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Democs (Deliberative Meetings Organised by Citizens) is a deliberation method that takes the form of a card game that enables small groups of citizens to learn about and discuss complex scientific, political and ethical issues. Democs is an interactive and engaging process to support deliberation,…

Games about group homes, refugees, and community organizing won our inaugural civic games contest. Congratulations to the winners! Now let's play!

Our judges played the games, and made their decisions. There were several strong contenders in every category. Each of the winners has been invited to this year’s Frontiers of Democracy Confe…

Judges are pouring over the submissions as I write. Can't wait to see the results!

Submissions are due next Saturday, April 15th!

So, bears are civic but heists are not. Is that right, Daniel Levine?

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Sarah Shugars asks: "What is a Civic Game?"

This past weekend, I joined my civic collaborators Joshua Miller and Daniel Levine in launching the first (hopefully annual)

This is a long list, but a really exciting one, of methods for structuring civic/political participation. Maybe you'll find inspiration for your game here!

Over 180 tools and methods used for dialogue and deliberation are listed here. About 50 of the resources in this category originated in Coastal CRC’s Citizen Science Toolbox, and were edited and expanded upon (with permission) in an NCDD wiki.

The most popular game in the world, Monopoly, began as a “civic” game: Elizabeth Magie’s The Landlord’s Game designed to convey the basic injustice of rentier capitalism and promote the economic ideas of the utopian reformer Henry George. That’s an auspicious beginning to build on.

This past weekend, we inaugurated a new competition soliciting “civic games.” Hopefully it will become an annual contest, but for now the most vexing question coming from game designers…

On our way to Dreamation! Joshua Miller and I (Daniel) will be doing a kickoff event for the Civic Games Contest (you've liked the page, right?) tomorrow AM, and I'm bringing two games in that spirit - Jason Morningstar's WINTERHORN, intended to teach people about how governments disrupt activist groups, and my own work in progress game about the Jane abortion service.

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We're super-excited to be headed to Dreamation 2017 to hold a launch event for the contest! If you're going to be at Dreamation, there are still slots left in our kick-off game jam (check out event L0006). If you're not going to be there, we'll put up some photos (of exciting stuff, like... people writing...) after the Jam tomorrow morning!

and have LOCKS on them. Red Event Codes indicate locked events which you cannot register for, later rounds in tournaments which you will be automatically advanced to if you win the preliminary rounds, or events which have already filled up to capacity (this page will be updated several times before…

And we're live! Please share the call for submissions widely with your networks, students, etc.!

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February 11
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On our photos: the cover image is "Ball Playing in All Ages and All Climes" (…/510d47d9-c122-a3d9-e0…); the page profile picture is "Roll Them Bones" (originally created as part of the Works Progress Administration,…/67b8ddb0-d56d-0131-03…). We are able to use both thanks to the fantastic public domain archive at the New York Public Library.

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Civic Games Contest updated their cover photo.
February 11
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