will AI and robots take over the world? What is a Christian to do? @TheBabylonBee @tetcblog…/ethics-in-the-future/

Ethics in the Future
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a little late, but like a fine wine we get better as we age. #coffeeandconviction #ephesians #godsgrace

Coffee & Conviction is feeling sad.

Tune in for a special episode release tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow!
I was literally shedding tears prepping the next three episodes. Taking up the topic of abortion and it breaks my heart. God forgive us for what we have done. Get involved and help ministries like Daybreak Ministries fight this holocaust.

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what makes you laugh? tune in as #coffeeandconviction takes up the topic of Crude Jesting @joethorn @jfowler63

Crude Jesting
Technology is everywhere. With the constant temptation to look at the screen, it can be a struggle to keep yourself free from the distractions of the infromation and entertainment at your fingertips, how much more your children. In this session we will look at what is going on with technology today,...