Interested in getting that sweet internship? Join us on Wednesday to learn how to write the perfect CV for it and ace the interview!

Wed 2:30 PM UTC+013.09 Appleton Tower
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Hey CompSoc!

We hope everyone has survived freshers week and is settling into the new semester nicely. We're having a wee pub trip next Tuesday so feel free to join, catch-up with people and sink a solid amount of alcohol.

Remember your student card for 20% off in the bar

Tue 8:30 PM UTC+01Bar 50Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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SIGINT (Cyber Security): First off a big welcome to back to everyone and an even bigger welcome to anyone new who wants to come along!

This is the perfect chance to socialise, meet new people and learn some awesome stuff.

Thu 7:00 PM UTC+01Lecture Theatre 2, Appleton Tower
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This is our final event of the week. Here's where you can meet some old and new members, and have a little bit of fun!

Sat 12:00 PM UTC+01Meeting Point D, Teviot Row House
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It's almost time to conquer Arthurs Seat.

Meet at Meeting Point B (Teviot Row House) at 16:00, and we'll make a post on the event when we're about to leave.

See you soon!

Tue 4:00 PM UTC+01Meeting Point B, Teviot Row House
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May 9

This is a ticketed event.

Lets meet up and make our way to Monzo's event: "Monzo Meetup: Edinburgh Edition".

We'll meet at the Informatics Forum at around 5:15pm, and we'll aim to leave at 5:30ish.


If you do not yet have tickets, you may be able to catch a cancellation on Eventbrite.

Have a great summer, everyone!

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Tue 5:15 PM UTC+01CompSoc EdinburghEdinburgh, United Kingdom
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April 20

Join us on a night out with a big bunch of Utrecht University's Computing Society's students!

It's happening! Watch #hacktheburgh 2017 presentations live.

The hackathon from beyond the wall will be returning 18th - 19th of March!
CompSoc Edinburgh is celebrating new committee! with Kit Barnes and 6 others.
March 15

On March 15th our last STMU took place and at the same time AGM happened. We can announce that the society has elected a new committee and is looking forward to a great upcoming year of socials, fun events and expanding the society even more and making it better than ever. For now we still have a few things planned for April so keep an eye out and here's to the new committee.

President - Qais Patankar
Secretary - Angus Shaw
Treasurer - Viktorija Lukošiūtė...
Vice President - Elena Lapinskaitė
Tech Secretary - Harry Reeder
Social Secretary - tbc*
Hack Secretary - tbc
1st Year Rep - tbc
2nd Year Rep - Gintė Petrulionytė
3rd Year Rep - tbc*
4th Year Rep - tbc
Old people rep - Kit 'Kidnap' Barnes

* positions had very passionate candidates, but unfortunately they were unable to make it for the AGM today and will have to run again in the first STMU, during the EGM.

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March 14

Hi everyone! Just one more reminder that the STMU/AGM is on tomorrow! Send any applications for any of the positions to with position name and few sentences of why you want to run for it. To be eligible to vote you need to be part of the official society and we will be checking your membership - don't forget to bring your card.

There's also a talk from SkyScanner!

Lots of love from CompSoc

Wed 6:45 PM UTCRoom G07, Informatics Forum
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March 8
Wed 6:45 PM UTCRoom G07, Informatics Forum
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Hack the Burgh — the hackathon from beyond the wall — are releasing their tickets tonight at 6pm (18:00) London time!

Visit to grab a ticket.

The hackathon from beyond the wall will be returning 18th - 19th of March!
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February 20

CompSoc and Bloomberg Quiz!

Did you know we have our very own hackathon? Hack the Burgh is back for the third time from the 18th to the 19th of March.

If you'd like to participate or volunteer, visit!

The hackathon from beyond the wall will be returning 18th - 19th of March!
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February 8

Come join us for a night of swag, pizza and awesome talks!

CompSoc <3s as much as Vik loves organising HTB

Wed 6:45 PM UTCG07 Informatics Forum
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FaceBook Hackathon alert!

Here at Facebook, we believe that every engineer possesses amazing ideas and creativity. Hackathons are a longstanding tradition at Facebook where our engineers stay up all night to create a working product or prototype from scratch. Remember- done is better than perfect. Join Facebook in London on...