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Hamilton White
· February 13, 2018
Reporting becomes more difficult daily, yet the balance between live coverage and video/web posts widens. Frankly, these videos are good for finding events that previously recorded and missed in real ...time, but not for breaking/current news that aren't simultaneously covered by live broadcasting, especially in the Olympics.

Peter Hall at 6:50 reported that local Olympian Erin Hamlin (her 3d run was covered live at 5:30 on NBCSN) would be shown on her 4th and final run via Facebook in "just a few minutes". As of 8:30 there is no news or reports, although the official Olympic site is reporting the three winners.
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Dorothy Money
· December 29, 2017
I have watched the reporters- Casciano did it this week-- read a Trump tweet as part of a news report.
Tweets are not news. I understand if the 24 hour/day news channels have to invent news to fill t...heir airspace. But regular daily news coverage should be able to pull together enough material without resorting to opinion or shock pieces to have something to say. What he thinks about global warming or Sessions or the size of his inaugural crowd is pretty well documented without further discussion. See More
Michelle Barnett
· September 18, 2017
For months, Sinclair Broadcasting Group has been steadily spreading its dangerous brand of pro-Trump “news” from coast to coast, potentially reaching up to 72 percent of American households.

Sinclair... has always been known as a right wing machine, and during the 2016 campaign it took up common cause with Donald Trump’s campaign, striking a deal with Trump’s son-in-law and now senior adviser, Jared Kushner, to ensure more flattering coverage of Trump.

With the recent hire of former Trump administration official Boris Epshteyn, that coverage took an even more disturbing turn into straight up propaganda by directing many of its affiliates to air “must run” segments of Epshteyn’s commentary.

And this growth of TrumpTV has had a horrifying impact not just on the integrity of the news, but on the mental state of local residents who have felt genuine terror after viewing segments from Sinclair-owned stations’ fake “Terrorism Alert Desk.”
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Shelley Burns Angle
· August 1, 2017
I like this page however the last few posts about accidents with semis have been very upsetting to me. Can you tell me why it is the trucks fault that cars went under the trailers? I am not saying it ...wasnt however we in cars really need to review our own driving. Are we following too close? Are we texting? Are we oayong attention? Pitting guards on trucjs is not going to stop this. We all need to keep in mind and be appreciative of driving being a privilege and not a right or an entitlement. Be cautios of others and drive accordingly. See More
Denise Cuddeback
· February 14, 2018
Not a fan of Mike Benny he reports false info doesn’t let police give info mike jumps the gun to think his way and he gives wrong names like runner who was killed jogging called her Kerri it was kelly... young and says things that make no sense and thinks it’s funny , I watch for Molly & Niko for sports and Matt reporting news right now mike rude interputing video on FL shooting See More
Anthony Di Fillippo
· September 8, 2017
After watching your coverage on how Ithaca has did away with our long, dedicated custom of our heritage and holiday of Christopher Columbus day, I can say... It's clear your news Channel is biased, an...d bigoted. You showed three people who are in supporter of this ridiculous change, and did not show one person against it, as I'm sure there are more that are against it, than for it. Indigenous peoples day! Are you frikin Kidding me! What group of people are next to attack and put down..? Irish for St Patrick's day? How about changing black history month to, all peoples month.? Sounds ridiculous, right? And to that immigrant you interviewed, who the hell does he think he is, coming to our country, and changing customs that stood for hundreds of yrs, because you think you know better..! I am completely disgusted with your news Channel, and only reinforced my belief that your news Channel is a left wing, liberal arm of the democrat party. Smh, you are alienating more than h half your viewers with coverage on stories like this one. You and the city of Ithaca have shown the Italian community our customs and beliefs and heritage is worthless. Who's next? The liberals won't be satisfied until they pick a fight with every group of people, and change history to their own views. All this that is going on with statutes, etc, and the news organizations that support this type of mockery is not only dangerous, but unprofessional. Lost yet another viewer, no matter how much I like Molly, it's Just not worth my time tuning in to your news broadcast.

End rant
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Teresa Phillipps
· August 15, 2017
A page titled CNY Central isn't expected to be full of sensationalist clickbait stories from all over the place. People expect to see LOCAL stories. If it's a slow news day and you're looking for cont...ent to keep interest, go out and FIND something uplifting, even if it's just kids at a park enjoying a summer day. Or spotlight an area attraction. Create a go-to file of them. Put forth a little effort. See More
Raymond Mack
· November 2, 2017
You said on tonight's broadcast that Reclaim New York is bi-partisan, when they are clearly Republican controlled. Basile and Bannon, among others, are key members. Also 3 people were killed in the Co...lorado Wal-Mart, not 2. The 47 year old white guy who did it has been caught, and nothing about it on CNYCentral. I used to trust CNYCentral for reliable news. Thanks for compromising a once good news group Sinclair! See More
Gina Sophia Coghlan
· December 27, 2017
The weather team here is the Best in the country. Even though I moved away from CNY I still enjoy watching them. Wayne Mahar genuine nice man. Molly. Other guy. They really care and it shows
Heila Marie Wilkinson
· September 10, 2017
I'm from Syracuse n now living in Daytona beach fl where the state of Florida is having a bad hurricane I like cny that's my home town i grew up watching Wayne Mahar he is the best I give him (10) Molly (0)
Sarah Walsh
· June 29, 2017
2 weeks in a row unable to watch a night shift because of baseball but this week was the worst. 10 minutes left in the show and you switch to the pregame first pitch didn't even go off until after 11 ...the show would have been off by then. Guess I won't even bother anymore. I will just go to the NBC website & watch any show I want there. See More
Michael Varre
· December 25, 2017
It would sure be great if your mobile website wouldn’t obnoxiously redirect to an ad site 5 seconds after the page loads. Shows how little news organizations really care about news rather than making profits.
Chris Walker
· July 1, 2017
No one cares what WakeNBake69 in Twitter thinks about the budget proposal.

This station panders to egos on social media and uses negative news to jack up its engagement rates by asking people what t...hey think and reading it on the air. They give validation and air time to opinions built on a lack of information literacy skills.

That is not journalism. CNY Central is just an advertising channel disguised as news leading the charge of journalistic integrity right into the open maws of an Idiocracyesque future.
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Ed Rotella
· February 1, 2018
CNY Central always has something to hide when your comment isn't pro trump. They mark them as spam and delete them, they're attempting to white wash public opinion. This is a terrible source of reliab...le information and should be considered criminal. See More
Michael Dalton
· November 26, 2017
I just watched a segment in which they described Senator Al Franken as a disgraced Senator. I believe the role of the news is to present the facts, not to offer opinions. Is this Fox News?
Randy Sabourin
· January 3, 2018
Great local station with a passion for supporting local community events and happenings
John Terry
· July 4, 2017
It would be nice if this channel didnt cut off 30% of it picture, plz get rid of the widescreen crap, it does not fit the tv's at all, how do they not notice this...
Bryan Gillette
· December 27, 2017
Sinclair Broadcasting are brainwashed tRump sex slaves selling conservative brand of BS in all markets.
Linda Schroer
· March 5, 2017
We almost exclusively turn to CNYCentral for all of our news and weather. I even have both apps on my phone. The personalities are familiar to us and we enjoy them. However, what in heck is up with Stevens and his habit of referring to his associates by their last names, as if he were still in a college frat house? This morning, for example, he referred to Mike Brookins as "Brookins" twice and then turned to Laura Hand and called her "Hand". In my opinion, that is not very respectful. He does this often so we normally won't watch Channel 5 now that he's a regular. See More
Robert Patrick Hartle
· September 28, 2017
Who writes your copy there... "Fallish Temperatures will return" How about "Autumn-like Temperatures will return." Is Fallish even I word? More like slang and a very poor choice.

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WSTM WSTQ WTVH provide up to the minute news, sports, weather and community notices to Syracuse and surrounding communities, including North Syracuse, East Syracuse, Liverpool, Baldwinsville, Jordan, Weedsport, Auburn, Melrose Park, Skaneateles, Marietta, Lafayette, Pompey, Fayetteville Sherrill and...

After an outcry, the organization that controls emojis will be updating the emoji with the next launch of new ones.

After an outcry, the organization that controls the release of emojis has added two more legs to the forthcoming lobster emoji to make it correct.The Portland Press Herald reports soon after the Unicode Consortium released proposed images of 157 new emojis

Your daily dose of GOOD NEWS brought to you each weekday morning on CBS5 with Allison Bybee & Meteorologist Matt Stevens!

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Allison Bybee
1 hr

ICYMI: Lots of Good News today! From a new Dairy Princess to the new Awareness Coffee out of Rochester. Check it out from this morning's live #CBS5 show! was live.
2 hrs

The NBC3 morning team gets your day started right! Headlines and Weather this Tuesday morning.

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ICYMI: Chick-fil-A live on #CBS5 This Morning with Allison Bybee talking about the grand opening.

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Allison Bybee
3 hrs

Don't know what Chick-fil-A is all about?! Watch the full interview with the NEW Cicero Franchise owner to learn the ins and out.

ICYMI: Proof that Brandon Roth is a big kid! This is something you can do with your kids for Winter Break! You can also catch Brandon weekday mornings on NBC3!

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UPDATE: Record warmth likely. What is the risk for flooding? How warm will it get?
Web story specifics:
Lots of hour-by-hour specifics and information NOW on NBC3 Today in CNY & CBS5 This Morning.

Good morning! Just about the entire week and next weekend will feature above average temperatures. However, near record setting temperatures will be likely starting tonight and lasting through midday Wednesday before temperatures come down for Thursday to

Syracuse will likely have its warmest day in 115 days today & Wednesday. However, extensive melting & runoff will give a continued threat for flooding especially for areas that have the most snow pack & ice jams. I've got new information 1st at 4 AM on CW6, then between 4:30 AM and 7:00 AM on NBC3 Today in CNY. You can also join CBS5 This Morning between 5 AM and 7 AM.
-Meteorologist Peter Hall

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Police will actually be directing traffic in the area throughout the weekend to ensure their traffic plan goes smoothly.

In several days, the first Chick-fil-A in central New York will open and authorities are preparing for what may be a traffic nightmare.The restaurant is located in front of the Home Depot on Route 11 in Cicero.The road already sees heavy rush hour traffic.

A resident said living by the river, he expects flooding and is used to preparing for the worst.

With the warm weather moving in, many northern New York counties are prepping for potential flooding.In Pulaski, emergency officials aren't the only ones prepping for the flooding threat. Residents who have lived in the area for a long time are also taking

Parents at the rally said they want to be informed so they can make decisions about their children's safety.

About 40 people many of them parents of students in the Cayuga County community rallied Monday to express their frustration with how the Port Byron School District handled a recent school threat.A 12-year-old student at the district was arrested on Frida

WATCH: Crews are battling a large fire at a building owned by the Samaritan Medical Center in downtown Watertown

READ MORE:…/local/fire-at-downtown-watertown-bu…

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"He was trying to get attention and make friends, but he was doing it all the wrong way and he will pay."

The grandmother of a 12-year-old Port Byron School District student who was arrested for allegedly making a school threat last week is looking for answers.Cheryl Tanner was part of a parent rally that took place on Monday at the school over what they call

WEIGH IN: Who is your favorite living president?

Barack Obama is New York state's favorite living current or former president and Donald Trump is the state's least favorite, according to a recent Siena College Poll.The 44th president received a favorability rating of 67 percent to 29 percent from the sta