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Mallory Avello
· April 25, 2018
The traffic in the morning is unbearable because the city’s number one priority is cramming as many people into one place as possible — not fixing and creating infrastructure to support current and fu...ture growth. Also, the city planning makes no sense. Placing apartments complexes and outdoor shopping malls within residential neighborhoods? No thanks. I grew up in a city where restaurants and stores were located in the middle of town — not scattered throughout subdivisions. I’m honestly not sure how the city planners can looks at this city and say that they did a great job. I never thought I’d say this, but I’d rather live in Columbia at this point. See More
Ellen Green
· April 26, 2018
I just wonder if anyone thought the development in Spring Hill through? The 2 lane road that goes straight through the middle of town is a nightmare just about any time of the day! I almost always cho...ose Columbia or Franklin to shop in just cause the traffic is infuriating! Please fix this! See More
Julie Reynolds
· April 27, 2018
I'm not one to complain on social media. But I just came through the new light at the curve on Port Royal Road (4/27/18, 6:15 p.m.) and witnessed THREE near-collisions in the matter of seconds it took... me to slowly proceed through the intersection fearing for my life or at least my car. People were pulling right out in front of each other. Do whatever you have to do, but GET THIS FIXED. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed there - and their estate will sue the City into oblivion in a wrongful death action, as well they should. Spring Hill is a wonderful town, but this is a serious situation. I look forward to an effective solution and I will go out of my way to completely avoid that intersection until that solution is implemented. See More
Teresa Belisle
· April 28, 2018
As a Realtor I like the idea of all the city does for use , yes the traffic is horrible but it is that way everywhere believe me I see it from Sumner county on toward Wilson county . But the people of... Spring hill are warm and inviting we have so many ladies group and things to do we Empower FAMILY.
In stead of being stressed over traffic be enchanted ...
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Shawn Sickles
· January 3, 2018
This place sucks, but it's still better than Columbia. It's slowly evolving into being a better place we just gotta get rid of a lot of these old places for things that actually matter.
The circle of... life people let's keep it moving.
Speaking of circles can we do something about the roundabout at the crossings? Anyone with half a brain cell can go through it no problem, but this is the same place where people try to walk in the out door.
Or at least get around to putting in a second exit in the crossings? Wishful thinking.
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Tim Chase
· April 27, 2018
Why do they keep putting random stoplights up? Kedron and Miles Parkway? Buckner and Thompson Station? The city needs better traffic planning and has for 20 years.
Erin Pickering-Gutierrez
· June 30, 2017
Love living in Spring Hill. This is the best place to live. Great housing prices and still small enough that it feels new and safe. I also love the new developments and trust that the government offic...ials are wise enough to make a plan to expand roads and continue to make Spring Hill a great place to live. See More
David E. Huebner
· January 18, 2018
Love Spring Hill! Been here over 14 years. Wouldn't live anywhere else!
Justin Smith
· May 31, 2017
If my parents get another notice about my car not having tags, im going to become a billionaire and pave over this entire city. You can't tell me what to do with my car, on my property and expect me t...o pay "50 dollars a day". You'll see that money when pigs fly. See More
Debbie Holly O'Brien
· January 26, 2017
Love the new webpage too! Easy to see what is going on in our town! Thank you for sharing! Spring Hill Senior Center would like to be added!
Miriam Fernandez
· February 25, 2017
Perfect place to live and raise your kids. Middle Tennessee, God's Country and Spring Hill is there
Aamer Kastoff
· December 24, 2014
Driving the speed limit, cruise control set.
I am driving down a four lane highway, lots of traffic.
Blue lights start flashing behind me, so I pull over....
Since I had done nothing wrong in any way imaginable, I am extremely curious why I got pulled over, and frankly a little scared it would be one of those cops who murders people and gets away with it. I turn on my Smart phone and start recording traffic.
Officer come up with a plain clothes person, and asks for License, Insurance, , etc. I hand them all over and ask why I was stopped and here is what I was told:

"You were in the left passing lane and you should have stayed to the right lane"

I stare blanking at the officer, waiting for her to finish telling me what I actually did that was illegal. It never comes.
I asked: what law I broke or what reasonable suspicion she had I had broken the law.

She repeats: "You were in the left passing lane and you should have stayed to the right lane,"
"You are not supposed to be in the left lane, unless passing another vehicle"

I ask: "Do you see all the traffic in both lanes?"

She replies: "Yes"

Me: And since you followed me did you notice that the right side we were both in was moving faster than all the traffic in the left?"

She replies: Yes, but you still should have gotten over..."

Me: well excuse me officer, but I have every right to stay in the right lane as long as I am continuing to pass the traffic in the slower left lane"

She replies: "Well yes but there were several openings were you could have slipped back in to traffic in the left lane and you didn't"

Me (Starting to question the cops sanity and getting very worried she would draw her weapon and shoot me): "Slipping in in such heavy traffic just makes no since and would have put me back in with a steady flow of slower traffic. Well unless I have actually broken a law and you are officially detaining me, I am free to go.."

At this point she points out she is training someone and stats acting very polite. She then says she will be right back and goes to run my ID, I don't have so much as a ticket to my name so I am not at all worried. She comes back a LONG while later.

She says: "Everything's in order, remember keep to the left lane and you shouldn't have any more trouble, so watch yourself"

I stare blankly at her and finally respond: "Officer you have just illegally pulled me over, illegally detained me, and know you are telling ME to watch myself?" I have recorded this from the time you pulled me over and I have recorded the constant traffic this hole time as well so anyone can see the left lane is staying to the left because they are moving faster than the right lane." I appreciate you are training someone new, however it is terrifying that you are training them to violate the rights of the people they are sworn to protect."

At that she looked extremely angry, started to talk, looked at my smart phone recording everything and then turned and stomped off. She then revved her engine and tore in to traffic. Causing a whole lane to stomp their brakes.

Spring Hill TN police are apparently as corrupt as any other towns.
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Peter Dunkle
· July 19, 2017
It took me 40 min from post office to Th St Kroger, missed Franklin interview. You have NY traffic, Africa income, I'm leaving!
Christian Eidt
· July 7, 2017
Stayed at Carle Place, NY location and had all conveniences you would want. Did encounter a problem which Corporate rectified in a timely and professional manner.
Mike Stalnaker
· January 3, 2015
A GREAT place to live, work, and worship! A GREAT place to call home.
Kayce Williams
· December 31, 2014
Great job Jamie! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop!
Zoning Update Town Hall Meeting
Standing water
While caroling around town today, Spring Hill Homeschoolers and Parent Educators (SHAPE) made a stop at City Hall!

PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT: Construction of the Saturn Parkway (State Route 396) extension and widening of Beechcroft Road (S.R. 247) is scheduled to begin May 30.
The $47 million project will extend Saturn Parkway north and intersect with Beechcroft; widen Beechcroft to three lanes; build a bridge over CSX Railroad; and include several related intersection improvements.
The project is estimated to be complete by Christmas 2019.

See News Release for more details:…/Saturn-Pkwy-Beechcro…

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Spring Hill Farmers Market

Due to scattered thunderstorms in the radar we are cancelling the Spring Hill Farmers Market because safety first!

Please join us NEXT WEEK at Harvey Park for our Farmers Market and come be apart of our scavenger hunt as we celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day!