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Latest from the Dev Sit Rep: Another patch

Hi All,

I've come to realise when I'm particularly busy I tend not to post very often, so, If I start posting more regularly then feel free to tell me to shut up and get on with it


Here are the noteworthy changes in the last two updates:

Updates to targeting pod displays and operation.
LGB's added and functioning.
Internal updates to weapon collision code.
Added targets to Chocolate Mountain Range
Updated Harrier cockpit and fuselage.
Added V-22 Osprey and P-3 Orion.
Added static deck crew
Depth of Field option added to renderer.

Fix for gray screen when using MSAA
Fix for DOF,SSAO blur being resolution dependent.

Current work appearing in the next few updates includes:

MFD, HUD Displays
I've got a lot of new, detailed MFD and HUD display information so will gradually update HUD and MFD rendering for each weapon system, radar mode etc.
Target Range Targets
Moving targets added
Updated target damage fx: secondary explosions, drifting smoke plumes etc
100% animated switches. Finally getting around to making each cockpit switch functional.
Update to selection code for switches, buttons and knobs. This will work with gamepad, mouse-look and VR.
Cockpit item state text and description. This can be disabled if required.
Updating skin textures to 16k with ingame option to limit size.
Road & Rail vehicle object AutoGen
Update to terrain texture caching to reduce texture load and allow region expansion
3D Assets
Adding 3D objects such as F-14, C-130 and F-35B

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Image may contain: ocean, outdoor and water

Latst from the dev sit rep - v811.1 is here:

So, v811.1 is in the Beta channel now, updates include:

Fix for the video mode selection. Also correct frequency should be selected, previously it defaulted to 60hz


You can now land on the QE (or any other ship but that's not recommended)
You can takeoff from the QE using the ski-jump. It's surprising how much this helps you get airborne with a heavy load. There's a UK free flight mission starting from the QE deck.

The MFD map display has been updated. It now uses a generated map of the area. It shows terrain, road, rail, locations, waypoints etc. Very handy for knowing where you are, or going. Just like a map...

The target pod display has been updated. The next update should see it fully functional.

LGB's are added and available via a preset loadout. They will be fully function in the next update in tandem with the target pod display.

In control settings you have an option to disable the hardwired cursor key mappings if you'd rather map them differently.

In graphics options you can adjust the display saturation (all the way to black & white if you're feeling 'arty')

3d models for runway & taxiway edge lights added.

OSM building generation fixes & improvements.

General scene lighting improvements using a PBR approach.

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v811.0 is here - Latest from the Dev Sit Rep:

Hello all, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year

v811.0 is finally out, I hoped to release before Christmas but ran into a few delays so it got pushed out till now. As usual you can expect a flurry of updates over the next couple of weeks fixing issues or adding features which didn't make it into v811.0.


First thing to do with v811.0 is make sure your brightness and contrast boost is set to 0 and your gamma is set to 2.2. This build respects colour space info throughout the rendering pipeline so start with a standard gamma of 2.2 and adjust for your display.

SSAO should be enabled by default. In rendering settings you can select which elements it applies to from objects, terrain, buildings and vegetation. You can also select a filter quality. I typically have everything enabled, it looks more real and objects blend into the terrain better. Play with the settings and decide what works for you.

Free flight has a lot more options in each region. Try the flight through the Lake District or one of the Mach Loop routes where you follow your flight lead at low level. It's the first example of how the AI is being updated to have interaction with flight members. Expect more of this in the next updates with weapons training etc.

Btw here's a link to a video used to plot the route through the Lake District:

It's interesting to see the Mach Loop at the beginning, I recognise the features as I've flown it so many times as you probably will too.

You can start a free flight near HMS Queen Elizabeth so it's no longer an 'easter egg'.

AI tankers look pretty cool taking off from Yuma. I'll be updating their engine sounds soon with the various tones as they spool up during takeoff. I've got to admit I love cranking up the volume and watching Youtube videos of airliners taking off so that's the effect I'll be aiming for

The next updates will have the LGB's, updated target pod display, ability to land on the QE and more AI updates. The Harrier model updates should be finished soon, there are updates to the cockpit plus the fuselage.

If you have any issues with v811.0 let me know...

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Best Aviation Videos. Cockpit View - takeoff, flight and landing. Amazing flying the Royal Air Force Typhoon Eurofighter through the mach loop at low level o...

Hi everyone

Please see the latest from the Dev Sit Rep below. Also, there's currently 10% off CAP2 in the Steam sale for anyone that is thinking of buying soon.

FYI current work is focused on all aspects of aircraft AI.


This will improve things such as dogfights, AI aircraft mission integration (taxiing, AI flight member roles), AI airbase traffic, AI aircraft weapon deployment (AA & AG), AI awareness of aircraft state (fuel, weapon state, radar, RWR) and AI A2A refueling.

This means for example in a training mission you might see a tanker takeoff while your flight taxis to the runway. You takeoff, form up and hit training area targets line astern, refuel and return to base. Another example, for the Mach Loop you may be in a flight of four aircraft transiting the loop where you may be lead or following the flight leader.

I'll be making regular updates during this work as it's not a 'monolithic' task.

btw SSAO has been enabled in the renderer, it's a subtle effect which makes things look a bit more real (SSAO = 'screen space ambient occlusion' basically reducing ambient light in occluded areas). It'd be great if I could easily post images in these threads to show before & after screenshots, maybe I need to fire up the blog again..

So the next update will be v811.0 with the first AI updates, SSAO & other minor updates/fixes due soon.

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Default Keyboard Controls - this will be added to our manual shortly and we'll keep it updated as we add new controls. Hope it helps

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After a short run of updates v810.7 is live in all branches now. Read about it here:…/anno…/detail/2669934641507740466

v810.5 followed very closely by v810.6 was made available yesterday. These are mostly bug fix builds, you can read about the notable changes in the Dev Sit Rep here:…/discussi…/0/154642447927175939/…

Latest from the Dev Sit Rep:

Hi All,

After a week or so on a beach (typically spent pondering how to render an interesting cloud formation ) we're getting back into the swing of development and updates.


The first update, due in a few days, will focus on bug fixes and controls. After that we should have a pretty regular update pace as we continue work on the training missions.

Other near term work includes:
AI aircraft logic updates
full day/night cycle
new weapons: LGB (GBU-16) & Mk20 Rockeye II CBUs
using hi-res imagery we've purchased for Gulf islands
custom load-out 3D display (drag & drop weapons on pylons)
expanding current small weather/clouds area into a weather system (> 1000*1000 km scale)

It should be an interesting few weeks coming up

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Hey folks! v810.4 is now available in the Beta branch, formal announcement to follow later. Please report any bugs in the bug thread and use the Dev Sit Rep thread for general feedback

New MiG-21 coming in v810.4 - which we will be dropping by the end of the week. Next up is content showcasing all the new targets we've added. Find out more:…/anno…/detail/1474223766995336391

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We will be dropping v810.4 by the end of this week