On Marathon Monday, athlete Tyler Pennel ran the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boylston street in his Reebok Floatride Run Fast shoes and place 4th overall in the men's division. See why he considers his Floatrides a great marathon shoe.…/reebok-designs-boston-ready…

American Tyler Pennel placed 4th overall in the men’s division at Boston. See how the elite worked with Reebok to craft a faster, more improved racer.

"I don’t think it’s my job to steer anyone in a certain direction. I just keep repeating: Focus on motivation. Engage your brain. Stay positive."

Read more about 1968 Boston Marathon Champion Amby Burfoot's 50th anniversary run and his advice for staying a forever runner, what kept him warm during the race and which shoes he's currently trying out.…/amby-burfoot-on-50th-annive…

In 1968, Amby Burfoot won the Boston Marathon and this year he made his way back to Boston for the 50th anniversary of his win.
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If you're looking to run in a national park, you're probably feeling weary about the number of people you'll be having to avoid on your route. Instead of heading to some of the nation's biggest parks this year, check out these six off-the-beaten path destinations instead.…/six-underrated-national-par…

Get the singletrack all to yourself at these under-the-radar national parks.

Nike created a 3D-printed textile with Olympian and gold medalist Eliud Kipchoge that is built for speed. Check out more on these innovative kicks that he’ll be wearing for the London Marathon.

We met with Nike to get a sneak peek at their latest concept in performance footwear, a 3D-printed textile upper, designed with Olympian Eliud Kipchoge.

We're still getting choked up about this year's Boston Marathon. What a year for the record books! Take a look at some of our favorite Instagram posts by you, our strong, brave and resilient runners!…/the-best-boston-marathon-in…

Maybe it's just us but we're still coming down from our Boston Marathon high. This will definitely be a year to remember.

Get a head start for next year's Boston Marathon and check out this mile-by-mile video of the iconic course so you know just what to expect!…/dissecting-the-boston-marat…

Video originally appeared on Women’s Running and was produced by Greg Liszt, music by Jenna Moynihan and text by Rebecca Warren. The

Boston Marathon winner Desiree Linden shares how training in Mammoth helps her prepare for her running goals and what challenges she’s considering tackling in the future.…/des-linden-on-training-for-…

Boston Marathon winner Desiree Linden shares how training in Mammoth helps her prepare for her running goals and what she'll tackle next.

“I was supposed to leave this morning because I had to be at work on Wednesday morning,” laughed Kawauchi. “But I called the principal where I work and got permission to stay for the press conference.”

Read more about Boston's newest champion Yuki Kawauchi.…/all-about-yuki-kawauchi_170…

For one athlete, Monday’s brutal weather conditions were a welcomed adversary during the Boston Marathon: Champion Yuki Kawauchi .

“Those were the most brutal conditions I’ve ever run in.” - Shalane Flanagan…/bo…/boston-2018-cold_170327…

Hundreds of runners, including 23 elite athletes, dropped from the race due to hypothermia.

Take some time to rest, Boston finishers - you've earned it!

Marathon recovery is crucial to getting your body back on track.

Did today's race inspire you to chase the unicorn? Get our four-month marathon training plan to run your fastest 26.2 yet.

This marathon training plan will help you get stronger and faster over a four-month period leading up to your next marathon.

Wait, who? Sarah Sellers? Here's what we know about the Boston Marathon's second place finisher and virtually-unknown runner Sarah Sellers.…/boston-marathon-2018/who-is…

Sarah Sellers, the virtually-unknown 26-year-old just won second place in one of the most prestigious racing events in the world.

Ahead of the Boston Marathon, Des Linden told us her post-race plans were to "go get a burger and a beer." What's your favorite way to treat yourself after a race?

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More of this, please.

We saw their friendship play out in real time at the 2018 Boston Marathon.

If you didn’t know the name Yuki Kawauchi before, you do now.

The 31-year-old, nicknamed the “Citizen Runner,” works full-time as an administrator in a high school while running more than 70 sub-2:20 marathons.


She is the first American woman to win Boston since 1985.