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Dear ColossusXT Community, today $COLX has been added to Cryptopia Exchange!

$COLX on Cryptopia Exchange:


We want to thank all of the community members who are working hard to make COLX shine.
Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm! Spread the grid.

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Crypto-Currency Trading, Forum and Marketplace platform.

Current $COLX Exchange Campaigns:

1) Mercatox:
2) FatBTC:
3) CobinHood: ...
4) CoinFalcon:

Keep the momentum going, just requires a vote!#colx #altcoin #privacycoin #cryptocurrencies

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Our brand new and shiny #ColossuscoinXT #Discord Server has been launched. Spread the word and Join us! $COLX #Masternode #Cryptocurrency

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“#ColossusCoinXT Community, help us to be listed on @NextExchange by voting for $COLX. Vote for $COLX to be added on #NextExchange here: It will be open on January 1st. Together we can do it! Thank you all 🙏 #COLX #Vote #Masternode #Cryptocurrency #Btc”

Hi to all our community. Help us to be listed on @NextExchange by voting for COLX here :…/suggestion-to-add-… It will be open on January 1st. Together we can do it! Thank you all.🙏

Suggestion to Add ColossusCoinXT COLX -

1 MILLION $COLX #ColossusCoinXT [object Object] Merry #Christmas[object Object] #Giveaway to one lucky person. For a chance of winning, Retweet this Tweet and Follow us. Entries end time is Christmas Eve 2017. Good Luck! #COLX

Vote for $COLX ColossusCoinXT to be added on MercatoxCom Exchange.

Sign up here:

and vote here for free:


One user have 5 free votes per month.


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As initially planned on the COLX Roadmap, the COLX coin swap is coming to end on 28th of December.
Colossuscoin2 CV2 Deposits will be enabled and online for the Coinswap from CV2 to COLX on
Swap ends: 2017-12-28 12:00

Please vote for $COLX #ColossusCoinXT Paid Voting to get listed on TradeSatoshi Exchange Each vote costs 1 #DOGE

The Swap to the new ColossusCoinXT COLX Blockchain has been started on September 28th, 2017 [20:00] UTC take place
on Due to Deposits disabled for ALL coins on 2017-11-30 (See the Coin Swap needs to be
shortened until November 30th, 2017 on

Swap ends: 2017-11-30


Please swap your Coins ASAP - as soon as possible on

1.) Coin Swap Instructions for already registered users on
How do I swap my ColossusCoin2 (CV2) for ColossusCoinXT (COLX)?
Nova Exchange will be running the swap for us.[/b] It is a simple process:
visit the Swap page you will need to have an
account with Nova Exchange to deposit your CV2. has the old ColossusCoin2 Blockchain so you can transfer your
ColossusCoin2's there for the swap.

Once you swap them you get ColossusCoinXT (COLX) on the new Blockchain. The swap is free for the end user who is swapping coins.
The only place you can swap your CV2 for COLX will be on
Active rate for swapping will be 1:2 / 1 COLX for 2 CV2 ( (reverse 1-for-2 coin split)

What will happen to the swapped CV2 Coins on NovaExchange? will send the CV2 Coins to a predetermined burn address after the swap is over.

What page on Nova Exchange should I go to swap my CV2 for COLX Coins?
You need to go to click the NovaExchange Swap Page
to swap your CV2 Coins for COLX Coins on Nova Exchange.

Due to Novaexchange Website closes on April 2018 and user registration has closed
we are starting a manual Coin Swap Process
Coin Swap Page/Instructions for non-registered users on NovaExchange
Official CV2 Coin Swap Address: CUfTF5sBX2rrapBxkMLk6w2PReQioTJA28


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🚀 [ANN] ColossusCoinXT COLX - Coin Swap - Fair Launch, no ICO/ IPO! 🚀 Released

The easy way to set up your $COLX Masternode on Install Guide 😀

ColossusCoinXT COLX has been added to $BTC - $COLX Markets…

We encourage everyone to keep your $COLX Wallets open, unlocked for staking. Stake min age is 7 days. Thanks for supporting the COLX Network

#Coinswap is active on Swapping Rate: for 2 $CV2 : 1 $COLX - the Money Supply will be reduced to max 12 Billion COLX

The Swap to the new ColossusCoinXT COLX Blockchain on is delayed and will start on September 28th [20:00] UTC #COLX