VIDEO: Details of the City of Savannah's New Shopping Cart Ordinance
VIDEO: Joseph C. Shearouse Playground Dedication Ceremony
VIDEO: Local Manager is in Place for the Arena/Canal District

VIDEO: Details of the City of Savannah's New Shopping Cart Ordinance. You can catch this story and many more this month on SGTV's City Span... weekdays on the 3's, 7's and 11's (Comcast Channel 8 and City of Savannah YouTube page).

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VIDEO: Joseph C. Shearouse Playground Dedication Ceremony. Longtime Leisure Services Bureau Chief has the playground in Hull Park named after him. Here's the full ceremony.

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Kristy Clements
· February 23, 2018
I love Savannah, but the utilities office is garbage. Had a bill more than triple my normal amount. Waited on hold for 30 minutes during a lunch break (obviously they are only open when I'm working) t...o have someone tell me they would do a Re-read and informed me that I would have to call back within 7-10 days to find out if the reading was incorrect. Called back and was told the reading had in fact been incorrect and that I would be receiving another bill. Finally got my new bill and the previous still showed a very large balance. Today I went to the office, which is a huge hassle, and was told the original reading was correct and that I am obligated to pay it. What!? See More
Alisha Cuilan
· December 28, 2017
Why are the refuse charges so high on my utility bill? I'm a single person household. I only put out my trash can twice a month because I have so little trash and recycle. Yet my refuse bil is $67.00 ...a month.

Can the city of Savannah look at alternate ways to lower the bill such as:
---getting the trucks that have the hydraulic arm that picks up the trash cans and empties them. Thereby eliminating the 2 extra workers.
--Providing smaller trash cans for single or elderly folks who don't generate the same amount of trash as say a family of 3 or more. And adjust the charges for the smaller cans.
See More
Erin Rowdy
· December 30, 2017
City of Savannah.. You need to reconsider the new parking costs. You are going to price out industry workers. Those working in hotels, house-keeping, kitchens, waitstaff, and bartenders may be harm...ed by cost. Please consider that a person working 8-10 hour shifts, 5 days a week will have to pay upwards of $400 a month. Take care of the hospitality workers who feed and house your precious tourists and permit discounted parking decals for industry workers downtown. See More
Lerin Rebecca
· September 25, 2017
The utilities company is the worst. I paid on Thursday to have water back on Friday. Called Friday at 4 and was told it would be cut back on at some point that day and it was never turned on. Went all... weekend with no water. Today is Monday, just got home from work and still have no water!!!! Of course the office is closed and can't get anyone on the phone. Worst service ever. See More
Stephanie Rosenthal
· January 24, 2018
Way to charge the people taking care of your tourists an arm and a leg to park for their jobs!! Oh and adding Saturday to that! Y’all already made enough money on parking tickets alone! Glad to know o...ur city cares for their own!! See More
Deb N Elvin
· July 25, 2017
An appreciative review to Mr. John Denion, Director of the Residential Refuse Collection and Mr. Zavier Miller, Sanitation Supervisor. We normally put our trash can out the night before, but due to m...y husband being involved with a military training mission, and coming in late, we filled the can and forgot to put it out until the next morning. I normally do it, but am mending from a broken foot. I sent an email to Mr. Denion wondering if we had put something in the trash we were not allowed to as they had not picked it up, only to learn that we had just missed the crew by approximately 30 minutes. This was our fault. Long story short, Mr. Miller came out immediately to pick up our trash and help us out with the situation we are in, and he was very nice, and offered help if we needed it later. We are overly appreciative for their assistance, especially given it was our fault for not putting it out there in time. Since we will be moving in the near future, we really needed our can to be empty this week. Can't thank them enough for this superior customer service and going above and beyond to assist us. We have always had excellent service regarding our trash pick up. Even when a neighbor swapped out our trash can (security camera showed him doing it) with his due to a used "sanitary napkin" (yes, you read that right) being stuck inside his from a family member, the trash company numbered our can, and our trash can was swapped back out for our original one. These people work hard, and don't get enough credit for their services. Especially in this heat to be picking up trash throughout the day, as well as offering help to customers is extraordinary service...thank you Mr. Denion and Mr. Miller. Wish more people like you existed! We are stunned by the insane amount of our electric bill and high water bills, and high crime in this City (we have had to deal with many instances of crime since moving here), but credit goes to the Sanitation department for being one of the ONLY sources of positivity in this City.... See More
Michael Hughes
· January 21, 2018
The cost of working downtown just got higher. It was bad when I had to move further away from downtown Savannah, but now I might need a second job.
Betty Toler Kersey
· January 4, 2018
Lived here for 47yrs love it, has a great history, if you will take the time to study
Angel Thomas
· January 3, 2018
Why this place has to be told repeatedly that deaf people need interpreters in these videos is beyond me.
Haley O'Reilly
· May 31, 2017
Got a bill for $400 and can't get one person on the phone who will explain the bill to me. I get hung up on each time and even when I do get to a voicemail only no one ever calls back. Every single pe...rson there is rude. And not only that, no one has read our meter in months and the bill doesn't explain the charges AT ALL. Embarrassing and totally incompetent. See More
Zachary Millslagle Porter
· February 2, 2018
Thanks for charging those who work downtown their entire hourly wage to park. Really doing great things for the local economy.
Crystal O'Leary
· March 22, 2017
I agree with the money being used for cleanup and extra police presence. I'm actually astounded as for how peaceful this year was with that kind of crowd. I made great money and no one that visited my... establishment got too out of hand. However, it perplexes me as to why the city wristband workers make $20 an hour, I will assume tax free because that's just the way it sounded in talking to a few of them, and are not required by the city to abide by the same regulations set forth for bar and restaurant workers in obtaining a bar card every other day of the year, at the cost of roughly $50 out of our pockets? Did these city workers have to consent to a background check and be fingerprinted and take roughly 5 hours of their time to be employed? Why should temporary city employees be exempt from these standards when they are just as responsible for checking IDs as we are, even more so in such a big drinking holiday? Just curious. See More
Daniel J. Donaldson
· June 16, 2017
My water bill usually runs 140 to 170. Just had to pay a bill for 280. They told my wife that it was estimated off last bill of 190. I had an extra pick up of trash which cost me 50 dollars extra. So was 140. I called they said that they check the metter. Which is it Savannah? Thank you for ruining my budget. See More
Felix Cross
· July 5, 2017
The water company customer service is the absolute rudest and unprofessional people I have EVER met. I called to ask a simple question with kindness and respect but was met with, " we are very busy an...d don't have time to go back and forth with you on this." Also, "that's your problem I'm ending this call." Really!!!! That's how you speak to your customers??? Lindsey or Lesley whichever needs to be fired for her complete disregard and behavior. I would have her name correct but when I asked her to repeat herself as well as forward me to a manager she promptly HUNG UP IN MY FACE!!!! Thanks alot Savannah water. I'm sure this will amount to nothing seeing as no comment has been responded to by anyone. Thanks for treating your citizens like shit. See More
Jodi Caggige
· December 2, 2016
We moved here over a year ago and we love Savannah! There are a few things that need improvement...
obviously the crime is first and the other two things are the parking which is horrendous and the ga...rbage. Ive never seen a city with so much garbage everywhere! I realize its an old city and i love the old architecture and the cobblestone streets but it seems there should be a way to clean up! The 'dirtiness' extends to every public bathroom as well...i have yet to go into a clean bathroom in any restaurant or store. Please, clean up this beautiful city. See More
Lee DeLoach
· March 21, 2017
I think to refer to this shit show as a government would be an injustice. If the city council can't even keep their own house clean, how in the hell will they ever clean up this city. Joke, joke, joke.... You're all one big joke, sad part is we are all tired of laughing. Eddie DeLoach, you need to step up and follow through on your commitment to this city. City Council, you all need to pull your heads out of your asses. See More
Jeffrey Prater
· March 4, 2017
The employees don't care about taking care of the community. The water company is the worst. They tried to tell me that I used 84,000 gallons of water in 81 days. Over a 1000 gallons a day. For someon...e who doesn't have a sprinkler system and works away from home 10 hours a day, this seems like a corrupt water company. In case you're wondering, I had a plumber come out and check, there are no leaks in my house! See More
Nettie Perkins
· October 29, 2016
I'm not sure why whoever came up with the parade route today (10/29) thought it was absolutely necessary to take up and block off every street in downtown Savannah. There's absolutely no reason for You can make your parade a little shorter so that people who work downtown can get to work. It took me over an hour to navigate the terribly organized streets. People could lose their jobs, and I definitely lost money today because this city did such a terrible job with this parade. MLK is a busy street, you shouldn't block off the entire street for a parade. I also couldn't use Montgomery, Broughton, state street, Oglethorpe (and I'm sure many more that I didn't even get a chance to try) and I got stuck in a square on bull street because it was open when I turned down it, but by the time I circled the square (there was no exit to it) the way I had come in was blocked. I had to explain I would need to leave my car in the middle of the road because there was no parking and no other exit so that I could simply go out the way I came. I'm furious at this city right now. This is absolutely ridiculous. See More
Kevin Heitz
· November 17, 2016
I disagree with the decision to build an Arena in the city which I feel is all about bringing more revenue to the City leaders. The leaders in this city are already given inflated salaries for a gross... lack of performance. For instance, there are 14 city leadership positions from the letters A-C which draw 1.4 million dollars annually, all of them getting over six figure salaries. Meanwhile, crime is on the rise with 52 homicides last year and shootings multiple times a week. Transportation is at an all time slow, taking on average 45 minutes to commute just 18 miles to and from the city on a GOOD day. Roadways near the coast flood during high tides...? Traffic problems have been worsening over the last 20 years and now are so bad that interstates are at a complete standstill at peak travel times. Deaths on Savannah area roadways are getting far too frequent. Unemployment is above the National average, but is below 6%. With all these problems in the area, great things are still happening. Citizens of this great city volunteer often, keeping those in need fed, clothed, housed, cared for, and befriended, among many other needs met. Residents work hard to make this city great, while leadership leaves it suffering and financially drained. Do better for the citizens of this city, and start earning your salary...we deserve it. See More
Terri Patillo
· January 11, 2018
Tara Feis is being cancelled. Thousands of registered IRISH voters will show their displeasure at the polls.