A quick note on what Comic Zen is all about.

Comic books are meant to be an escape. They always have been, to me.

My goal is to give you a place where you can come, find your next favorite comic or graphic novel (or toy or statue or collectible, etc.), and not feel left out of that escape from reality.


There is only one condition to be included in this escape:


I don't care who you are, where you come from, how you earn money, what kind of car you drive, who your parents were, how you dress, or if you like my '80s rock music. I will treat you with respect. And, I expect the same in return. But, it's not just about me.

You need to be willing to respect my other guests, who may be different than you. I enjoy diversity of all kinds in my store, and I will do everything I can to continue to foster, and protect, that diversity.

I have not had any incidents, in my first year of business, and I hope I never do. When I say "comics are for everyone", I mean it.

#ReadMoreComics #ComicsAreForEveryone #DiversityMatters #YouAreWelcomeHere #Respect

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I find myself in a strange place. I'm all caught up on my tv watching. So, to fill my day, I'm listening to Gutter Talk, a CultPop Podcasts & Black Tribbles production!

It has been waaay too long since I've listened, and way too long since I joined my pals Jd Korejko and Len 'Cruze' Webb on the show!

If you like hearing about comics (and related topics) by people who are passionate about comics, please check out this podcast.


#ReadMoreComics #CommunityMatters #WeLoveComics #MissYouGuys #TimFromLastWeekLives #ButHeDoesntGetOutMuch

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16 Reviews
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Peter-Michele Haytko
· April 19, 2018
Took my son to Comic Zen to celebrate a milestone and he was not only super excited to buy his first comic but he also got a long awaited (and earned) action figure! Huge kudos to Tim for making his e...xperience great and for, as my son put it, talking to him like he was a "big kid". Often, little ones are not addressed as their own person, but Tim went the extra mile to make my kiddo feel like HE was the customer. Highly recommend you stop in! See More
Margot Shenton
· March 24, 2018
Tim is amazing! Great taste in comics, always has spot on suggestions and extremely knowledgeable. Comic Zen also participates in our charity events every year. Putting up items for raffle, donating a...nd being extremely supportive. See More
T Fox Dunham
· March 19, 2018
A great comic book nook in Lansdale. Tim Hershey is a good host and shopkeep and keeps the store stocked with a myriad collection of comics, cards and toys. They also host What Are You Afraid Of? Horr...or & Paranormal Show some Fridays in the summer. A fun place. See More
Dan Pancoast
· October 30, 2016
Walked in to a "party"! The what I presume to be the owner and some neighborhood friends, including a cute dog were talking about Halloween I believe. But I was still greeted with great kindness and f...elt welcome instantly.

I browsed on my own and found what I was looking for immediately. For what it's worth I was there to get the first issue of COD Zombies from Dark Horse. After looking around for a bit, everyone had left and I was able to speak to the more than pleasant gentlemen about getting another copy of the 1st issue to keep/preserve and he also filled me in on being subscribed to get each issue to come and offered me the form to fill out as well for the program!

As I told him when I was there I have never really been interested in comics, but the COD Zombies series may be my way in! Thanks again to who I dealt with and I look forward to visiting again!
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Rob Koecher
· February 14, 2017
Great little comic store. Tim is one of the nicest people you will meet and is always willing to help you find what you need. He is also able to point you in the direction of things you didn't even kn...ow you needed. Stop in browse and have very knowledgeable conversation about everything comics. You will not be disappointed. See More
Michele Perkins Benchouk
· February 8, 2017
I want to thank the owner of Comic Zen, Tim, for sharing his knowledge and love of comics with our family this past weekend. He is very customer oriented and patiently answered questions for us. On of being up on new comics coming out, Tim knew a great deal on comic book history. Highly recommended shopping experience right here in the center of Lansdale! See More
Jd Korejko
· November 26, 2016
Lansdale's best comic shop, run by a really knowledgeable and friendly fella! Tim knows what you like and will definitely order it for you if he doesn't have it in stock. Great shop!
Monika Miyashita
· November 26, 2016
Tim's knowledge and always looking to cater to your needs. If I ever need a suggestion, or even a base to start off with, he will let you know where you need to go. This type of small shop interaction... makes a comfortable and pleasant environment! See More
Ann Campbell
· March 12, 2017
Tim is always willing to go the extra mile to find the weird and unusual things my kids want. I order all my manga and D&D items through him. Plus, he always has a friendly word and a welcoming smile!
Mike Dickson
· May 3, 2017
The store is great and Tim (the owner) is very nice and knowledgable. I love coming here
Bill Murray
· May 6, 2017
Great little store with a nice and knowledgeable proprietor. Glad to have it in my neighborhood.
Chassity Sutton Ruby
· November 9, 2016
My girls and I stopped in yesterday (not our first time). Ella was finally ready to purchase her first comic. Tim was very helpful, friendly and patient. Thanks!
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