Is Entwined part of a series?
I've had a number of people ask me if there will be a follow-up novel after Entwined. The definitive answer is "no, Entwined is a stand-alone story" so although I have plans to write more thrillers, they will have nothing to do with Entwined.

I thought I'd post this comment because recently I had a 3 star review on Amazon UK. The reader liked 3/4 of the book but didn't like the ending because he or she thought it had been designed as a cliffhange...r to get him/her to read the next novel, and they didn't like that. They thought that justice had not been served and weren't comfortable with that. Well, in the real world, justice often goes unserved, and if the ending had packaged everything up neatly, and as it seems that partcular reader wanted, it wouldn't (in my opinion) be much of a thriller. Other reviews have said that the ending was a surprise, and they sound happy with that.

So, I'm curious: how many of you would rather know/guess half way through what the outcome will be? And how many of you would prefer twists and turns and a surprising ending?

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If you missed out on getting a free Kindle copy of Entwined over Christmas, you have another opportunity today (New Year's Day). Entwined can be downloaded for free from Amazon. If you're in the UK, follow the link below, or go to my website ( for links to global sites. Thanks, and all the best for 2018!

Detective Constable Jessica Macauley has worked hard to make her name in the coveted Homicide Unit of the Vancouver Police Department so when given the chance to take the lead on a case, she can’t refuse. But, Jess hadn’t counted on it being a serial case with little to no evidence,...
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Get Entwined Free on Kindle!
Great response so far to my free promo which continues today and tomorrow (Wed) and again on New Year's Day. So far I've had over 400 downloads! Canadian friends can follow the link below, while everyone else can visit my website for links: Thanks and hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

Detective Constable Jessica Macauley has worked hard to make her name in the coveted Homicide Unit of the Vancouver Police Department so when given the chance to take the lead on a case, she can’t refuse. But, Jess hadn’t counted on it being a serial case with little to no evidence,...

Kindle Book Promotion
Unfortunately sales have ground to a halt on Entwined already, so I'd like to let you all know about a free Kindle book promo I have coming up. The aim of offering Entwined for free on ebook is to increase interest (hopefully!) and get some momentum going on future sales (hopefully!).
So, from December 24th to 27th inclusive, the ebook of Entwined is available for free download from Amazon, and again on New Year's Day. Please do get your Kindle copy then, and spread the word about Entwined. Feedback has been very good so far, but just need that sales momentum to get going.
Remember that you don't have to own a Kindle to read an ebook; you can get the Kindle app for tablets, phones, computers etc. Go to my website: for links to the relevant Amazon pages.
Thanks everyone!

Got my first two 5-star reviews on Amazon last week and am excited to share them with you:

"Entwined - A remarkable debut novel. More than a thriller, a look through the glass into the shadows of human nature that haunt the corners behind us, and with many complimentary threads including convenient blindness to the inner workings of others and the propagation of evil from past to present. Written with clarity and cinematic imagination, and beautiful because it is true to life.... Awaiting the next offering from this author with impatience."

"I loved this book from page one and finished it in less than a week. It is an excellent and exciting book and I hope Claire will write another one soon!"

Thank you so much to my two reviewers who both seemed to like Entwined very much. 😊

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Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!
Firstly, thanks again to everyone who has already bought Entwined, either on paperback or Kindle; I do hope you're enjoying it!

Writing is a lonely and lengthy process. It can take years to get a book to a publishable stage, and all that time you're never really sure if what you're writing is good enough. I've had my husband, Müfit, giving me some help along the way. He's read version after version of Entwined and eventually I know he got sick of i...t. The problem is, when you know a story so well, it's difficult to be subjective about it. He always told me that he thought it was good, and he liked whatever improvements I had made, but I longed for someone who wasn't familiar with the story to tell me what they honestly thought. Well, yesterday I finally got my wish. A good friend shared some very nice comments with me about Entwined as he'd just finished reading it. Now I know you could argue that a "good friend" may not be subjective either, but I do believe he was being completely honest and he genuinely thought it was good. This made my day, of course, but in order to continue writing more novels I feel I need more encouragement. The day I get my first review on Amazon - which I'm hoping will be a good one - I may start believing that I can actually do this writing novels thing, and hopefully it will grow from there.

So, if you do make it through to the end of Entwined I would love to hear from you. One good review is great, but I'm open to criticism too as I'm sure I can always improve, and, the more reviews that are left on Amazon, the higher Entwined will rise in their ranks, and the more likely I am to pursue this as a career.

Thanks for reading and all the best!

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Paperback finally arrived!
I hope anyone else buying the paperback from .com doesn't have to wait as long as I did. I ordered some paperbacks on November 12th. They were shipped November 19th, and finally, ten days after that, I got them. It was very exciting to, at last, have my book in my hands rather than looking at it on my computer screen, and the kids were very excited and proud of their mum too! 😊

To Kindle or Not to Kindle?
I've had several friends tell me that they don't have a Kindle and that they believe this means they can't read my book unless buying the paperback. Well, for those of you who don't already know this, you can download the Kindle app onto just about anything: phones, tablets, PC's, apple thingies, etc, and it's free! And another thing, there's something called Kindle Unlimited. I believe you pay a subscription for this and can then download ebooks for free. Entwined is available on Kindle Unlimited and also on the Kindle Lending Library. So, no excuses people!
And thank you very much for your continued support 😊

Just a reminder, if you're thinking about ordering Entwined, please visit my website as I have links to the book on Kindle and paperback from the COM, CA, UK and Australian sites which should make it a little easier to find what you want. Also, if you're signed up to Kindle Unlimited, Entwined is available from there too.
Thanks again for all the support. I can't wait to start hearing what everyone (honestly) thinks of my novel! 😉

Paperback vs ebook
Hi everyone - I wanted to give an update to anyone who has ordered, or is thinking of ordering a paperback copy of Entwined. If you order from the site and you're living in the UK, it seems that the paperback can pop through your letterbox as fast as the next day, which is great. From the .com site it's not nearly as fast though. I ordered a copy for myself on the 12th and it's still not shipped. Hoping it ships soon but wanted to let everyone know that it may take a little longer than you'd expect if you're ordering from .com.
Thanks again for all the support!

Detective Constable Jessica Macauley has worked hard to make her name in the coveted Homicide Unit of the Vancouver Police Department so when given the chance to take the lead on a case, she can’t refuse. But, Jess hadn’t counted on it being a serial case with little to no evidence, nor had she e...

Thank you very much for everyone's support so far - all the page likes and follows - I really appreciate it. Now you just need to go and buy my book! ha ha 😃

Very happy to announce that after years of writing and editing, and rewriting and changing key storylines, that I have just self-published my first novel, Entwined. If you enjoy reading thrillers, I'd love to hear what you think of this one. It's available as an ebook and a paperback from Amazon. Please visit my website to find out how you can order a copy. Thanks!!