Launching Consciousness Hacking in Los Angeles - new member in CH family! We had amazing speakers - the founder of the movement, robotics engineer Mikey Siegel, game designer and co-founder of software company FUTUREPROOF Michael Highland! Stay tuned for the updates about upcoming events every month! Feel free to share the word about CH LA to your friends!
😁 We're live now at the Consciousness Hacking Summer Party! Drop in and take a tour with us at Covo, won't you? #CoHackParty
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Graeme Kilshaw
· June 18, 2017
The culture and events of Consciousness Hacking work well with the technology and mission of #FriendshipCube, to upload human thoughts to computers using 22bit visual binary fiber optic signals source...d from EEG input. See More

"In a virtuous cycle, exponential technologies can unlock greater levels of mental health, emotional skills, and human flourishing, which in turn can improve and accelerate the success of people creating or using ever more powerful exponential technologies. As a community, we spend a great deal of time working towards abundance — imagine if the all of humanity was mentally and emotionally unleashed to do so as well. Could we create abundance faster? Could it be better? Could we more safely navigate the end of work as we know it? We think so."

The Future of Work, Society, and the Human Mind