Trace the sword cut pattern for lazy people :-D #cosplaywip #propmaker #wip #becausecosplay #cosplaylife #cosplaytips #cosplayprogress
Dalek Cosplay from Dr. Who
HALLO 2 TatiLu Cosplay ^_^ lets go #darkfairy #fairystick #glow #glowinthedark #glowing #cosplay #cosplaylife #cosplaytime #becausecosplay

Love cosplayflex the leg armor is already shiny out of the box! #heroesofthestorm #tyrael #blizzard #cosplaywip #cosplayguy #cosplayflex

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Hey you play Heroes of the Storm today? Nope, just need to see the char to continue with the cosplay

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🇩🇪 Please vote for Germany!!! 🇩🇪

Star Wars Celebration London 2016 created a poll.

Where would you like the next Celebration Europe


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Food And Cosplay

#OnlyInCosplay people wear summer cosplay in winter and winter cosplay in summer.

See whats new in the gym O.O I'm fuckn love my gym! Still working on a better cosplay body

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LIVE Night King WIP on Twitch 8pm (MEZ). Come and say hi 😉

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TYRANDE WHISPERWIND live bodypainting with @adnarimificationcosplay

UV RAG DOLL Body Paint #makeup #bodyart #creative #cosplay

upperbody #wip of my #nightking. Yes that is an absolute punishment to cut out all the details #cosplaywip #gameofthrones #whitewalker

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Colt Cosplay added 12 new photos to the album: Darth Maul - Star Wars Artwok.

I think I have never seen a character who has interested me so much as darth maul but he was unfortunately not so long to see in the movie

Colt Cosplay added 7 new photos to the album: The Night King - Game of Thrones.

The first time I saw the night king. I knew I want to cosplay only that white walker. But as the end of the 7. season. I knew I MUST cosplay him!

When you saw it you knew why

Colt Cosplay added 3 new photos to the album: Joker - The Dark Knight.

I love heath ledger as #joker

A lot of people don't knew one realy important part of the movie. In that part the Joker put on a nurse costume (he "cosplay" ) and you could see the real character of the joker. But there is more! The person he visit will start a knew realy big chapter of the batman history. So my tipp takt a look at the movie!

By the way, while. When creating the costume, I noticed a mistake in the movie, which I would probably never have noticed without the #cosplay

Make #cosplay great again! Everyone should make a amidala cosplay!

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Eden Craft

Here is a pic for you Its from the shooting last week:)
I was testing a cosplay from cosplaysky. therefor I had to craft the headpiece.
Do you like it? I hop...e I will find some time for my twilek in the next weeks What are your favourit chars? Jar Jar Binks?:D

Lots of Love

pic: Colt Cosplay
edit: me
base from the headpiece: Cosplayflex covered wird fabric

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white walker progress 300 peaces cutted out...300 left only at the shoulder pad #got #wip

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I have no problem to shave my beard for a cosplay. But shaving a bald head goes to far for me. Even if I don't like the quality and look of a latex bald cap Whats about you guys? #cosplaylife #shavedhead #menshair

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Had a super nice weekend the cosplay festival bern

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Eden Craft


Update ^-^