way to get you to clear it. See More
Lisa Ales
· May 30, 2015
Please get the grade school ball fields in playing shape for dads club baseball. Butterworth is unplayable & the hospital field isn't much better. It's a shame that we spend so much money for one new... school and not enough on the other schools to even give them a descent place to play baseball. See More
Nathan Bird
· June 15, 2015
Any chance you can fix your storm drains or should I invest in a canoe for when I need to go to the store when it's raining!? Oh & thanks to your piss poor storm drains every house on my block with a ...basement looks like the wet bandits struck again! See More
Bruce Walters
June 22, 2013 an online article about the leaping stag sculpture near the Deere Pavilion. Also, about the "Spirit of Place" sculpture by Beverly P...epper on Deere Commons. See More
Taylor Adams
· November 20, 2015
Job well done tonight snow crew! It's a selfless job that goes unnoticed, but I thank you for doing the best job you can!
Lia Harvey
· December 12, 2016
This city sucks. I should have never left Silvis.
David Doubet
September 4, 2013
If you are hearing ringing in your ears; it is the Atheist/ tellapaths/ Neo-NAZIs driving over speed bumps or potholes. Text message cops' fax number.
Kyle William Loshure
October 22, 2013
Free·Power&Running·Water! Go·Free&Green! Author Solar·Independent·Utility· Systems·Manual!
Michiaki Sugie
May 3, 2012
I like Moline. I stayed for 7days in Davenport.
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