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Tina Clift Roseberry
· February 26, 2018
I am so dissapointed in Tybee Island. My husband and I spent the day watching a dolphin try to save it's baby from a net or trap that had become wrapped around it. Someone called 911 and the Tybee Isl...and Fire Department responded. They were so casual about the whole thing that it was sickening. One fire fighter climbed up on the jetty with binoculars and, when I asked if anyone was coming to help, he told me that the DNR had been called and "It's a mama and baby. They are fine. They are still swimming". So we waited and watched. My husband wanted to get his life jacket and go help himself but I wouldn't let him. Another man swam out as far as he safely could hoping it would come to him but no luck. After 3 hours of waiting we went to the Tybee Island Marine and Science Center to see what was happening. One of the ladies called a friend to come help. An hour later, we knew something was wrong because the baby wasn't coming to the surface very often. There still was no help in sight. We went back to the Marine Center and were told that the baby was dead and that, following DNR protocol that they would have to wait till the baby's body washed ashore to figure out what happened to it. I know what happend to the poor little thing. Neglect killed that baby. Or politics. I haven't decided which. Shame on you all. See More
Margie Levy Holmes
· February 7, 2018
BEWARE: Tybee Island was one of the must sees on our vacation. After a beautiful day on the beach...climbing the lighthouse and spending time on the pier we were headed back to the hotel to look at al...l the pictures we took. On the way off the island we were pulled over by a cop. He literally had his car right next to the 45 miles an hour sign. I asked what I did wrong and he said that I was speeding. Didn't understand since I was going 47. According to him where I passed his car it was 35 miles an hour. Really? 5 feet from the sign. Guess locals know about this but tourists don't. Definitely a tourist trap and a dirty trick. Oh yeah and 257.00. See More
Rae Romano
· November 16, 2017
Rae Romano Will not go’s a very nice place as far as hotels & things to do however they are money grubbing not tourist least the police dept is not...BEWARE, they are o...ut to get you...was in circle by pier , police officer sitting in circle...we we site seeing...5 60 Plus yr plus women...there was another car in circle also, neither of us saw “ do not enter” as we exited the circle...not marked very clearly...the first car was approx 2 car lengths out of the circle, I followed and was 1 car length ur when officer put her lights on & pulled me & other car over....I explained did not see sign when another person in car saw I stopped to back up but could not due to her directly behind me...she refused to listen to me or other tourist in other car...just repeatedly said we drove down one way street, I tried to explain that I did not drive down only turned before realizing & that sign was not visible... mind you this was last week, only 1 other car parked on street so did not pose any danger to anyone....myself & other tourist received ticket of $295.00!! Within a couple minutes of driv away she had another car pulled over! If you google issues you will see similar complaints....obviously they are in the money making business & not concerned with tourism ....guess that is how they paid for the big beautiful new police station! See More
Sherri Birrell
· October 17, 2017
Do not go here. It is a rip off. No parking and they fail to inform you that there is no place to park that is free. If a city lot is full, and all other lots are full it doesn't matter. You could par...k a mile away and apparently will have to walk that mile to a kiosk and then back to your car. Where we parked there were no signs posted that said you couldn't park, nor were there signs that said you had to pay. Now there were streets that clearly had signs that you couldn't park. So hence my parking was legal as I was off road and on the right of way.. But since I had no ticket from a kiosk I was fined. It should clearly state the laws of Tybee on signs and it does not. This place is a ripoff and not worth it. I'm making sure I tell everyone about how they drum up fines by ripping people off. See More
Joe Ward
· September 14, 2017
Since moving from Wisconsin to Georgia, our daughter introduced us to Tybee Island.
Since our 1st visit 4 years ago, we set aside a week every year to vacation here as well as spending a couple days Savannah.
Such a wonderful time we always have and we love our island get away.
Monday my wife and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary. Yep, you guessed it. We will be relaxing on a quiet beach on the north side of the island.
Though we will be metal detecting the south beach for hidden treasures. Since Hurricane Irma just flowed through, who knows what we may find?
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Belinda Fisher
· September 14, 2017
I love Savannah and Tybee. I saw comments about trash on the beach, but it has always been clean to me. The people are always nice and welcome tourists. I go every chance I get. Lots of good food, ent...ertainment, and shopping. I do wish hotels would lower their prices, though. See More
Emily Walton
· January 3, 2018
No place in the world like it!! Tybee will always have a piece of my heart!
John Cloyd
· December 2, 2017
Tybee is our vacation spot every year. I hope to retire at Tybee on about 15 years. We already have our condo booked for 2018.
Juronda Brown
· July 7, 2017
Great Atmosphere...Very Family Friendly! My 1yr old had a ball! Beaches were clean an there were plenty of places to set up. Alcohol is allowed on the beach within limits...another plus! The parking i...s affordable ($2 an hr)...Plenty of spots close to the shore, which was great for a heart patient like myself. Beach Items outside of island was very cheap! No lifeguards harrasing you...Plenty of trash reciprocals. Only negative was there were no rinse stations...The City should look into paid booths for showers like at the truck daughter had to ride 2hrs home covered in sand an miserable � See More
Debra Wade
· September 12, 2017
My Husband and I love Tybee we started going there 5 years ago. We go once a year sometimes twice. It's clean not dirt . Cheaper than most places at the Beach. Wonderful Residents very friendly and... helpful. We will continue to go there every year. Hope they recover from water surge from rains of Hurricane Urmiah. Love you Tybee Island hope some day to live there. See More
Michelle Desimone
· August 5, 2017
We have found our new beach vacation spot. Better than Myrtle Beach. We found it by mistake going to Savannah last year it was so hot going to Savannah it was close o 100 degrees, we couldn't go so we drove to Tybee Island. The beach saved our vacation. We loved it there. See More
Kimberley Burton
· January 6, 2018
We go every year mother nature permits!! We lobe the friendly people, the land, the things to do especially Sundial Charters, Tybee Ecology Trips AND the dedication to conservation!!!
Holly Ambrose
· July 4, 2017
The beach is very nice however the amenities are filthy. The bathrooms at the the pier are not even fit to use. If you visit expect to pay a fortune in parking. I am not sure what the city does with t...he fees from the parking but it is not used to clean the restrooms. See More
Sherry Dawn Buffington
· January 4, 2018
I love Tybee! It's the place to be. Perfect views and friendly people
Ryan Beard
· June 1, 2017
We enjoy tybee, however, I hate to see all the trash left behind each day. I understand it's a public beach but perhaps something can be done about the junk left behind. The only complaint I have asid...e from the trash, is the smoking. It's unfortunate when someone sets up right next to you on the beach and puffs away while your kids (and sometimes their own) are feet away. See More
Pamela Maddox
· April 13, 2017
We love coming into Tybee when we are visiting Savannah. Found hotel prices expensive however we did find a great rate at a hotel during the off season and had a fantastic time staying on the island. ...We don't mind the drive in from Savannah and have had little problems finding parking. That said, I do think having to pay to park even if you're simply stopping into Arby's to grab takeout is NUTS. I get that money needs to be made for Tybee but the parking fees for spending the whole day on the island are pretty steep, hence a 4 vs. 5 star rating. We enjoy the more laid back, quieter atmosphere on Tybee than the beaches we are used to. Alcohol being permitted (within reason) is a nice change from what we are used to and a cold drink while sitting on the beach is quite nice. We will be relocating to the Savannah area and plan to spend a good bit of time at the beach! See More
Penny Caffey Sexton
· October 19, 2016
Do not go here with your dog! I was an unaware tourist that was fined $509 for having my 4 lb, blind dog on the beach sitting beside me!! No signs posted where I entered, ruined my one day at the beac...h. Absolutely ridiculous!
This website is also wrong..... it states the fine for a dog is $290. I had to pay $509 whether I went to court or not! Injustice at its finest!!
Also, if you really want the truth and accurate reviews.....GO TO YELP, and see what folks had to say about Tybee!!
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Crystal Shipley
· October 8, 2016
I have fallen in love with Tybee over the years! It's my favorite secret spot to escape to. It's very laid back, everyone is so friendly and accommodating. No visit is complete without a stop at's for the best Oysters in town! See More
Brooke Collins
· June 29, 2017
On Monday, I put my debit card in the parking meter. It issued me two tickets. I called the number on the meter and left a voicemail. It's now Thursday and no one has called me back. Also, my account ...was debited TWICE for parking. I won't be back to Tybee Island. See More
Tony Bennett
· July 23, 2016
I was the beach today.went to go walk down to the beach without my shoes on in the feet started getting hot .then it started burning bad.had to run across the sand to the my feet are... blistered up and l can not walk on it. See More
This well behaved male Papillon is being quiet and demure in police dispatch today. Found Saturday around 12th and Butler. Anybody know him? Please call 786-5600.
Hurricane Irma
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A bored English housewife, wondering what her life is about and how to navigate around her clueless husband, Shirley would be at her wits' end--except that she knows how to dream big. She embraces not only her own constricted life, but the dreams of the big, beautiful world beyond it. This is an ant...
A bored English housewife, wondering what her life is about and how to navigate around her clueless husband, Shirley would be at her wits' end--except that she knows how to dream big. She embraces not only her own constricted life, but the dreams of the big, beautiful world beyond it. This is an ant...
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