Want to know how you can help address the opioid/heroin epidemic in our town? If you access health care in Dubuque County and do not see the name of your health care provider(s) on the list below, call them and ask them to confirm to me that they are registered to use the state's prescription drug monitoring program (PMP). If they are not registered, ask your provider to do you a favor and sign up. It's free. It's a simple tool to help them keep th...

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Isenhart Campaign for the Common Good

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Representative Chuck Isenhart Statehouse News

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Sat 1:00 PM CSTConvivium Urban Farmstead, 2811 Jackson Street, Dubuque

THIS begins TODAY! Click here to learn how you can make a difference in our community's opioid/heroin/fentanyl overdose and poisoning epidemic. Your contribution, however small, will have a huge impact and send a message that we are doing the right thing.

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Isenhart Campaign for the Common Good
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Chuck Isenhart

THIS begins TODAY! Click here to learn how you can make a difference in our community's opioid/heroin/fentanyl overdose and poisoning epidemic: Your contribution, however small, will have a huge impact and send a message that we are doing the right thing.

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In behalf of the Iowa House of Representatives, I was pleased to join Andrea Drea Helgager of the Circles Initiative along with Leslie Shalabi and Mike Muench o...f Convivium Urban Farmstead to recognize Carolyn Grace, Christine Happ Olson and Brittany Vanden Langenberg at the Driftless Farm-to-Table Dinner for their pioneering efforts to advance the local farm and foods movement and change how the Earth looks from space in the Dubuque area.

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Digital Dubuque is a full service multimedia company located in the heart of the silicon prairie.Digital Dubuque has over 20 years of multimedia experience offering photography, video production and web solutions and services.

On Sunday, September 17, the State of Iowa House of Representatives and Convivium Urban Farmstead will recognize the founding organizers of the Driftless Farm-to-Table Dinner: Brittany Vanden Langenberg, Christine Happ Olson, Ashley Neises and Carolyn Scherf. Join us! There are a few remaining tickets.

Sun 5:00 PM CDT2811 Jackson St, Dubuque, IA 52001-1962, United States
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Federal grant supports access to healthy local foods

Dubuque Main Street and the Dubuque Farmers’ Market will receive up to $15,000 in federal grant aid to grow the Double Up Food Bucks program, State Rep. Chuck Isenhart (D-Dubuque) announced today.

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NEWS RELEASE: Isenhart to Serve on Opioid Study

The opioid epidemic in Iowa will be the subject of a new interim legislative study committee to which State Rep. Chuck Isenhart (D-Dubuque) has been appointed.

Isenhart is one of six state senators and representatives on the panel that must report findings and recommendations to the governor and General Assembly by November 15.

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Democrats and the DNR warned the Republicans that Iowa's state parks were on the bubble. I remember the meeting. We had less than one day in our committee to consider the natural resources budget. Rep. Norlin Mommsen denied this would happen, and they chose to put their heads in the sand.

New DNR policy: If a park conservation officer retires or resigns, his/her park will close. If this were last year, both the Mines of Spain and Bellevue State Park would be closed today. Yet... another monkey on the back of public workers. What if you were the park ranger, ready to retire after 25-30 years of public service, only to be told that the park to which you had dedicated your life's work would close if you did retire? Who needs that trauma?

Gov. Branstad should man up before he goes to China and make the closing decisions himself, so he takes some responsibility for the dreadful position that the state is in. Hard to believe he is letting this happen just three years short of the 100th anniversary of Iowa's state parks system.

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After a decade of declining state taxpayer support, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources may be forced to close some state parks. “We have no choice,” Chuck Gipp, the agency’s…

Cannot say it better myself.

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Information on a water quality funding plan offered by some House Democrats that got very little publicity, though it is a "WISER" plan:

13 House Democrats offer WISER Trust Fund clean water plan

After several hundred ordinary Iowans visited the state Capitol urging lawmakers to “fund the trust,” 13 Iowa House Democrats introduced the WISER Act.

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The Telegraph Herald asked for my comments on the 2017 legislative session for their "round-up" tomorrow. They never have room for a comprehensive statement, so here is the full version you will probably not see:

The 2017 legislative session was disappointing to say the least, the most partisan I have experienced, as the Republican majority – controlling 100 percent of the agenda -- enacted the most dreadful parts of their party platform, with green lights from Gov. Branstad-...Reynolds all around.

The 30,000 residents of House District 100 might be surprised to learn that not one of the bills introduced by their representative was apparently good enough to even merit a hearing, much less a vote. Nor were any of the significant common sense amendments offered by Democrats to moderate the Republican barrage found worthy of adoption. We could not manage even the most modest of measures to address the growing opioid epidemic in our state.

Soon, Iowans will experience the blowback from the budget mess we have gotten ourselves into after years of Republican insistence on runaway tax giveaways.

As a result of all this, life will be harder for working Iowans – including teachers and other public sector workers who lost their voices in the workplace. Life will be harder for people making the minimum wage who saw their pay increases cut. Life will be harder for workers injured on the job. Life will be harder for people who want to exercise their right to vote. Life will be harder for people who depend on our public health care system, including women who want to access basic health care services. Life will be harder for all students going to public and private colleges and universities in Iowa. Life will be harder for people who need sexual and domestic abuse victim services. Life will be harder for people who want to access our court system. Life will be riskier for "scary" people on the street, who can now be "justifiably" shot for virtually any reason if another person with a gun feels threatened. Life will be harder for cities and counties that want to exercise “home rule” as determined by the citizens who elected their leaders.

We cut funding for the arts. We cut funding for natural resources and the environment. We made it easier for big animal feeding operations to stink up the neighborhood. We abolished the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture altogether. We cut funding for early childhood and pre-school education. We cut job training for people with disabilities. We cut summer reading programs for third graders. We cut funding for public health by more than 13 percent. The list goes on.

What did we get? Well, we protected all the special interest corporate tax breaks. And now you can shoot off fireworks on the Fourth of July to celebrate it all.

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Officer Al Fear of the Cedar Rapids Police Department and the Eastern Iowa Heroin Initiative came to the Capitol to brief me, Rep. Art Staed and other legislators on their research into and personal experiences of the heroin/opioid epidemic now plaguing Iowa. Officer Fear was joined by several members of CRUSH-Iowa who have been personally affected by the addiction as either a person in recovery or a parent of a child who has died of an overdose, as well as by other experts: Ashley Immerzeel, Lori Welborn Peter, Judy Wellborn, Rod and Debbie Courtney and Kellie Vazzana.

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Several Loras College students planning to be teachers came to visit, along with their instructor: Emily Erickson, Nora Kehr, Abby Unsen and Prof. Hilarie Welsh. They are concerned by the lack of support for education that is currently being demonstrated by the governor and the Republican majorities in the Legislature.

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