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Richard Mason
· October 24, 2017
We have been here maybe a dozen times Day & night in 4 visits to nerja in the last year or so & love the place. Great views & decent pint. Yes, the service can be a little slow at times, I didn’t cons...ider it too much of a burden to amble up to the bar once or twice, but always pleasant bar tenders. If you can’t be bothered to go to the bar, catching the waiters attention was never too difficult I found.
Goes without saying our days on the beach below will continue to be punctuated with hikes up the hill for a cooling pint! �
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Yolanda Gilchrist
· September 8, 2017
I have loved this place since we first visited Nerja in 2012 & 2013. On our return this month, found customer service terrible. When we place a drink order the young arrogant man said "oh is that all..." in a rude manner. Never returned to see if we wanted anything else and my husband had to go to the bar to get the cuenta. I always recommended Cochran's to others when Nerja is discussed...not so sure anymore. Will give it one more try during the day just to be sure it wasn't an off night. See More
Jackie Corbett
· November 14, 2017
Great day time place to sit drink and eat..with amazing views.Lots of space. Loved it here in November 2017. Not been here at night.
Food available.
Stacey Jones
· August 12, 2017
Despite having visited here in previous years and had a good experience this year was very different. Waited for a long time for table service, continued to be ignored so went to the bar. Met by a ver...y surly, rude and ignorant barman. Will not be returning which is a real shame as the views are lovely. See More
Lee Holmes
· August 23, 2017
If you want to be served, go elsewhere!!!

Waited 20 minutes to be served when the outdoor area was less than 15% full, the solitary waiter was more interested in talking to his mate and collecting gl...asses than serving customers - obviously they are such a headache and distraction from his socialising ��

They need to get staffing levels right and teach them a bit about customer service.

In the end we left without being served, went to the Kronox Cafe on the Balcon and were served within 2 minutes by a smiling waiter, so we spend our 150€ there instead.

Looking at the latest reviews, it seems this place is going downhill very fast!
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Farrah Jones
· August 29, 2017
It's a lovely place over looking the sea but please watch ur bills they over charged us on drinks then argued with us with how many we had and made out they were doing us a favour by taking off the 2 ...extra drinks that we didn't have bar staff very unpleasant!! � See More
Ged Bannon
· July 1, 2017
We were in last night, ordered 3 burgers, mine and my sons were lovely, my Mrs got half way through hers then noticed it was raw in the middle, we told the girl who was serving us, tell you she wasn't... happy, said you never said you wanted it well done ��
Asked for the bill and it was basically threw onto my table, lovely location, great view but customer service leaves a lot to be desired
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Jens Nordstrand
· June 4, 2017
I have been to Cochrans almost every day when i have visited Nerja and that has been almost every year since 2007. The service has been great and the food and drinks has been good BUT today me and my ...girlfriend was treated really bad by one of your bartenders. We aparently took a seat at a reserved table that was NOT marked as reserved and he came up to us and asked us to leave in a really unpleasant manner... The proper way is to say like; "Hello, im so sorry but this table is reserved but i can get you another table and so on...

I have my own business in Sweden and my staff are better trained in how to behave and to be service minded.... :(
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Darrell Frost
· June 3, 2017
Great views from the outside terrace went in a couple of times for lunch as it's such a nice location so we decided to go back one evening for a meal although the food was okay the portions wouldn't h...ave been enough to feed an ant!! Great place for a drink not so good for the food. See More
Mags O'Brien
· September 15, 2017
Great terrace bar has amazing view of sea and breakfast there outstanding !
Chris Farnsworth
· July 6, 2016
Lovely place with a beautiful location,although just a few days ago me and my family went in after a good 4 hours on Caletilla beach,the bar assistant watched us walk in and take a table & ignored us ...for over 5 minutes & he wasn't even doing anything,then a group of 5 women came in and sat at the table next to us & we said if he goes to them we will get up and walk out,& sure enough he went over to take there order,so me my wife and 3 kids got up and left,was really surprised to be honest and very annoyed. See More
Valerie Warburton
· September 29, 2017
Fabulous terrace bar. Bar staff friendly and helpful. Service was good. No real wait for drinks. Enjoyed a few afternoons here immensely. Lovely views and so near the ocean.
Cara Cooper O'faolain
· October 10, 2017
Computers seem to have replace bar staff communication, such a Shame !! Bar staff banter goes along way .
David Townsley
· September 3, 2016
Arrived as a group of four adults at lunchtime on Friday 2nd September and we were met by a very miserable waiter to start with. The food that followed was at best awful. It must have beenproduced by ...someone who resents preparing food or others. By a person who takes no pride in the quality of what they are sending out from their kitchen nor indeed the presentation of same. Surely a simple burger and chips isn't too taxing. The burger was undercooked and bland. The chips were lukewarm and limp. Surely frozen chips aren't that difficult to transform into a culinary delight. Thoroughly disappointing experience. Think twice before parting with your hard earned cash here. I am sure they can do better this. Will avoid this establishment in the future. See More
Colleen Long
· September 6, 2017
Great food lovely staff will definitely be back���
Santosh Cow
· August 13, 2017
Nice place really really busy
Good way to spend an evening or two
Annmarie Bowes
· September 1, 2017
Service was fine but food was terrible, wouldn't eat ther again
Kevin West
· May 28, 2017
Staff not very attentive, had to both order at the bar and pay there. OK in a normal Irish bar, but in a holiday bar would expect be better, certainly pay for it. Shame as the views are great.
Ann Telford
· January 25, 2017
Been there lots and lots of times as live here. Always take visitors staff...serving staff and views always second to none.
Denise White
· December 21, 2016
Great sea views love coming in every time. Some staff better than others and I'm living over here so come in once or twice a week
"El rumor de Rizzo" hace cantar con sus versiones inglesas..y hacen bailar con sus versiones españolas! Muy buen directo! No os lo perdáis mañana jueves a partir de las 23.00h!
Cochran´s Irish Pub updated their profile picture.
16 hrs
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💚🍀💚🍀Happy St. Patrick's day!!!🍀💚🍀💚
💚🍀💚🍀¡Feliz San Patricio a todos!🍀💚🍀💚

Remember we are showing the #6nations today, don't miss anything! Specially England-Ireland! Also we have special decoration today because of Paddy's day! Offering food for those coming to watch sports (have anything from our snack menu as sandwiches, onion rings, hamburgers, french fries, etc)
If you are not into sports come later for a Guinness and get your hat! We are giving presents away! ...
Live music from 8 pm with Mr. FLIP and later on we'll have Denice (Flashtime) from 11 pm to get us into the party mood til late!!!

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💚🍀💚Don't miss the games on saturday 17th, specially England - Ireland at 3pm. We are showing the rugby games, and after that Mr.Flip will sing and play guitar for everyone! Giving hats and other presents away as it's St.Patrick's day! Join us in this special day, and have a drink or two, have something to eat, enjoy watching sports, enjoy live music and enjoy company! After Flip, Denice (@Flashtime) will make sure we all get in the party mood!
We all are gonna have so much fun this saturday! We will be waiting for you 💚🍀💚

#6nations #rugby #sanpatricio #paddysday
#GAA #livemusic

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Cada vez falta menos....este sábado 17 de Marzo os esperamos ¡para celebrar SAN PATRICIO!
¡Podrás conseguir regalos con tus pintas de Guinnes! Hazte con todos 😉🍀

No automatic alt text available.

No sé si os habéis dado cuenta...pero este año San Patricio ¡cae en sábado! Así que este año podéis venir todos a nuestra magnifica celebración del día de San Patricio en nuestro Pub.
La música en directo comenzará a las 20.00h con Mr.Flip, y tendremos sesión doble, con actuación de Denice a las 23.00h.

I don't know if you've noticed... but this year st. Patrick falls on Saturday! So this year you can all come to our magnificent st. Patrick's day celebration in our pub. Live music will begin at 20.00 p.m. with Mr. Flip, and we'll have a double session, with performance at 23.00
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Esta noche tendremos a MISS GIN!
Sigue el mal tiempo, pero seguimos con buena música! 😛🤘🎵 ¡Os esperamos a partir de las 22.00h!
La música dará comienzo sobre las 23.30h

We'll have miss gin tonight! Follow the bad weather, but we continue with good music! 😛🤘🎵 we are waiting for you from 22.00 pm! The music will start over 23.30 h
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Lamentamos anunciar que esta noche el ''Denice's show'' queda cancelado. Le deseamos a Denice que se recupere de la garganta pronto y nos visite de nuevo!

Tendréis al cañerísimo dúo ROCKOLA amenizando la noche porque....

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Mañana viernes tendremos nuevamente a nuestra querida Denice, con su magnifico show!!!

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FLASH TIME is at Cochran´s Irish Pub.

CANCELADO!! lo siento



2 Mar.

Este viernes, Denice's Show a las 23:00
This friday, Denice's Show at 11pm

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Este fin de semana tendremos
El fantástico ''SHOW DE DENICE'' el viernes,
Y a MISS GIN el sábado.
¡¡Menuda SEMANA BLANCA nos espera!!
¡Id calentando motores!

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Miss Gin

Ya entramos en Semana Blanca!

Esta semana pasamos el Lola’s bar de Miércoles al Martes 27! 23:30!

Jueves: Berebere ( Torre Del Mar) 14:00


Sábado: Cochran’s en Nerja 23:30

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Este viernes tenemos a la fantabulosa Denice con su show!!! No faltéis! 🎆

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Este viernes: Denice's Show
22 feb a las 23:00 en Cochran´s Irish Pub

Don't miss Denice's Show this friday
22 Feb 11pm at Cochrans, Nerja

¡¡Genial la noche de Carnaval en Cochran's!!
Con muchos disfraces, muy buen humor, mucho baile y ganas de pasarlo bien, ¡y con muy buena música!
El finde que viene más...

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Miss Gin

Ayer en Nerja!

Gatos, superman, Batman ..

Yesterday in nerja! Cats, Superman, Batman..

¡Ya llegó el dia de la reapertura! Y lo celebraremos con Miss Gin, ¿Conoces mejor manera de volver a la carga? Además estamos de Carnaval, asi que no olvidéis vuestros disfraces. Os esperamos a todos esta noche a partir de las 23.00h

The day of the reopening is here! And we'll celebrate with @[393806334073343:274:Miss Gin], do you know better way to get back to loading? Besides, we're Mardi Gras, so don't forget your costumes. We are waiting for you all tonight from 23.00 pm
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¡El Señor Cochran's ya está preparado para la reapertura este sábado 10 de Febrero! Coincide con Carnaval, asi que ¡no olvidéis vuetros disfraces! 🕶🎭🏹🎭🎈🎭👯👸🤖

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February 5
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¡Vive el 6 Naciones con nosotros y consigue fantásticos regalos! Además podréis participar en el sorteo de un viaje a Dublin gracias a OfficialIrishpub.


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