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Disney-Marvel’s “Black Panther” is re-writing the record books, topping “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” for the second-highest four-day domestic opening of all time, with $…

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K Eric Martin

Not everyone understands all the historical significance of the Black Panther movie premier, so I’m gonna try to help with that and provide a little Black Histo...ry Month lesson, comic-nerd style.

You see, Black Panther premiered in comics in 1966 and was the first Black superhero in mainstream US comics. Prior to Black Panther, Black superheroes were largely banned and censored from US comics by the industry’s governing body, the Comic Code Authority (CCA). It’s not that there wasn’t interest or a market for Black heroes; it’s that they weren’t even allowed to be published and distributed in the first place. While heroes like Superman and Captain America graced pages and inspired readers, Black readers were left without superheroes who looked like us. So when you hear racists complain that there aren’t enough white people in the Black Panther movie (or other media), just remember that we were literally and legally banned from comics (and other media) for years.

The panel below is from a 1956 issue of EC Comics, (which is the precursor to MAD Magazine). In that issue, titled Judgement Day, a human astronaut visits another planet and comes to learn that its robot inhabitants live under a rigid racial-caste system. In the final pane of that comic, the astronaut removes his helmet, and the reader finds out that the astronaut is Black. At the time, the Comic Code Authority said that this could not be a Black person. The creators resisted and eventually published the story as is after a hard fought battle, but this was the last comic book they published under EC, as they discontinued the series and all their comic book lines afterword in order to focus on MAD Magazine, which would be outside the jurisdiction of the CCA. This comic book pane and its publication history was one of the things that really got me into comics when I was younger, and I’ll be thinking about it during the Black Panther premier.

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amazing story 🦇

A new Hulu documentary is revealing how Batman's co-creator Bill Finger was written out of history and is now getting the credit he is due after an author's 10-year investigation into the 'silent legend'.


Batman & Bill Documentary 2017's photo.
Batman & Bill Documentary 2017
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By Off the Leash
Follow these animations on the Off The Leash Cartoon YouTube Channel

from our friends at Latino Comics Expo 😎👍🏽

Something to order from you local comics shop!! Jaime Hernandez has an all-ages book coming out in April. Featuring folk tales from Latin America!!!! Let your comic shop know you want a copy!

How would a kitchen maid fare against a seven-headed dragon? What happens when a woman marries a mouse? And what can a young man learn from a thousand leaf cutter ants? Famed Love and Rockets creator Jaime Hernandez asks these questions and more as he transforms beloved myths into bold, stunning, an...

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After an arguably tumultuous year for DC movies, Warner Bros. has decided to excite everyone with the announcement of a leadership change in the beginning of 2018. At the center of this massive change is the promotion of talented film producer Walter Hamada, who will oversee the production of its co...


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🎶Good ol' Stinky Wizzleteats!🎶

Merry Xmas from Comix Art Gallery

A late night 1990s animation show from MTV.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaLiquid TelevisionThe 1989–1994 logoCreated byJaphet AsherMartin...


EC Comics

Happy Halloween from EC, kiddies!

animation by: TRllM and Dru Ritger


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You have to check out this modern digital comic! Protanopia technique, projection mapping on 3D planes by #3D #Comics

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Art of Mark Bryan

"Too Much Trump" Joe's had enough of this clown and can't take anymore. I know I have, How about you? This could be my last Trump piece for a while, or ever. Se...ems like I've said all there is to say without just repeating myself. We all need a break. I wish he would just go away. #trumpsatire #trumpart #babytrump #trumptwitter #trumpexhaustion #popsurrealism

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Police believe he was trying to steal a comic book at the store on 40th Street and 7th Avenue. He went to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries.|By Josh Einiger