This week: 5 bills you can negotiate; Aldi vs. Walmart vs. Kroger; Most/least affordable housing markets; Consumer Reports pays $16.4 mil in privacy settlement.

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This week: Cheapskate's guide to the good life; Best flight finder you never heard of; This pharmacy beat Costco's prices in small test.

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How Macy's Screwed Up a Rebate and Denied 150 Customers their Money.…/…/09/a-macys-rebate-gone-wrong/

Right after Christmas, Consumer World promoted a deal on a SensorGel pillow at Macy's as Bargain of the Week. It was $20, but there was a $20 full price rebate. In January, MrConsumer's own rebate submission was denied by the rebate fulfillment house indicating that no receipt was received.

This week: The best place to buy gas; How to view your Facebook data; Dumb things customers say; 33 novel uses for baby oil.

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Don't "sipe" your new tires (despite the salesperson's pitch); 11 nutrition myths: Smart ways to save at the supermarket.

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New Tropicana Kids juice beverage claims there is "no nutrition sacrifice" if parents choose this drink for their kids. Oh really?…/tropicana-kids-no-nutrition-sa…/

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This week: 12 Things that buyers will hate about your house for sale; Don't Buy These Expensive Cleaners -- Make Your Own!; Micro-plastic particles found in big brand bottled waters.

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This week: 10 ways to fix Wi-Fi problems; Best laundry detergents named; Don't lose your phone number to a port out scam!

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Can readers distinguish online ads from real content? (Not if websites have their way!)…/blurred-lines-can-readers-dist…/

Some websites, even very reputable ones, sometimes blur the distinction between editorial content and advertising. Of course, consumers have a right to know what they are reading is an advertisement when that is the case.

This week: The 2 words to say to get an airline upgrade; Price check: local supermarkets vs. Target, WM, and Amazon; A $10 add-on can make your door lock safer.

This week: Don' take that Facebook quiz -- it may be a scam; Discover dropping 5 card benefits; Cell carrier performance test results.

They're so proud of their healthy ingredients, these protein bars list them all on the front of the package. Or do they? (Hat tip to…/rxbars-simple-ingredients-simp…/

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This week: 7 things not to skimp on; Most/least dependable cars; This 5-Second Check Could Prevent a Hot Water Tank Flood.

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This week: Don't Answer Unfamiliar Calls from These Area Codes; Travelers dislike Delta's new boarding process; Kiss goodbye big discounts from T-Mobile and Sprint.

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This week: Price check: Amazon vs. Walmart; How much exercise do you need to reap health benefits?; A Top 10" nonstick frypan is only $15!

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This week: 10 customer service secrets every shopper should know; Are these healthy choices: daily aspirin, eggs?; Take this quiz: Can you spot the scam emails/texts?

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