We've taken down the alpha version of the website in preparation for the beta launch. We're also creating a mailing list for anyone who wants to participate in the beta. Visit the new site to sign up. Collective Congress wants YOU!


New blog post about Burocrat, a web development framework built on top of GWT

Collective Congress has been invited to be a moderator for a subreddit on direct democracy. Feel free to join the discussion!

reddit: the front page of the internet

v0.9 is live, now with an awesome new tutorial. Check it out!

Here are some updates about the project on our development blog

I'm also trying out the new Google+ Communities with a group for internet democracy in general

For anyone who uses Google+, I've made a page for Collective Congress

Collective Congress - An open-source web platform for democratic social organization
Collective Congress updated their cover photo.
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One more link I forgot: our development blog

Here is a link to our GitHub repository. Let us know if you are interested in contributing.

collective-congress - Collective Congress is an open-source web platform for democracy. Its purpose is to provide a useful tool for collective decision-making as well as a platform for democratically-controlled web content. Users can freely create groups, and each group has its own data which can be...

Here is a link to the current version of the site. We're still in alpha, so there may be unknown bugs and the data may be lost. Feel free to fool around with it.

This is the new facebook page for Collective Congress, an open-source web development project started in Spring 2012. Feel free to post any questions or comments about the project here. I will post some links so this page is not completely empty.