After three albums, one EP, and over half a dozen videos to its repertoire, Common Dead is on extended hiatus. The energy fueling the project is morphing into a new sound, still heavy and uncompromising, but doesn't fit as Common Dead. This doesn't mean Common Dead is finished, as fitting ideas remain for the distant future. Please keep seeding the music, watch for what's next, and thank you all for your encouragement. \m/

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In the early concept stages for an 8th music video (not yet sure of a release date). Also, the latest album is hitting new radio such as Metal Kulture, so tune in and support those stations! Here's an older favorite of the melodic death vein.

* Flashback video! "Animalism" from early 2011 showed off the one-man show concept for Common Dead before it was later retired. One of the more pure thrash tracks.

New and insightful interview with Common Dead now posted on! Talks about the new album, influences, personal ethos, and more. Check it below.

Big thanks to Euterpia Radio, an indie broadcast in Europe showing much support to Common Dead in recent weeks. Stream here and discover all new music on the station!

Mais non, je ne suis pas malade ! Mais "Dites 33", ça n [...]

New song posted for the weekend... "Caustica" was almost the first video for this album before "Modern Obsolete" took its place. See if you can recognize the lyrical references.

Common Dead | Metal | From Chicago. Now in Montréal, QC, CA

Disturbing while symbolic, revealing yet mysterious. "Allegorize" is the sequel to "Diatribe" with diversified vocals and new anthems of groove-oriented mayhem. Featuring "Suffer As I Have", "Enlightenment", "Modern Obsolete", and more. Download at iTunes!

Preview and download Allegorize on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.

Quick shout out to Chicago's own Kimmi Rudolph at The Metal Deli! The latest show features two tracks from Common Dead and many other bands. Head over to the official site and stream the program on demand!!

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"Outer Harbor" is a slower and quite different track from Common Dead. A song about retreating to a personal realm no one else can reach. This album comes out in 1 week. \m/…/16468404-outer-harbor--from-a…

Common Dead | Metal | From Chicago. Now in Montréal, QC, CA

** Stream "Modern Obsolete" and thrash your ass off... **
We're going to see more songs posted in the weeks leading up to the release of "Allegorize" on March 12th. The latest video recently finished production for this track and it may be the best video yet. It'll be up closer to the album launch.…/16350415-modern-obsolete--fro…

Common Dead | Metal | From Chicago. Now in Montréal, QC, CA

The next video is looking to be the most visually complex for Common Dead, let alone any band I've directed videos for. The track is "Modern Obsolete" and should arrive before the March 12th release of "Allegorize". Easily the most nightmarish piece I've made yet ... \m/

Metal News: Common Dead Reveals 'Allegorize' Release Date, Posts New Song 'Worldview'

** ALLEGORIZE will be available March 12, 2013! **
The new album featuring 9 all-new tracks from Common Dead. Check out the premiere song "Worldview" here!…/16104501-worldview--from-albu…

Common Dead | Metal | From Chicago. Now in Montréal, QC, CA

Tracks from "Allegorize" are getting the final touches. Major improvements over the previous album... it won't be long until full songs are up and more features roll out for ya!
Thanks for sharing the premiere video around the web! News hit Bravewords, The Gauntlet, Metallus, and many more. You guys kick ass!!

Songs from the new album coming in 2013 (release date TBA).

Just a shout out ... HAPPY HALLOWEEN, METALHEADS!! \m/ posts an update on Common Dead, with insight on the next album and more. Read it here!

Thanks to every one of you for spreading the latest video and horns up to the press outlets who posted the story . . . Metal Underground, METALBUZZ, Pure Grain Audio, The Breathless Sleep, BW&BK, and many more.
This summer brought an equal amount of setbacks and progress regarding the band's roster expansion. Rest assured we are always closer to something . . . Like: From the 2012 album "Diatribe" Out Now!! iTunes: Amazon: http://bit....