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Rory Chastain
· February 20, 2018
Your customer service is sub par. You never do what you say you're going to do. Your answers to questions change daily. Everybody up their gives you a different answer everyone you call. Youh people h...ave no clue as to what you are doing. We have unsuccessfully tried to change our zip code with you for the last year. We have mailed you checks that show arrival at your location but you never deposit it and blame it on the mail. Your bank is subpar. See More
Maggie Mae
· March 5, 2018
Been a member over 20 years along with my kids. Great for money management and savings. They also have great customer services in Page CFCU. Thank you everyone for making banking great. They also have... low interest rate for loans. See More
Yee Hee
· March 5, 2018
Been a member for some years, had no problem with getting our finances and always got the lowest interest rate. CFCU member for life!!
Ryan Nez
· May 8, 2014
Glad that I've been a member since I was a kid. I do almost all my business over the phone or through the website and it is so easy to use and the people are just awesome, friendly, and courteous.
Banking without Bankers

We are Federally insured by NCUA. They are just like FDIC, BUT we have never taken money from the government to bail us out! Credit union's support each other! This link will help you make sure all of your funds are covered by the insurance. This would only be used if we were to fail, but that is not an option for us! We are safe and sound! NCUA themselves comes in person once a year and watches our quarterly reports to make sure we are taking the best care of your money! Our reports are out there for your review also!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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The credit union no longer advertises in print or on the radio. Why? Because we don't believe our current accountholders should have to pay for us to try to get new members. And historically, word of mouth advertising has brought us plenty of new members. Which means we need to be exceptional at what we do, so you will tell your friends and family how wonderful we. Then we can grow and give you more products, services and better rates all around. Sound like a plan? And it keeps some of today's advertising noise from bombarding you!

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Shop Local, Bank Local! Downtown businesses are awesome!

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Downtown Flagstaff AZ
Landmark & Historical Place
Downtown Flagstaff AZ is in Flagstaff, Arizona.

You don't want to miss your chance to win a FREE Patagonia down sweater from Mountain Sports Flagstaff!!!

With 22 ways to save, which deal are you most excited about??


We are always happy help you start building your credit with a small credit card or Line of Credit!

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National Credit Union Administration

Whether you’re new to credit or have been using it for years, there are things everyone should know. Head over to for information that will help you be a smarter credit cardholder

Credit Scores are important, learn some tips to keep your score as high as possible! We are always here to help you improve your score, just ask us how!

"If your credit score is low, you should find some ways to raise it. If your score is good, here are three choices you should avoid if you want to keep it that way..."

Your credit score is a big deal. Lenders use that number to decide what kind of loan you’ll be able to get and what interest rate you’ll have to pay. If your credit score is low, you should find some ways to raise it. If your score is good, here are three choices you should …

Since the East office moved across the street to a more visible location we have opened more accounts then we did at the previous location. Member's can take advantage of the drive thru, no rolled coin please, it gets stuck underground and we have to call people up from Pheonix with special tools to get it out. It could take several days, just save yourself a headache and walk in with the coin!

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Look at our fancy ATM, all the ATM's at the branches take deposits. Cash (immediate credit) and checks (first $200 available immediately 2 business day hold on balance). You do see the ATM, right? It is there next to the amazing staff from the office in the North, Page AZ. It is the shiny thing....I know it is hard to see past all the awesomeness of the North office team!

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Some of the best advice we can give you is to cover your PIN when you enter it into ANY machine with your debit or credit card! PIN based transactions score less with fraud monitoring so they don't trigger alerts like other transactions. If the bad guys get your card information it is one thing but add your PIN to that then they can steal more money. Remember as a consumer you are not responsible for fraudulent transactions on your debit or credit card. Photo credit Misty Smith- Model credit- Lisa Curley (Thanks office in north for the pic!)

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Our website is full of all sorts of information, log-in to home banking or check out some of the benefits of just having an account with us. Cool things like discount tickets to Harkins or discounted Sea World tickets. All listed on our Member Benefits page. We also have loan rates, savings rates, direct deposit forms, a link for a free credit report and more. Give us a click you may find out we have lots to offer you!

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Check out Planet Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, and FIAT at the BIG tent in front of the Flagstaff Mall March 10 & 11. We have partnered with them for the weekend event. We have underwriters standing by ready to help you! Planet has a massive inventory of new and certified used vehicles for you to choose from, we have great low loan rates as always!

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This weekend we have partnered with Planet Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and FIAT for tent sale at the Flagstaff Mall. Stop by and check out their huge inventory of new and certified used vehicles. We have underwriters standing by! Apply online for a pre-approval or stop by the event! Don't miss out!

Of course Credit Union's are better than banks, DUH!

"Let’s look at four examples of why banks are not better than credit unions, even though Americans generally believe they are..."

Do you believe Facebook and Google are media companies? If not, you should. The fake news epidemic, which has been highly publicized, is real. Whether or not you believe fake news is a problem, really isn’t relevant. Perception in the digital world is simply defined as the content we choose to eng...

Go get them!

Flagstaff Police Looking For ATM Skimming Suspects

Flagstaff Police are looking for two suspects who installed skimming equipment at a local ATM. Officials say the skimmer was applied to the credit card slot on the ATM and was removed Monday. The suspects installed a camera in the light of the ATM. It was pointed at the key pad which allowed the sus...

This is the face of pure patience, our very own Keren Chavez (East Flagstaff Office), opened the mobile hotspot on her personal cell phone to help this member with his laptop to get him signed into his account on Home Banking. Keren did a fabulous job helping this member, and by fabulous, I mean she went above and beyond! Keren is one of our bilingual team members, and loves to help the Spanish speaking community understand our products and services. Because of Keren's influence expect to see more of our website in Spanish and our home banking will be available in Spanish also.

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