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Eric Robert Pettinari
· March 7, 2018
Cloud city has given myself and many others a near perfect shopping experience. From the superb customer service and overall friendliness of the community, this is a great store for all of your comic ...and gaming needs. See More
Laura Thierer
· December 4, 2017
My 8 year old daughter informed me last minute she needed Pokemon cards for a birthday party. I'm totally clueless when it comes to these things. The guy who was there was super nice and helpful. P...lace is very clean and nice! Thanks so much! See More
Brian Carl Anderson
· March 7, 2018
Very top notch and classy establishment. Amazing comic and game store that provides a great gaming experience
Dustin Snyder
· June 24, 2017
A fine store with friendly staff. Everyone is very helpful and there's always someone to say Hi when I walk in. They have a good selection of back issues, lots of new issues and very fair prices. I...f you regularly buy comics, set up a "sub list" and they'll reserve copies of your favorite comics and you'll get a discount too. See More
Hope Sagnip
· September 5, 2017
The store is well stocked, decorated in a unique way (ie Darth Vader in a pink skirt), and very clean. The employee at the front was helpful and polite. While there is an array of items for diverse ga...ming interests, I really appreciated the selection of warhammer and paint colors. Definitely worth a visit! An important side note is they have their own parking lot, preventing the hassle of parallel parking, parking garage fees, etc. See More
Steve Toth
· October 20, 2017
Have had several great experiences here. The resident "comic book expert" has recommended several great reads for my oldest. I also took my 3 year old daughter in for the warhammer paint and take and ...everyone from the staff to the other customers was awesome. See More
Jonas Bowen
· February 26, 2018
Totally helped me with major comic with grading issue I'm dealing with !! Over the phone!! Personable staff able to communicate effectively!!
Mike Birmingham
· October 18, 2017
Stopped in to check out their board games selection. Good selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and will be returning to spend more moneys!
Lisa Hughes
· April 11, 2017
I haven't had much experience with comics and and game stores in general. I was a bit nervous about checking it out, but I am so glad I did. Tessa and the gang have been so nice and welcoming! So many... great recommendations and they have a great selection! Will be a regular customer! Thanks guys! See More
Eric Pabon
· August 8, 2016
Blown away. Met Aaron, who was beyond generous with a Rubies Star Wars helmet. I had been looking for that particular one forever, and he gave it to me free of charge because he sensed my passion. Sti...ll shocked. People and places like this are the life blood of geek culture, and this will absolutely be my new spot. See More
Frank Bucco
· June 10, 2017
Went there yesterday to check it out for the first time! Really cool store! Finally have a store like this near me. The only thing that kept me from a 5 star rating was because they didn't have a lot ...of D&D materials. It was kind of pushed off in the corner. If they expanded it like adding more books from all additions, add tile sets, more figurines, etc. they would get a bit more business. Great store otherwise and I look forward to returning, especially if you do d&d nights. See More
Dakota Meitzler
· October 8, 2016
Every time that I think of getting out of magic the gathering I end up coming to this amazing store. Whenever I come to the store im always greeted from the amazing staff or just the amazing people ...who are there. Whenever I think of quiting while im there I always remember the great times I have had there and realize I could never leave this amazing part of my life behind. So I say thank you for a great atmosphere and great memories keep up the great work. See More
Daniel Murphy
· January 18, 2015
I have traveled a lot to play Magic and visited many games stores in the process. I have been very fortunate to have some wonderful experiences. I must say though that to date Cloud City is by far t...he best store I have had the pleasure to game at. The owner Aaron has got to be one of the nicest, coolest, most down to earth people I have ever met. He is warm and inviting, the minute I stepped into the store he greeted me and made me feel like I had been coming in from the day he opened. Now I walk in and am greeted by name. He goes out of his way with all of his patrons and guests to speak with them and ensure that everyone is having a good time. I hope that as time goes on he continues to grow his business and his store because I would be heartbroken to not have Cloud City to game at for all of my nerdy needs! See More
Chris Jachimowicz
· October 30, 2014
The word that immediately comes to mind is 'disappointing.' I suppose if you are into CCGs such as Magic, then this store might meet your needs. For the broader world of board games, card games, etc.... the selection is woefully lacking.

There is also a lack of quality display or organization of display. Games were just sitting on wire shelves. On closer examination, it was clear that some are gently used and others are new - but you wouldn't know unless you looked closely. No signs.

Table space is limited from what I observed. Several long tables run down the middle of the store and they were filled with Magic players on the day I visited. This means a shopper has to circumvent the group in the center to get around the store. This makes the shop seem smaller than it is. Much of the floor and shelf space seemed to be taken up by back issue boxes and the Chibi-looking Pop figures. More space for that than games.

None of the tables would be conducive for a 4-player board game and even less useful for a miniatures game.

Comic books are uncomfortably clustered on shelves with many titles obscured due to the lack of space. Even the 'new this week' books are tough to view as the bin they are in obscures nearly two-thirds of the book.

Staff was friendly and did ask if they could help. I also appreciated hearing about the discount for comic subscriptions.

There is such a need for a good, family-oriented game, comic (i.e. Nerd) store. Right now, this store doesn't deliver for that need. I really would like them to succeed and will try to stop in again.
See More
Steven Gulsby
· October 11, 2015
It's simply amazing. I've been a frequent visitor for a while now, and what really keeps me coming back is the people. Unlike other stores I've been to in the area, they actually care here. They take ...the time to get to know you if you frequently visit, and the other locals will invite you to play Magic with them. It's customer service like this that makes a business thrive, and it shows. After their recent expansion, it's only gotten better. Their selection of Magic cards, board games, and comic books, has grown over time. They usually will have what your looking for. It's great.
From the great selection of games, to the wonderful customer service, I can't really find any issues with the place. It's worth checking out if you have any passing interest in anything related to nerd or geek culture.
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David Malafarina
· October 22, 2016
Quite simply the best establishment of any kind in the Lehigh Valley. The owner is the nicest person I have ever met and the employees are all helpful and courteous.
Cameron Anthony Michael Hunting
· March 24, 2015
5/5 would bang.

The store owner kinda smells like beans and the guy behind the counter looks like he could bench press it, but its a great place to spend all of your time and money. Plus, Wednesday n...ight board game day is a riot. See More
Mike Washer
· November 12, 2014
Great location, with both fun events and a fantastic atmosphere to hang out and play a few games. The owner is always listening for what type of events people want to play and contributes directly to ...the positive environment at cloud city. See More
Garrett Kunkel
· September 25, 2014
My favorite Gaming store ever. The people are friendly, the staff is fantastic, and the selection of games is excellent. I highly recommend this store to anyone in the Lehigh Valley looking for a plac...e to play their favorite games. See More
James Marks
· October 3, 2016
Absolutely amazing store. The store is well kept, clean, and certainly has a friendly welcome to it. Staff is wonderful, they actually get active and talk customers. Selection of MTG cards is mind-blo...wing, and have never been upset with the couple trips I have had. Overall just amazing. See More
Will ate a spider today. What did you do? Standard tonight at 6pm! Game Day Saturday and Sunday at 1pm! Modern and Legacy Saturday at 3pm / 6pm!
Halloween Comicfest
Iconic Masters abound! MIDNIGHT DRAFT TOMORROW! Get as pumped as we are!! Thursday 11/16 at Cloud City Games in Emmaus PA: Iconic Masters draft $40 entry 1st - free entry to another draft 2nd - $30 credit One free random pack given out per pod. (Prizes are based on an 8 person pod) Drafts continue all weekend!

Cloud City Games is proud to host Dominaria Prerelease events the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of April! For these events, each player will receive one Dominaria pre-release kit from which to build their sealed decks. For the Two-Headed Giant events, teammates will be allowed to combine their kits.

Event entry - $30.00 // Or $35.00 Store Credit

Prize structure - 3 packs per player into the prize pool. Players may choose store credit instead of packs. Each event will be capped... at 4 rounds max, and we will award prizes by record.

Players who do not place will walk away with a special "treasure" prize pack containing rare promotional cards!

Per tradition, we are happily offering our Iron Man discount! Sign up for all SIX events for $150.00! Free packs!

REMINDER! Some of you won a voucher for a free event this weekend! We haven't forgotten and have your names on a list! Be sure to claim your free event!

Shenanigans will begin Saturday (4/21) at midnight, but be sure to show up a little early for FNM and to get seated! For a full weekend schedule, see below:

Friday (4/20) - 11:50 - Seating for the first event
Saturday (4/21) - 12:00 AM - Sealed Deck
Saturday (4/21) - 11:00 AM - Sealed Deck
Saturday (4/21) - 3:00 PM - Sealed Deck
Saturday (4/21) - 7:00 PM - Two-Headed Giant
Sunday (4/22) - 11:00 AM - Sealed Deck
Sunday (4/22) - 3:00 PM - Two-Headed Giant

Pre-registration is available now, so be sure to sign up! We WILL sell out! See you soon!

See More
Apr 21 - Apr 22Cloud City GamesEmmaus, PA
27 people interested

Dominaria is just on the horizon! Pre-release seating tomorrow night at 11:45pm! Sealed starts at midnight! There are only a few seats left for the midnight release, so sign up now! If you can't? Don't fret! We have events on Saturday at 11, 3, and 7, plus two more events on Sunday at 11 and 3!

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