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  • I will be completing my associate's degree in 5 weeks and I have found a way to get a t shirt for the school. I am proud of my accomplishments and would like to show school pride. Can anyone help me find an order form. Thank you See More
  • I started as a new student on October 2 2016. I am determined and s...omewhat excited to go the full distance and excel. Aim far...Think big...Dream big. God speed to all. See More
  • If we didn't opt in for an electronic tax form, when should we be re...ceiving them? They should have been sent out over two weeks ago and there's no way it should take that long to get to me. Thanks! See More

Sometimes the best study buddy is a four legged friend. Have pictures? We want to see them. Share a picture of your four legged friend who makes your studying experience just a bit more enjoyable.

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This week academic leaders participated in the Educause Learning Initiative (ELI). As a technology focused university, our participation in ELI further reflects our commitment to the advancement of learning through the innovative application of technology.

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Jennie T Lofton
· January 19, 2017
The classes were challenging and informative. Although I was not a fan of the "discussion board" assignments at first, I quickly adjusted to them. It was nice c...ommunicating with so many different people, from all walks of life.

If you are hoping that an online school will take it easy on you....CTU is not the school for you. I spent a minimum of at least 20 hours each week ( I took two classes for each 5-week session) on my assignments.

My only complaint is the student counselor that was assigned to me. Very rarely would I hear back from her after I initiated contact. I just learned to solve whatever problem I had and the Instructors were more than willing to work with me.

I graduated in November with my Associates Degree in Healthcare Administration. I will be traveling to Denver in June for my graduation.
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Mala Mala
· October 24, 2016
The school curriculum itself was not the issue. But keep in mind if you withdraw, the reentry department will call you multiple times every single day from diff...erent numbers, like a bill collector.

I have asked to be taken off the call list and told them I will return when I am ready to, and the conversation went cold from there on out, and they still continued to call. They act very nice and professional at first, almost like you hit their replay button, then as soon as you tell them no, they get very aggressive and rude.

That right there was enough to help me make my decision to go elsewhere to continue my education. Very disrespectful reentry department. I hope this messages reaches someone who can really make a change in that and will do something about it. It sucks that a good school could lose students due to something like this.
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Alicia Ness
· October 20, 2016
I'm learning and will get the degree I signed up for, but the support for online students is terrible. There's no real attempt to engage students and after your... first several classes, the structure gets very boring (the approach to teaching and assignment structure never changes). The coursework and materials can be hit or miss, seems like they don't keep things very updated (broken links, etc.) I've had 3 or fewer instructors that seemed to really care and treat me like a human instead of a username and email address. The website interface is not very user friendly and seems outdated. If you aren't sure you can keep yourself motivated and prefer collaborative and engaging environments, you may want to consider trying on-site courses. I'd like to think being in-person (or at least within travel distance to a campus) would be a more rewarding education experience. Lesson learned! See More
Denise KuhnNix
· January 18, 2017
With this school they have no where in their handbook about how to appeal for your Financial Aide. I had major surgery in Oct of 2016 and i tried to do my work ...and catch up with it. I got home and tried to do as much as i can without being in pain then i ended in the hospital again, Now I am on probation until I get my grades up. So I want to fight this past set of classes with their financial aid office and they have no appeal forms in the website for us,Now any other online schools would, now why not this school?? And now where in our contacts or on their website does it show who is in charge of this school and can not contact no one any higher then the financial aid office and counselors. Please don't get me wrong I like this school.but you have to watch them. See More
Resha Fontenot
· February 8, 2017
This school is so incompetent they can't even release you from the school right. After going through hell I finally decide I am done & withdraw from the school,... BUT I have 1 day left in the class. I specifically told the woman that I wanted to finish my class and what does the school do, release me without allowing me to turn in my final!!!! SMH! Now I'm told to email my instructor to tell him they are working on getting me back into the class. Why would anyone drop out of a class on the last day???? Idiots! I can't wait to be done with this school See More
Dave Funke
· December 2, 2016
Great school but the FA dept and parent company are very shady and need to be fully investigated per the United States Dept of ED and audited for abuses of powe...r and manipulation of the Title 4 funding system and how they rip off even our military and the GI Bill etc. There's other issues I have with this school. Great academically but that's about it. See More
JD Mendiola
· November 27, 2016
Been with this university way back when I was in California about three years. Since then, with all the transitions and traveling, they have stuck with me thick... or thin! This university is extremely flexible with your schedule and takes the initiative to contact/ follow up on your academic progress (which I find extremely appreciative as a student). Would not have chosen any other college to enroll with trying to balance out a full-time job and full-time college schedule! With that being said, looks like I know where I will be attending for my Grad degree! :) See More
Autumn Turner
· November 30, 2016
this school is a joke they lie about your dicharge just to charge you extra money. read the reviews. I went in debt without a degree because the cost of the sch...ool and the lies they made. I went from owin 74$ to 1200 just becuase I was told to quit after class eneded. the next person I talked to said I didnt quit I didnt go to class for days and was expelled from school. that was far from true. I wouldnt recommend anyone to join this school and dont be suprised to see a class action lawsuit soon. I no I wouldnt be.. See More
Brittany Sander
· January 3, 2017
I was previously enrolled but I didn't have all my documents ready so I had to wait till this term to re-enroll again. Just be aware that when you re enroll t...he school will call you 24/7 and it like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. So stay on top of everything yourself. Other than that I am liking it so far. See More
Michelle Adams
· October 28, 2016
I have attended this school for about a few months. Decided to switch schools as the way I have been treated by accounts and financial department. They have bee...n contacting me on a daily basis for a stipend check that was sent to me. Sure that can call a person when they want something but yet once a person decides to withdrawal it seems as if you can't get a hold of your academic adviser to complete the withdraw. I have tried calling my adviser several times plus sent a email and yet no response. See More
Stef Horner
· January 1, 2017
I am reading feedback and have to say that it is up to all of us students to succeed. We chose an online class for convenience with our lives! Remember that thi...s means a lot of drive and will to succeed on our own! We have to be mature enough to accomplish tasks assigned and use our resources that are plenty given by this school! I have embraced it and am doing well! I have to put the effort on to succeed..
It is not handed to you! So before you complain, take a look at yourself and evaluate how bad you want this! Wishing everyone success and being able to self-Start and find time to learn!
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Jamie Lizzie
· November 12, 2016
So it's official, I'm finally in my first year of school at CTU, and I don't know about all of you out there just sitting around doing nothing with your lives, ...but me personally! I'm beyond ecstatic for my feature with this school. Everyone at CTU is so helpful and encouraging, coming from someone who's never had a lot of that in there life, we'll let me tell you, it's awesome. The counselor's the personable couches you get to help guid you through your classes all the way to the administration department, everyone takes there time to help you understand. They go out of there way to help you when you call 24/ hours a day no matter what the situation. I'm proud of myself for finally taking the step to better my feature and life, and even prouder that I'm part of this family here at Colorado Technical University Online. Thank you for helping me believe in my self and showing me I'm worth it!

Thank you for believing in me,
Jamie Williams
Freshman/ B of Science
Criminal Justice/ sp. Human Services
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Peg Stowe
· November 11, 2016
I am a brand new freshman and I am overwhelmed with the faculty as well as the coaches!! All the staff I have encountered so far have been extremely informative as well as having a strong positive attitude. I knew this was the school for me. Thank you all!!
April Findley
· January 25, 2017
*** CONSIDER ANOTHER COLLEGE!! ** Good luck getting your degree from them! I am at the last of my courses and they are screwing me up financially. Financial aid... will tell say your getting your stipend and lie to you, then they drag it out and ignore you like you don't exist. They have caused me nothing but financial hardships.
Some of the professors are rude and don't follow the university's policies. I doubt I'll even get my degree at the rate things are going now. Been non stop issues the last 3 years. unprofessional, rude and people who don't do their jobs as they should.
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Jody Deterville
· January 12, 2017
I am currently working on obtaining my third degree from CTU..a doctorate of management. This school is excellent starting with admissions team all the way to the instructors. Would recommend this school to everyone wanting to obtain their first degree or advance their education farther.
Jason Dams
· December 19, 2016
Classes were fun and interactive. However the people who handle stipend need to be put in Jail. Held onto my money for over a month and told me over and over ...and over that I had a stipend coming. Then, instead of sending it to me they sent it to the department of education....even after I told them not to more than once!! Do no use this school unless you can afford to lose the GI bill money that is owed to you. See More
Charlotte N Joseph Ives
· October 28, 2016
I just started here in July 2016 and I love the professors and staff, i'm getting my Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and Health and Human Services, thi...s course is so enjoyable and challenging that my husband is thinking about taking it because we would love to open up a no profit to help at risk kids in our area, i would highly recommend the online programs to my family and friends.. #CTUSTRONG See More
Miguel A. Gonzalez Jr.
· February 6, 2017
It's a keeper when it comes to recognizing veteran and work experiences allowing you to take passing tests for credit in recognition of your skills set. Also, ...the online interface is very interactive and dynamic. The learning approach is by objectives in nature and applicable to the real work place. See More
Terri Crawford
· November 23, 2016
I began at CTU Online in July 2012...the Professor's, Instructor's, Tech Support...are awesome. I received my Assoc. Degree in Business in Dec. of 2014. I the... re-enrolled to earn my Bachelor's in Buss.w/concen in HR. As stated previously the teaching staff and support staff (my student advisor) were awesome. Up until the beginning of this year (2016) I had nothing but praise for CTU until my issues with their Financial Aide Department in the past few months. Some I spoke to were very polite and handled themselves in a professional manner....others, were rude, try to overtalk you, speak to you as if you are simple minded...I even had one hang up in my face..I still have issues with FA but seeing that no one seems to understand my questions, I have decided to go to the source, from where I receive my loans...Again..."GREAT TEACHING STAFF....SUPPORT STAFF...Financial Aide..."SUCKS" See More
Marcus Moss
· October 29, 2016
Wish I would have went to DU instead of this horrible school. I'm at the one in Aurora and the teacher play major favorites. Never had this problem at any other... school. Some of the instructors are not knowledgeable in their fields and if you correct them you get bad grades. Oh well. I'll be switching as soon as I can. See More
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“Getting my Bachelors helped me see that I can be a student and I can excel” Thinking of going back to school or need some motivation? Join Suzanne on her journey to a Bachelor’s Degree.

Since 1965, Colorado Technical University has enabled thousands of students in their pursuit of achieving a degree. Suzanne earned a Bachelor’s in Health Car...

Being a new student can be overwhelming! From gathering important documents to learning to navigate the virtual campus; we know new students have questions. Help us provide answers to our future students by thinking back to when you started, what questions did you have that you wish you had an answer to?

Please join us in congratulating Patricia Ochan, 2016 CTU Masters of Cyber Security graduate and Wounded Warrior Scholarship recipient on her selection to The Elizabeth Dole Foundation, 2017 Dole Caregiver Fellows. As a Fellow, representing Washington DC, Patricia will work to raise awareness to the challenges faced by Military Families, and inspire communities and leaders to take action.

Military and Veteran Caregivers who Advocate for the 5.5 million Hidden Heroes caring for Wounded, Ill and Injured Veterans Washington, D.C. —The Elizabeth Dole Foundation announced its 2017 class of Dole Caregiver Fellows today – 31 military and veteran caregivers who have been carefully selected f...

Throughout life our goals and dreams evolve. Now you’re pursuing a college education to better your future, but does this align with what you want to be as a kid? We would like to know…what did you want to be when you grew up?

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It's the first day of the session. Build a network of support by sharing what classes you are taking below.

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Our commitment to the military goes beyond thanking them for their service. Our MOS Commitment provides members of the military with a personalized and comprehensive review of all eligible credit which includes the JST (joint service transcript), all MOS (military occupational specialty) codes held, any prior education and professional training or certifications, potentially allowing them to earn a degree in less time. Learn more on our website:

Whether you are an active duty, reserve, or veteran service member, your military training and service experience may reduce the time and investment required to complete your degree through transfer credit at CTU.

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Students & Alum - Join us live with the American Cancer Society for a Employer Information Session.

Tue 11:00 AM MST
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Fact or Fiction: CTU was originally opened in an old roller rink.

Students and Alum - Making the decision to go back to school can be daunting! Help those who are considering going back to school to see they are not alone by sharing what your biggest fears or obstacles were when taking the leap?

Has your schedule ever been so full you didn't think you could possibly fit in one more thing? Did you let that stop you or did you push through? As we go into the next session, remember those times you pushed through. Embrace the challenge! You got this!