Connor McGuire is getting my nails done.

I don't want to alarm anyone, but my EP is out now and it's free:

Well, technically it's pay what you want, so it could be $8,000 if you really wanted it to be - I won't tell you what to do. HOWEVER, $0 is it's intended price.


As you've read before, I'm really excited to have this out. It's been a long time coming and I want to thank everyone who made it possible - you know who you is. Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell people you don't like. If you like it, let me know. If you don't like it, rest easy, you only spent $8,000 on it.

As always, massive thanks to Ross Jenkins, Royce Whittaker at Spinnaker Sound, Jay Benison and all the cool people who are cool and supportive and aren't stupid and not.

Whadaya think, friends?


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5 track album


This one's called "26 Years", which points out that the newest song on this whole EP was written almost two years ago.. cause y'know, I'm not 26 anymore. Ooops. I also named this song 5 minutes before I uploaded it... it was sitting on my computer titled "I don't know what to call this one".. art iz hard.


This one's entirely about me - NOTHIN' FANCY.

I'm real excited that there's only more week until I get to upload all of this into the internets for you to download for freeeee. This also means I have one more week to name the album, cause y'know, I only had two years to get that together beforehand..... hard.

Hope you like iiitttt guuuuuyysssss

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Words + Music written by: Connor McGuire Vocals, Guitar, Bass: Connor McGuire Second Guitar: Ross Jenkins Drums: Jay Benison Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Royce Whittaker at Spinnaker Sound in Wh
Connor McGuire is getting ready to party.


Well, new in that it's actually really, really old, but is now re recorded and it sounds the way it was supposed to in the beginning. It's called Hand It Over.

This one's about shedding weight that holds you down. It's honestly the happiest song I've ever written - and with the relatively negative lyrical content still in there, that might be saying something about my songwriting. This week's discovery: I am, in fact, a bummer.


This is also the second last song of the EP. Next week's track is another ACTUALLY new one and then the whole thing gets put up for free download on bandcamp. I feel good about this.. real good.

This also puts a fire under my ass to actually finish the cover art.... because to be honest with you, I'd forgotten that I hadn't until just now.

As always, let me know what you think! That way I can avoid shooting this out into the endless abyss of the internet without knowing if it ever reached it's destination - because that, just like me, would be a bummer.



it's right heeeeeerre --->

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Words + Music written by: Connor McGuire Vocals, Guitar, Bass: Connor McGuire Second Guitar: Ross Jenkins Drums: Jay Benison Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Royce Whittaker at Spinnaker Sound in Wh

NEW SONG! And this time, it's a song that I haven't already released in demo form - so it's ACTUALLY exciting.

This week's song is called Book Report and it is right HERE:


It's about the difference between admiring art - and tearing it up and eating it and then texting all of your friends to tell them that you finally understand that painting you saw the other week because you've ripped it to shreds and digested it. Y'know... or something like that.

Again, another round of shares and likes this week have made me feel a whole bunch of gratitude. Thanks so much for all your support! Lots of new page likes over the past two weeks so, "Heeeeey new friends. Tell your friendssss"

As always : Royce Whittaker, Ross Jenkins, Jay Benison, Spinnaker Sound are the best.

luh u guyz

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Words + Music written by: Connor McGuire Vocals, Guitar, Bass: Connor McGuire Second Guitar: Ross Jenkins Drums: Jay Benison Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Royce Whittaker at Spinnaker Sound in Wh

w000000t! Here's the second song off my upcoming EP - Better People:

(if the facebook player gets stuck, the link will take you there)


If you missed the first one - Heads Under Water, it’s here:

I want to thank everyone for all their support/comments/likes and shares this week. I’m stoked that you all like what you hear and that you’re willing to share that with people. I’m real excited to get this out there for people to hear, so it’s awesome that you’re into that idea as well.

This song is another re-imagined/recorded old one (new one next week, I promise) so it should be familiar to some of you.

For me, the song’s about looking for leaders and hoping that, in those leaders, there’s a path towards a “better” you.

Once again, Jay Benison and Ross Jenkins on the track. Royce Whittaker at Spinnaker Sound making it sound oh so sweet. Stoked.

Let me know what you think!


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Words + Music written by: Connor McGuire Vocals, Guitar, Bass: Connor McGuire Second Guitar: Ross Jenkins Drums: Jay Benison Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Royce Whittaker at Spinnaker Sound in Wh

SURPRISE: Here’s the first track from my upcoming EP.

I’m going to be posting a song every Monday for five weeks. After it’s all up, I’ll put the whole thing up on BandCamp for free download.


Yeah? Yeah!

I wrote the beginnings of this week’s song, Heads Under Water, during my Song a Week Project back in 2009 so it will be familiar to some of you.

The song’s about the willful ignorance that can keep us involved in situations that aren’t technically the best idea. It’s something I’ve struggled with and I think that it can be as good as it is bad on occasion - Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

I was really lucky to be able to work with some of my best friends on this album. The upside of this is that apart from being awesome dudes, they’re insanely talented.

Ross Jenkins played second guitar throughout - he’s one of my favourite songwriters and I had the pleasure of recording his first EP and his new album not too long ago. He’s also been the person that has nagged me the most about getting this album together - #1 cheerleader/inspiring fellow. Check his stuff out HERE --> Ross Jenkins

Jay Benison played drums and I’m super lucky to have played with him again. He’s the inspiration for how I try to drum and he’s currently flying all over the country being a cool guy playing for thousands of people a night - so I’m glad I caught him when he was in town.

Royce Whittaker recorded, mixed and mastered the album at Spinnaker Sound (he also played a singular sweet guitar riff somewhere on the album - find that riff). I cannot say enough good things about Royce. For as long as I’ve been playing music, I haven’t felt so comfortable recording anything - ever.

He’s a massive part of this EP being produced at all, let alone it sounding as good as it does. If anyone ever needs something recorded, he’s the man. He is also currently flying all over the place being a cool guy and playing for thousands of people a night.. go figure.

Also, among countless other musical things, he shreds head-exploding solos in the metal band I play drums in - Stay Choked.
I’m super proud of these songs and I’m really excited to share them with all of you. I’m sure it’s seemed like I was dead over the past couple years, so thanks for stickin' around. Your support means a ton to me. Let me know what you think!


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Written by: Connor McGuire Vocals, Guitar, Bass: Connor McGuire Second Guitar: Ross Jenkins Drums: Jay Benison Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Royce Whittaker at Spinnaker Sound in White Rock, BC,
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at any given moment over the past couple months, i’ve probably been hunched in front of a computer screen in a dark cave of a room.
the upshot of all of that work is that I’ve started a creative content agency with my good friend and overall genius person myles galvin.


we launched an indiegogo campaign to fund some of our upfront incorporation fees and we hit 125% funding in two days. soon after that, we sold out of our main perks - WE ARE STOKED.

SO, if you’d like to follow what I’ve been up to in a non musical sense (occasionally musical as well) follow us on facebook -

and watch this video i animated, designed, scored and voiced about how to internet is confusing and stuff -

if you’re into it, following us on Facebook and or twitter would really help us out. if you’re REALLY into it, you could hire us?

as far as music goes:
i’ve been jamming with ross jenkins on a new project that will be real neat, i play drums in a metal band that will be recording soon and i’m pretty sure i tricked royce whittaker into mixing my solo ep when he was drunk the other night - we’ll see if it sticks. MORE ON EVERYTHING SOON, COOL GUYS.

love connor

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my good friend and band mate Ross Jenkins's EP+ just made #10 on Noted's top 15 albums of 2013. apart from posting this as a proud friend, i had the pleasure of drumming and recording the album here at the studio over many beers and solid hangs.

the dude's a genius!

We've listened to our fair share of releases over the past twelve months, and the humble EP has featured heavily in our coverage. As the distant step-brother of the full length, EPs are oft disregarded as mere platforms for rough experimentation or as precursors to something more 'legit', but we'd r...

bill cosby with a story for anyone who's ever tried to sit in with a group of musicians. thanks to spencer for this. merry in between days!!

All drummers can relate to this. Funny, Funny....

i have been sitting at 449 fb likes for at least two years. i think i'm going to have to make a fake profile to push it over the edge.


currently struggling with the idea that the best way to get peoples attention on the internet is to post a picture of a root vegetable that resembles a part of the female anatomy.

so... movember.. does everyone really have to start from scratch? or do the people who have a long term commitment to facial hair get to take advantage of their well deserved head start?

NEW DEMO FOR YOUR EARS:…/better-people-demo-october

ALSO : i'm playing a free, all ages, afternoon show at #SafeFest this saturday at Red Cat Records. Show starts at 1:30pm, we are on last. come down, watch Owl Skowl and Spesh Pep, rummage through crates of records and high five.

more info about the days events here :


let me know what you think of the demo - in the comments or in person at the show. stoked.

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Listen to Connor McGuire / Better People (Demo) - October 2013 | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music ...

buds, playing a free show at safe fest on the 12th at red cat records. more details and a new demo posted as soon as i get all the show info together. yaaaaaaaaa.

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anyone else think springsteen's guitar player's $400 alexander mcqueen scarf is killing his workin' man's blues vibe? #rockinrio