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Lisa Kjk
· February 14, 2018
One point-
A few weeks ago one of the commissioners was ranting and raving about the 'good' quality of Pembroke Pines water and that it is above standard and nothing wrong with it. So question is why ...did they still go ahead and do this"$12 million upgrade to the system"? Somebody is getting richer somewhere by that contract and we are stuck with the bill to pay. Much like the security cameras milking the public to keep us all 'safe'. Remember more the government, less the choice and freedom and more the cost.
Also another question to ask is about sewer charge based on water consumption. If you are using the water for the lawn, sewage usage is not affected, yet you are charged for sewage for the portion of water used for lawn.
At any rate, this kind of crazy hike should not be acceptable.
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Patty Gonzalez
· February 12, 2018
The residents of Pembroke Pines have a serious concern about the water bill sky rocketing (not at all in line with a 24% increase). On the Next Door App we have hundreds of residents stating the same ...concern. We have written to the governor about this because there is no answer or solution. The Sun Sentinel is writing a story as well. We are not going to give up until the issue is investigated thoroughly and ethically. What is going on, we all deserve a fair response. See More
Sarah Norris
· November 10, 2017
I need a bit of help. I have been referred to several departments. I currently rent in Pembroke Pines and the hurricane knocked our fence down. The property has a pool. The landlord is a company TX and is not really trying to fix it. I know law says we have to have a barrier around the pool... who can I report this to?? I’m concerned someone can walk back there and drown. See More
Ceci Dandrea
· February 18, 2018
Thanks to everyone involved in my grandfathers search and recovery. Without your help and resources he would not be alive today. I don’t know how to even thank or repay you. My heart is full of gratit...ude for everyone of you that helped our family in this difficult time. See More
Ann Michajlenko Green
· January 24, 2018
We have lived here for 30years. Just wanted to make you aware of what happened to our vehicle. Came out one morning and found all 4 wheels and rims gone. Car sitting on garden cinder blocks. Please pu...rchase locking wheel lugs. We learned the hard way. See More
Nannette Kaniaris
· September 11, 2017
Frank Orris, how did you get our job? How could you go on TV to speak about the city's water issues after Irma, and you seriously say that you "have no idea what happened"? Really? How about you FIND ...OUT, before you go on TV?! See More
Helen Whitaker
· September 8, 2017
City of Pembroke Pines florida and waste pro USA. Still waiting from Wednesday bulk pickup. Hurricane Irma coming and they say they will not be back to pick it up. This truck only picked up a little b...ecause all the neighbors were pitching a fit . Sorry about all the missiles coming. See More
Shannon Barrett
· February 13, 2018
They don't help you. They pass the buck to everyone else. Residents of Pembroke Pines are getting way overcharged for their water bill and nobody cares!
Veronica Carrero
· February 19, 2018
Thank you so much City of Pembroke Pines for all that you did in recovering Robert Perez. We are eternally grateful. I am proud to be a Pembroke Pines resident!
John Scozzaro
· September 25, 2017
Unbelievable with the amount of taxes and fees we pay, that we will have debris in the city for 8 more weeks. My city leaders have lost credibility and this could be the year of major change on the C...ity Commission. ... See More
Barbara Volpe Parlavecchio Ortis
· April 14, 2017
I love and am so proud of my city Pembroke Pines! I have been a resident since 1980. I have seen us go from a small town of hearing cows mooing to where we are today....a major city of approximately... 175,000 residents. We have a wonderful charter school charter system that I wish was available when my children were school age but they still received a fabulous education at Pembroke Lakes Elementary, Walter C. Young and Flanagan HS. I have been selling real estate for the past 20 plus years so yes I am out in the streets daily seeing change....more than less are positive changes.
Today we are facing an issue with our water which our elected officials are addressing and will continue to get this resolved. Some have suggested that if we did not outsource our water department this would not have happened. My opinion is that it could have still happened due to the age of the system. Commissioner Jay Schwartz would probably know better than the rest of the commission in this respect being a full time home inspector for many realtors realizing that everything has a life expectancy...water heaters approximately 10 years, central air approximately 10 years, etc. Maybe it is time for a new system but I am not the pro to decide this. If needed though obviously it is going to raise our taxes because how does one think this system can be paid for. Just like the homeowner who needs a new roof, hurricane impact windows or upgrade a new a/c system....many have the money sitting in the bank to pay for this but many more need to use the PACE program or a line of credit for those replacements.
Right now I am seeing panic over the issue with our water. Yes we are all concerned but I know and feel we are in safe hands with most of our commission and this to shall pass. I do hope all stay on the track of the issue and not use this issue for political advancement which is causing hysteria within our wonderful city. Please set your ego aside and work positively along with all to fix the issue at hand and not waste time with who is responsible for the issue at appears to me that "life expectancy of the system" is the culprit. All Commissioners have voted to move forward with the current upgrades at the water plant. What we need to do is move forward to resolve the problem and not distract or deflect from the issue.
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Julio Cancelado
· October 18, 2017
I love my City Pembroke Pines always you have activities to enjoy with the family and friends.
Robert J Hendry
· January 19, 2018
Do we have to listen all night to the bands warming up at C.B. SMITH Chili Cookoff? Not right.
Annya Sierra-Holston
· May 4, 2017
I really love my city until summer time. We have a very small amount of City of Pembroke Pines Summer Camps. Most importantly the camp hours are not fair to working parents. Most parents work until 6 so ending at 6 pm is not beneficial and forcing people like myself to private camps. Please consider extending the hours to 6:30 pm to allow parents time to travel from work to get their kids. See More
Dario Dahbar
· August 30, 2017
Passport office is officially closed but nobody bothers to update the information online. You will find a paper at the front door when you already at the office
Marilda Benevides
· January 19, 2018
Beautiful and friendly place, I am proud to live here ...
Mireya Sasario
· November 23, 2016
I love and live in the city of Pembroke Pines, FL. However, last night I was disappointed when I visited the shopping center on 184th ave and pines blvd. It appears that the owner of the plaza planted... bee friendly plants and later fumigated. I found over 40 dead bees in the strip. Not only is this terrible for the bees who are necessary to our environment, but a hazered to a humans. What if a child allergic touch one of these bees. This needs to be addressed.
Very angry resident!
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Jessie Johns
· December 22, 2016
I have lived in Pembroke Pines for 20 years and I have always been very proud to say that I live in this wonderful city until now. Pembroke Pines is cutting the Pembroke Pines Athletic Club that serve...s the East side of Pembroke Pines. The PAC is home to many wonderful programs that benefit our children: summer camp, after care, basketball, and my kids favorite Taekwondo. I know that when the doors close on the PAC there will be a hole left in the community that I live in and unfortunately my children and the children in the community are the ones that are going to suffer. Please reconsider and save the PAC!! The East side of Pembroke Pines needs it!!! See More
Alvaro Jose Garcia
· September 13, 2017
This city is awesome!!! Best in the whole country!!!!
Melanie Rosenberg McCarthy
· June 21, 2016
I have lived here for almost forty years and it has deteriorated horribly. So many better cities. Not a nice place to raise a child. Stay away from the charter schools... they are overcrowded with awf...ul teachers and horrible administration. Multiple kids get injuries that aren't even noticed. See More
The Opening Reception was a great success -- 111 participating artists and 275 pieces of submitted artwork; 102 artists were accepted and 175 pieces of artwork was accepted for the 12th Annual Art Competition. We'll be announcing the winners -- the exhibit can be seen now through October 20, 2016 at Studio in the Pines, 1101 Poinciana Drive.
Pines Light Up the Night 5k Run.

Taste of Pines 2018 at the Charles F Dodge City Center.

Taste of Pines — fun night for all. Over 60 restaurants, entertainment...


Taste of Pines is SOLD OUT! No tickets will be sold at the door tonight. Thank you to everyone who will be attending.

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One week after the devastating shooting on February 14th 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida students from Pembroke Pines Chart...

Thank you to everyone who attended last night’s prayer vigil to support the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Community at the Charles F. Dodge City Center.

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An invitation to parents/guardians of school-aged children, educators and youth advocates ...

Commissioner Iris A. Siple, Principal Michael Castellano and the Education Round Table Forum together with the city of Pembroke Pines invite parents/guardian...

Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank C. Ortis invites everyone in the community to gather together for a prayer vigil today, Wednesday, February 21, 2018 in honor and remembrance of the victims, their families, the first responders, students, teachers and the whole community affected by the horrific act of violence at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Let us stand together in solidarity and sadness for those who have died and for all of those whose lives will never be the same as a result of this unbearable act. The vigil will be held in the plaza of the Charles F. Dodge City Center, located at 601 City Center Way beginning at 5 p.m.

The City Commission Meeting will follow the vigil at 6: 30 p.m. in Commission Chambers.

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It's almost here ...

"Tee off” for education at the 17th Annual Pembroke Pines Charter School Golf Tournament on Friday, March 23, 2018 at the Pembroke Lakes Country Club, locate...

Don’t miss the incredible soulful sounds of rock goddess Emily Sheila and many more at the 20th annual ArtFest in the Pines - March 10th and 11th from 10-5 at the Charles F. Dodge City Center - Presented by the City of Pembroke Pines and Artserve. Emily will be performing on March 10th at 4 p.m. For more information, visit at Fest. #ArtFest #Music #Art #FoodTrucks #FarmersMarket #KidsZone #Gallery

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