If you’re thinking of raising backyard chickens, this new video will be helpful - tells type of equipment you’ll need, even gives ideas on inexpensive solutions, plus more.

Naomi Montacre of Naomi's Organic Farm Supply shares her knowledge about raising chickens in your own backyard. In this episode, Montacre talks about food an...
Many seafood lovers use the Monterey Bay Aquarium's ratings to choose sustainable fish. Now it has rolled out a tool to help corporations assess the risk of human trafficking in seafood supply chains.
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Mure LA Elena
· January 4, 2018
I have in my country 150 tones per / 12 mounts but dont have a good price for her. Help my
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· February 26, 2017
I love this "cooking" keep up the good work!
How to Make Holiday Soda Bread
How to Make a Bourbon Fig Spread - Mobile Minute
Inside an Old Grist Mill

Words of wisdom at a time when (remarkably) our government denies that even climate change is real. Regardless of our current political state, our agriculture is not (yet) sustainable and as Fred Kirschenmann points out, we need to build new systems that are able to be resilient. In this talk, Kirschenmann outlines two of the "elephants in the room", energy and water, that pose major challenges to becoming truly sustainable. Originally published: April 2009.

From the archives: Fred Kirschenmann, an organic farmer and a veteran leader in the food movement, offers some thoughtful reflections upon the future of agri...
Whole Foods employees say stores are suffering from food shortages because of a newly implemented inventory-management system called order-to-shelf.

" “This is the food I grew up on,” she said. “They took away our land, our culture, our language, and I am fighting to bring it back with my food.” "

As the country grapples with a troubled past, a new generation of cooks and scholars is reclaiming and spreading the cuisine of its ancestors.

A new documentary series available on Netflix now - Rotten. A reporter from Eater says it's worth your viewing time. What say you?…/1686…/rotten-netflix-food-corruption

Everything you need to know about this explosive series

New study…Researchers Outline the Interconnected Benefits of Urban Agriculture
" "For the first time, we have a data-driven approach that quantifies the ecosystem benefits from urban agriculture," said Matei Georgescu, a geographer at ASU and corresponding author of the paper. "Our estimates of ecosystem benefits show the potential for millions of tons of food production, thousands of tons of nitrogen sequestration, billions of kilowatt hours of energy savings, and billions of cubic meters of avoided storm runoff." "

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In more temperate regions of the world farmers can grow food nearly year-round. Oregon farmer Tom DeNoble shares some of the winter crops he grows in this short video:

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The president will cast himself as a friend to farmers in a speech on Monday, but his position on trade and some parts of the new tax law threaten to undercut their interests.

"At a moment when assault and harassment revelations are creeping across male-dominated industries like so much unwanted mold, independent American cheese making stands as an obvious if undersung exemplar of the ultimate matriarchal workplace."

All across America, cheese making is a great way to trot away from the male herd.

" “So many of the farmers I’ve spoken with tell me that stricter and stricter regulations have put many of their neighbors and friends out of business, and in doing so cost them their homes, land and livelihoods,” said Baylen Linnekin, a libertarian-leaning expert in food law and policy, in an email. “For many farmers, rolling back regulations is the only way they can survive.” "

Produce growers represent a textbook example of what businesses describe as regulatory fatigue. President Trump is tapping into the discontent.
The tradition of leaving a snack for Santa on Christmas Eve isn't unique to America. It would appear that Jolly Old St. Nick is quite well-fed long before he reaches our shores.

Mary O’Rourke, of The Waffle Window, gives traditional soda bread a twist in the condensed version of this how-to video for the holiday baker. Full written recipe:…

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" “The current administration is doing a tremendous service for the conventional agribusiness interests that has invested in giant livestock factories,” said Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute, which has long sought stricter standards and stricter enforcement from the USDA. The administration “is throwing out 25 years of precedent in terms of developing organic regulations and enforcing them.” "

The Trump administration weighs in for the first time on organic foods and says “USDA Organic” farmers should not be held to stricter animal welfare standards.