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Megan Crump Rone
· March 3, 2018
I received my order on Thursday, 1 week and 1 day after I placed the order (at 2pm, nonetheless). To fully make a pair of glasses in what I later learned was their international warehouse, and have th...em arrive on my doorstep in Alabama in one week is simply unbelievable. Needless to say, I had very low expectations when I opened the box. I have never been so happy to be so wrong! These glasses are made with superior quality and craftsmanship. They are lightweight and sturdy, and look beautiful! I have never worn glasses as my first choice- I have always worn contacts and had glasses as emergency backup. This is the first time I’m actually considering wearing glasses full time, and I am ecstatic! Thank you, Coastal, for providing a top notch service, product and experience! I recommend them to everyone! See More
Lura Buckley
· February 9, 2018
You guys sent me the wrong glasses and the box was damaged. The box looked as if it had been smashed and dunked in a bucket of oil. Not only was the delivery and glasses delivered as such, the woman the name of Liz M who is within your customer service rep department told me she would send me an email with the correct glasses and sized frame that I was looking for and she never sent me an email. Not only did I email to ask if she would still be sending me those recommendations, but I was also ignored and never replied to. And lastly, there was no discount or anything offered for my troubles (in this case, I deserve a 40-50% off coupon for this terrible service). If Coastal doesn’t solve my problems with my purchase, I will be posting to social media to make sure this company gets the PR it deserves. See More
Dani Chuatico
· January 6, 2018
My first time ordering online for glasses and I wasn’t disappointed. I was able to order during the clearance sale and avail of the buy one, take one promo and it was a huge steal!

I received my orde...r in 6 days (and I assume that it would’ve arrived sooner had it not been for the weather) and the glasses arrived in perfect condition and fit well. I am particular about the fit of glasses but thanks to the My Fit feature on the website, I’m pleased with how they look on me.

Thank you, Coastal!
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Kristen Goodrick Klevann
· December 10, 2017
I have been a loyal customer for around 10 years and have never had such crappy customer service. I ordered contacts on the 24 of November. The website says 6-7 business day for delivery. Yesterday D...ecember 9 I called to find out where my contacts were. They had no idea and told me that they would call me back that day, they were going to call the factory and find out. No one called me back. I called again today. I was told that I should get them around the 18 or 19 all most a month later. She also told me that they did not even prosses my prescription until after I called yesterday. Then they told me that they would give me a $10.00 credit. I don't know about anyone else but that's crappy. It will leave me almost a month without being able to see very well. If they really valued their customers they would overnight me my order. I do not think this is a good way to keep or get new customers. I know I will be thinking twice before I order again. See More
Erin Morrigan
· January 11, 2018
I was using Coastal for contacts about 10 years ago and am now using them for glasses. I have yet to have a bad experience. They're economical, have a good selection, customer service is very polite a...nd accommodating, and at least in my experience, from order to delivery, they're lightning fast. I literally ordered glasses yesterday and just got a text from Fedex to expect a package tomorrow from British Columbia. I'm in New Hampshire - waaaaaay far away - so I thought "I wonder what I'm getting", then logged into my Coastal account although I didn't believe it could possibly be my glasses, but yup! It is. Awesome! Thank you for everything! See More
Tysha Krause
· November 12, 2017
My first order with Coastal was a bit confusing and glitchy while entering the prescription information. Upon receiving my contacts, I realized that the diameter was not correct. It may have been system, which kept glitching out while I was trying to enter the info, or it may have been user error. As I am quite blind without lenses, I put a set in to see if it would work, (thinking maybe I was mistaken about them being the incorrect lenses.) They did not work. I emailed the company about what to do next to rectify the issue, and was promptly informed that “per their return policy, only if the boxes were still sealed, then I could return them.” Which I get, from their perspective. However, the fact that the ordering form is quite confusing and I’m blind so desperately opened the package leaves me with $80 in contacts that I cannot use, and on their end, they don’t care. So, that’s the last $80 I give to them. It is 2017 and in my opinion, sending a “tough crap; no returns even though our system is confusing” response is not quite the customer service I was hoping for. See More
Alexandra Nichols
· December 13, 2017
I wouldn't know how good the quality of their products is. I ordered contacts. First, they failed to confirm the prescription with my eye doctor, who denied even being contacted by Coastal. Then, t...he package was not delivered as the post office marked it "undeliverable." In their emails, they lied to be about it being redelivered, then called me by someone else's name, and suggested I use a different shipping address. Finally, they weren't able to correct any of these problems and ended up saying that they would refund me. Now I've been without contacts for 3 weeks thanks to Coastal. Now I understand why their prices are so good: they don't actually give you anything. See More
Beth Keech
· November 13, 2017
I wouldn't normally leave a review, but I just called to see if I could return a pair of glasses and it wasn't an easy process. I had already spoken to someone online a couple of weeks ago and they to...ld me I had until the 13th to return my glasses for a refund (that was a month from the date I received the glasses). I told her they were uncomfortable and gave me a headache and she said I should give it a little more time to see if they get better. Well, they didn't, so I called today and the person I spoke with kept asking me why I wanted to return them and I kept telling them b/c they gave me a headache and they asked me if I adjusted them and how long have I been wearing glasses and I should give them more time, even though this was my last day for a refund. So anyway, they told me I was past the return period and I had to get a store credit. I figured I'd order more glasses anyway so I just took the credit even though I was told by someone else I had until today to get a refund. I couldn't exchange today though, I have to return them and wait for the refund and then call back to place a new order. I have ordered probably 8 pairs of glasses through Coastal before and have only returned once or twice and never had an issue before. I'm just a little irritated that they were trying to talk me out of returning them and then wouldn't even refund me.
UPDATE: After leaving the review, I was contacted by JB. I was able to send back the glasses and get a full refund. Thank you!
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Rebecca Presley
· December 4, 2017
Gotta love this website. They literally called my optometrist to verify his fuzzy handwriting and make sure my new prescription was input correctly. Prices are way better than any frame store, AND the...y have a big selection of frames that actually fit my giant noggin. Have ordered several pairs of glasses now and am always happy with them. Highly recommend! See More
Melinda Herriott Cosby
· September 27, 2017
At first i was extremely happy with my glasses i did the by one pair get one free deal with them. 1 pair fits great and the 2nd pair now after about 2 and a half weeks doesn't fit like they should bu...t since I did the buy one get one free They expect me to spend another 60 bucks ahead of time to buy another pair of glasses and ship back the ones that doesn't fit right and eventually i'll get a refund for the new pair i had to repurchase. at this point i'm frustrated and tempted to just return my entire order and go to another online site. I emailed them 2 days ago and still haven't heard back from them through email either good luck. See More
Kaity Addison Hughes
· February 22, 2018
If you'd asked me in 2014 or so, I'd give 5 stars. However, my most recent purchase of prescription eyeglasses from this site was ordered on 2/13 and still has not passed "quality assurance" or any hi...nt to shipping out at all. I'd like these before my vacation coming up in March but I doubt that's going to happen and it's extremely inconvenient. Years ago, I'd receive my glasses within 1-1.5 weeks whereas now it takes upwards of over a month! (Live in the exact same state and address.) I ordered a pair in 2016 and it took well over a month to even receive them, though my prescription is extremely simple.The only reason I give 3 stars now is because when I actually do receive the product, it's top notch and the frames are durable. Processing and shipping time needs to be worked on, I want the Coastal quality and speed of years ago. See More
Susannah Leong
· October 21, 2017
I placed an order over a month ago and have yet to receive it. Initially the package was stuck in transit for weeks. Since then, I’ve connected with at least 4 ‘Vision Ambassadors’, who’ve all promise...d a new shipment confirmation email with tracking numbers after our call. Nothing has been received. Each rep also assured my package would be overnighted (3 times) and still nothing has arrived.

Don’t order from here. Prices are competitive with Costco and 1-800 Contacts. I will not be ordering contact lenses (or anything) from Coastal again.
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Sue Zanne
· March 13, 2018
I have bought at least 15 pairs of glasses through Coastal. I got one of my best friends hooked and my husband has also bought several pairs.
I have never once had an issue with a pair of glasses. My ...most recent pair I love and I wish I had gotten bifocals. I gave Coastal a call and they are sending me the bifocals and letting me send back the single lens pair when the others get here.
I bought a pair from the doctors office and then came home and bought two online. The two from Coastal got here a week before the ones from the doctor's office.
I've been happy for years.
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Kaitlin Rose Vosgien
· September 15, 2017
I was little apprehensive about my order after reading some of the negative reviews, but am so happy I decided not to cancel it! I ordered on the 8th (late at night), was notified that my prescription... (didn't even have to submit a picture of it - just provided my doctor's name and phone number) was confirmed the next day, and received my contacts on the 12th with regular shipping. I love that I could get a box of 6 instead of 12 or more. Only $30 a box and fast free shipping? Awesome deal. I'm not able to work right now so I can't afford buying a larger supply all at once. Maybe problems happen with more complicated orders or glasses, but I had no problems with ordering basic Acuvue contacts See More
SRee Da
· December 14, 2017
I was very happy with the customer service over the phone. They took return my glasses although it's almost 90 days, I have placed a new order. The email response was fast and helpful too.

However,... I am giving 3 stars cause every day they have a new ship date. It started from Dec 26th and now its 29th. So, frustrating... Otherwise, I would have give them 5 stars. See More
Ruth Ann
· September 5, 2017
I have placed several orders over the last year. I have had trouble with the last two. This one is a nightmare. I ordered my contacts almost two weeks ago. They shipped them out the same day. I tr...acked the order and it stalled on August 28th. No further information is available.

So I waited and contacted them on September 1st. I was advised they would replace the order and send it regular shipping the same day. Later in the afternoon, I was advised they would not be shipping a replacement I must wait to get a replacement until today. I waitied (not happily) until the mailman delivered today, still no contacts.

The second call I requested a superviser and was denied. The young lady (in a calm, polite tone) advises me I should wait until Monday of next week because technically they are allowed 2 to 3 business days to process the order and 6 to 7 days for regular shipping. They see on their screen it will be delivered tomorrow by the tracking information. However, I am looking at the same tracking information which is still in the same place it was when I made the first call. I stated you do not get to add the processing days back on because the package was shipped on the 25th. Yes according to the bizzarre world that is Coastal they do. When I brought up the shipping status, she basically said I am not listening. My reply, "you are correct I am not listening to any more lies and run arounds. I want a supervisor."

She continued to insist the issue is somehow my fault and I should wait until Monday. I ended the conversation by saying process my refund today or I will call an attorney. She stated she could not do it until maybe Monday. I hung up as she began once again to explain some their timeline.

They called back as I was typing this out stating they are happy to send my order today and overnight However overnight will not arrive until Friday or Monday. It's Tuesday. How is that overnight?

I caution anyone using them to stop. This is just crazy. Having read several other reviews, I realize this is a not the first issue of this kind. I know that even if the package arrives this week. I can no longer do business with them. They are unrelaiable and they have no sense of customer service.
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Opoka Opoka
· November 26, 2017
I have Anisometropia. It's where you have one eye nearsighted and the other farsighted, and it's really hard to find a site that accepts people with my type of prescription. Not only are they Anisomet...ropia Friendly, but the glasses and bargains are so amazing!! I have 2 pairs that I absolutely love!! Wonderful quality glasses!! I've also spoken to a woman named Mia, and she was completely perfect! Going above and beyond to make sure my glasses showed up before I headed out of the state. You now have a dedicated customer and thank you for providing me with such an excellent experience! See More
Annache Hagood
· February 24, 2018
I'm not really sure how this is happening but my acuvue moist contacts are more often than not damaged on opening. This could be an acuvue moist problem but it is the first time this has happened to m...e. I threw out 4 new contacts this morning. See More
Julie Cunard Barnes
· December 4, 2017
I've ordered many times from them and have had no issues. Great prices and great eyewear. I recommend them to everyone looking for stylish and quality glasses at an excellent price. BOGO deal is I just bought 6 pair and spent less than $200. See More
Lovisa Woodson II
· November 13, 2017
I’m very pleased with the unexpectedly fast delivery. I stumbled across the site while searching Bing and noticed the great prices. I paid $56 for 2 boxes of lenses which are normally $50 each. I plac...ed my order on Friday and received them already today (the following Monday). I can’t even schedule an eye exam that quickly. I will be purchasing eyeglasses very soon!

Coastal has mastered underpromising and over delivering
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