DragonCon, we had another amazing night sharing our cocktails with you.
The yearly organizing of the bar tools. Once loaded with tools and flasks, the vests and belts weigh around 10 pounds each. This year we have 2 new Agents joining us and you can see the set up of their first issue of tools and flasks.
We have an agent who couldn't be with us this year. He's with us in spirit though and we offer a toast. Next year we hope you're back with us Raleigh!

Dragon Con may be the largest fan run multi-media science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, arts, music and film convention in the universe, but partying is a major part of the event if not THE event for many.

Founded in 2012, the mission of the Cocktail Agents was in response to the perceived indiscriminate consumption of alcohol after hours. Alcohol is an amazing remedy; as a social lubricant, it wonderfully enhances what is on its own, a fantastic celebration a...nd a “homecoming” for so many. But there is such thing as too much of a good thing.

Seeking to remind those drinkers that imbibing spirits is more than just an opportunity to get drunk, but an opportunity to taste and enjoy the act of drinking together in celebration, we create a menu, mix cocktails meant to be served as small portions, and outfit ourselves in tactical gear in order to infiltrate the party where we offer our beverages to any that would like to try them.

I do hope that if you see us serving, that you join us for a toast.

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6 months until we do this thing again.

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