When I was 10 I had a romper. And on the way home from Halifax I really had to pee so we pulled off the highway for a good old pee in the woods.

And I had to take all my clothes off, in the woods, on the side of the highway, to pee. So now I have zero interest in rompers 😂😂

Hi friends! I'm changing up the format of the Wednesday videos to make them {hopefully} more helpful by giving you simple actionable things you can do to help you on your wellness journey.

In today's video I'm sharing 3 things you can start doing TODAY to help you feel a little bit better by the weekend. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Car Confessions Series Trailer
Ever wonder why it seems harder and harder to lose weight each time you try? Spoiler alert - it's not because your metabolism take a nose dive the moment you turn 30 or 40...
I was working this afternoon when I heard Olaf squeal with joy. Seconds later I heard the patter of little snow feet running into my office. "Suzi! It's snowing!! I can't believe it! I've never seen snow before! Can we go outside so I can catch snowflakes on my nose?" "Sure," I replied, then paused, "What do you mean you've never seen snow before?" He responded, "Just what I said. I've never seen snow before!" "But Olaf, you're a SNOWman," I said emphasizing the word snow. "Aren't you made of snow?" Then he giggled, and said, "Of course! But I've never seen where it comes from before!" So I guess for him, snow falling is sort of like seeing where he came from. No wonder he was so excited. ☃️ #AdventuresWithOlaf