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So grateful for the honor of interviewing and filming Eli Martinez last month. Check him out on ABC news! Spectacular and FEARLESS!

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ABC World News Tonight with David Muir

TIGER ROLL: Video taken in the waters off Grand Bahama shows professional diver Eli Martinez with Shark Diver Magazine grabbing the snout of a 700-pound tiger shark called "Jenn," gently rolling it over, leaving the shark in a state of semi-tonic immobility.

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Scott Goodknight
· June 10, 2017

This is the coolest, craziest, most bad ass adventure club on the planet. ...

To become a member you must successfully accomplish a minimum of 13 tests or "dares" from a list of over 100

When you have completed 13 tests you earn the right to wear the infamous "Skull and Bones" patch, carry the secret coin, display the club sticker on your vehicle or fly the Club flag.

Club Fearless is NOT another "lifestyle brand" it's a real community of people who love adventure and like to get out of the "comfort zone" on a regular basis.

When you see someone else wearing or displaying the skull and bones you will feel an instant connection of camaraderie that goes beyond words.

At Club Fearless respect is not an "entitlement" it's something you must earn. We don't give out participation trophies. If you want the patch, earn it.

Join us!
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Learning to Fly
Fighter Plane flyby
BLACK FRIDAY = WHITE FRIDAY. 11-24-17 A new holiday tradition? While some people fought through lines of insanity and societal ridiculousness in overcrowded malls and shopping center war zones we peacefully made our way up from Durango through the winding mountain roads to find new gifts of friendship, adventure and FRESH WHITE SNOW in the beautIful Rocky Mountains. This is the first time we have seen snow in a year. And what a place to see it! Wolfs Creek Pass is home to the world famous ski lodge of the same name which sits atop the crest of the continental divide on the Rocky Mountains. Davey, the owner and CEO gave us a personal escort on the ski lift up the steep mountainside to the peak and dropped us off at the Continental Coffee Shop, the highest coffee shop in Colorado. There we met Ernie the expert barista who whipped us up some amazing espresso coffee drinks, fresh sandwiches and tasty waffles. When you look outside the windows it’s like you’re looking at a postcard in every direction. If your lucky you can see fresh animal tracks from cougars, bears, foxes and other indigenous wildlife. It was really exciting to see all the local Colorado ski and snowboard enthusiast out for the first time of the year. Everyone was bursting with energy and excitement. And not just Coloradans, license plates from all over the southwest revealed the origins of these happy travelers. Some people celebrate the first days of spring and the break in the cold weather. These hearty folks celebrate when the first good snow falls! We stood at the top of the ski lift and filmed people and their reactions as they exited and skied to the right or the left depending on their skill level. To the left and you have black diamond slopes and warning signs abound. To the right you can see kids as young as 4-5 years old unhesitatingly plunging down the mountainside in joyous abandon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many excited people in my life. Not even standing in line for a roller coaster at a major theme park compares to the positive energy we felt. We also talked to about 4-5 employees and without us even asking they all said something along the lines of how they had the greatest job in the world. Some of the rock climbers we interviewed a few months ago talked about how they worked at the Colorado ski lodges during the winter waiting for it to warm up for rock climbing season again. Seeing the young men and women working at the lodge connected the dots in my mind and further reinforced my belief that the only way to find true happiness in life is to make your vacation your vocation. If you do what you love to do you will always find a way.