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  • We work in the medium of glass and specialize in torch work design and application. Using hand pulled stringers and rods of glass and an oxy-propane torch; we melt and shape the glass rods, apply them to the glass form being created to achieve a desired design. We have heard it best described as “painting with glass”. Design ideas come from the beauty of nature, family-friends. When designing a piece, we try to allow the decoration to direct the form of the piece to provide harmony. The torch work process is intensive. Once started, a piece demands concentration and attention to detail and form to the end. While tedious to others, we are able to lose ourselves and enjoy peace of mind. Currently we are focusing on the adaptability of glass to create one of a kind beads to be incorporated into jewelry pieces and utilitarian objects. Each piece is designed with the personality of the finished glass in mind and a unity is created where art flows into function as unique items take shape.
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