We're currently receiving reports that there are still quite an amount of players that hasn't transferred completely. We advise everyone to finish the ...migration process to successfully transfer their accounts without any problems. Poof1g was kind enough to provide a video tutorial on how to transfer an account from Nexon to VALOFE.

It should also be noted that players should check the transfer status page in the Account Migration website. If a player's character information is displayed in the transfer status page, then the account is indeed successfully transferred.

If you're having trouble seeing you're transferred character's information in the transfer status page but know that you have already transferred already after following the video tutorial by Poof1g, it is recommended that you try to following:

Start the transfer again on a different browser without having to create a new VALOFE account.

Start the transfer again on incognito browser or private browser without having to create a new VALOFE account.

Always remember to clear your cache and cookies each time.

Try to logout and log back in the transfer status page after clearing your cache and cookies.

Please remember not to login or create a character in-game if you still haven't seen your character information in the transfer status page.

Please check the video tutorial created by Poof1g on his Youtube channel.

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Combat Arms: Reloaded


It has come to our attention that our main website was accessed by a number of players and were able to scour the site from top to bottom including the... download links for the official game client. This is to inform everyone with the our game client already installed that we advise you not to login whatsoever using your account that is still pending for game data transfer.

If players were to login and create a character, your game data pending from transfer cannot be inserted into the VALOFE ID you have transferred it to because it is already occupied by a new existing data.

On the bright side, players who had nothing to do with downloading and logging into VALOFE's Combat Arms: Reloaded client and creating a character will continue to be safe and will not lose any data at all.


Hallo, Soldaten!

Es wurde uns bekannt, dass der Zugang unserer Startseite von Spielern möglich war und, einschließlich der Downloaden-Links für den offiziellen Spiel-Client, die Seite von oben nach unten durchsuchen konnte.

Dies soll jeden mit dem bereits installierten Spiel-Client darüber informieren, dass wir euch raten, euch nicht mit dem Account einzuloggen, das noch für die Übertragung der Spieldaten aussteht.

Wenn sich die Spieler einloggen und einen Charakter erstellen, können Ihre von der Übertragung anstehenden Spieldaten nicht in die VALOFE ID eingefügt bzw. übertragen werden, an die Ihr sie übertragen habt, da diese bereits von neuen Daten belegt ist.

Es ist schon mal eine positive Nachricht, dass die Spieler, die nichts mit dem Herunterladen und Einloggen in VALOFEs Combat Arms: Reloaded-Client zu tun hatten, weiterhin sicher keine Daten verlieren.


To better serve our Turkish players please like, follow, and share our official Turkish Combat Arms Facebook page.
[Turkish Combat Arms Facebook Page]

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AK-47 Leviathan
Combat Arms: Reloaded
Part 3: Rebalanced
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Combat Arms: Reloaded is feeling excited.


In preparation for the Service Transfer, Combat Arms will be down for maintenance until further notice. Please be informed that the Account Transfer ( will be temporarily disabled for the entire duration of the maintenance to avoid account loss. Once the maintenance ends, the Account Transfer page will be back up and VALOFE will officially resume service for Combat Arms.


Hallo, Soldaten!
Zur Vorbereitung auf die Service-Übertragung wird Combat Arms bis auf Weiteres unter Wartung stehen.
Bitte beachtet, dass die Seite von Account-Übertragung ( während der Wartung für kurze Zeit deaktiviert wird, um den Accountverlust zu vermeiden. Sobald die Wartung beendet wird, wird die Seite für die Account-Übertragung wiederhergestellt und VALOFE nimmt die Dienstleistung für Combat Arms offiziell wieder auf.


To better serve our Turkish players please like, follow, and share our official Turkish Combat Arms Facebook page.

[Turkish Combat Arms Facebook Page]

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Combat Arms: Reloaded


We’re few days away before the maintenance until we finally takeover the game. We are proud and humbled by the large amount of transfers we’ve had over... the past two months and we here at VALOFE are all excited to be playing with everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all in the first hour of launch, Rangers!


Seid gegrüßt, Soldaten!

Wir haben noch ein paar Tage vor der Wartung, bis wir endlich das Spiel übernehmen. Wir sind stolz und gedemütigt über die vielen Übertragungen, die wir in den letzten zwei Monaten hatten, und wir bei VALOFE sind alle aufgeregt, mit allen zu spielen! Wir freuen uns darauf, alle in der ersten Stunde des Launchs zu sehen, Soldaten!



Nihayet oyun devralma bakımının tamamlanmasına sadece birkaç gün kaldı. Geçtiğimiz iki ay içinde gerçekleşen büyük miktardaki oyuncu transferlerinden gurur ve memnuniyet duyuyoruz. Artık VALOFE olarak sizlerle birlikte bu oyununu oynadığımız için çok heyecanlıyız! Oyun başlangıç saatinde sizlerle buluşmayı dört gözle bekliyoruz! Askerler!

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We have a special message from the Combat Arms team at Valofe, the future publisher of Combat Arms, for you! Don’t forget to migrate your accounts and visit to stay up to date!



The 22nd of November is coming in fast and we’re all excited about it! Let’s keep this announcement short and simple for the message to be crystal clear.

There will be certain accounts that won’t be able to migrate their accounts. Accounts that have been PERMANENTLY BANNED by NEXON will not be able to transfer their account data to VALOFE. However, accounts that are only TEMPORARILY BANNED by NEXON may still transfer their account to VALOFE.
Accounts that are PERMANENTLY BANNED by NEXON cannot be transferred to VALOFE and be UN-BANNED by VALOFE as the data of the account will not be migrated from NEXON.

Players with PERMANENTLY BANNED accounts that still wish to play Combat Arms under VALOFE may create a new VALOFE account or use their existing account to start from scratch.

Thank you!

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With heavy hearts we announce that Nexon’s Combat Arms service will be terminated on November 22, 2017. All of your character information, items, and stats will be transferred to Valofe Global’s service on November 22 and they will continue the service shortly after.

More info:

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It’s really happening. This year, right now.
No, it’s not the Apocalypse.
Gameplay and respawns have not come to an end.
It’s not another Eclipse.
No one is in the dark, except perhaps in Cabin Fever.


Kill a GM.
You know you want to.

From 8.9.2017 to 10.9.2017 hunt down a GM in a casual or ranked matchmaking game and kill them. Press Print Screen to take a screenshot. Post your screenshot and your exact IGN on the designated forum thread or Discord channel. If you are one of the first 200 players to do so, you will receive a permanent M4A1 SOPMOD KABOOM.


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It’s really happening. This year, right now. No, it’s not the Apocalypse. Gameplay and respawns have not come to an end. It’s not another Eclipse.

If you could use some free GP, now is the time to tightly lace up your boots and jump into combat!
Everyone who logs into Combat Arms at least once between
16.08.2017 and 22.08.2017 will receive a total of 75,000 GP for free!

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Have you got what it takes to get over 5,000 Ranking Points? Surely the AUG A1 Black is a solid pick to start your climb in Ranked Matchmaking!
Let's start into a new week with getting some inspiration from this video done by Vlarceloff.

TRACKLIST: London Elektricity - The Great Drum And Bass Swindle (Logistics Remix) Logistics - Everything Is Illuminated Keeno feat. Oscar Corney - Lifeline T...

We’re not only redesigning maps, it’s also about time for some redesigned weapons.
Coming this week – the AK-47 Leviathan SOPMOD. Unleash the Leviathan and gaze into the eye of the serpent as you scope in to take down enemy units! This item and many more are coming out on 20.7.2017 - available for both GP and NX.

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.
Posted by Combat Arms

Do new graphics mean they don't go well with colour correction anymore? We strongly disagree. Time to enjoy Combat Arms the classic way - with unbelievable montages! Shoutout to HyperTV and xxTurner for this feisty montage created during the beta! Can you do better? Post your own video in the comments!

Hyper´s Part : 00:00 to 00:58 My Part : 00:59 to the end. Hope you guys will enjoy "PARTY VOL. 1" if you want more videos like this make sure to hit the like...

Drafts streaming some matchmaking games now, drop by his Twitch and enjoy!

Sub emotes approved :) - Combat Arms: Reloaded Matchmaking, let's hit some clips

We have teamed up with British Rapping sensation Dan Bull to produce an explosive new track commemorating #combatarms: reloaded. Check out Dan's Combat Arms: Reloaded rap.

► Sponsored by Nexon, creators of Combat Arms: Reloaded. Play it for free here: ► Subscribe for more spicy game rap: https://...

Do you still remember xxTurner and are up for a German stream? So many years played and he's still around! Check out his climb up the brand-new Ranked Matchmaking ladder on his YouTube over here:

TwitchTV : xXTurner1993 Facebook : MachinimaTurner Paypal : ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Have you dared entering the fierce fights in our Ranked Matchmaking yet? If you're looking for some nice tactics, why not check out on some of our high ranked players playing right now?

What are matches like when you got over 5,000 Ranking Points? Watch to find out!

Trying To Cure Combat Arms, One Game At A Time
Combat Arms updated their cover photo.
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