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So many desserts! Here's a guide to all the varieties your heart- and stomach- can dream of. 🍰 Illustration by Bambi Edlund Illustration

Steam Link and Controller Unboxing
Not Everyone Likes the Fulton
CDT #55 (Fallout 4 and Linkle)

Happy Holidays, everyone! It's the last episode of the Cool Down Timer Podcast for 2016!!!

In the 2016 Holiday Special, the guys talk about Pokemon Sun and Moon and Overwatch! 1:18 - Overwatch 17:04 - Pokemon Sun and Moon

Episode 76 is finally up!

The guys talk about ZAM and Mark's endeavor to become masters of tea, Bloodborne, RE4, Okami, Sunless Sea/Fallen London, ZAM's brush with death, and... health insurance? 0:21 - ZAM and Mark's Adventu

New episode!

Neefu, ZAM, and Mark talk about Town of Salem, the Battlestar Galactica Board Game, the X-Files, and a little board game project they dreamed up once upon a time ago. 0:33 - Town of Salem 7:29 - Batt

New episode, y'all!

Neefu, ZAM, and Mark talk about Alaska, World of Warcraft: Legion, No Man's Sky, the 2003 Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

This week's episode is devoted to the wonderful new Netflix show, Stranger Things! (But don't listen if you haven't watched it yet or don't care, cause we go heavily into spoiler territory.)

Neefu, ZAM, and Mark talk (in full, spoilerific detail) about the wonderful new Netflix, Stranger Things. 2:50 - Stranger Things Spoilercast

As a heads up, expect some changes in the way we have everything set up over the next few days.

Here's your brand new episode of the Cool Down Timer Podcast! This week, we talk about Pokemon Go, Independence Day: Resurgence, and the never-ending Land Before Time sequels!

#PokemonGo #Resurgence

Neefu and Mark discuss Pokemon Go, endless Land Before Time sequels, Independence Day: Resurgence, and Finding Dory. 0:25 – Pokemon Go 27:49 – The Land Before Time 35:35 – The Seg…

It's a Christmas Miracle! This week's episode of the Cool Down Timer Podcast is up a few days early! (Neefu has to leave town this weekend so it's just easier that way.)

This episode is almost entirely (apart from a strange digression about a town called Deadhorse) about the #Warcraft movie.

Neefu and ZAM passionately discuss (argue over) whether the Warcraft movie was any good, while Mark patiently listens to them bicker. 0:21 – Shia Lebouf and the Legend of Deadhorse 5:24 &#821…

Happy E3 week, all! Here's your appropriately-themed, new episode of the Cool Down Timer Podcast!

Neefu, ZAM, and Mark talk about glorious announcents from E3 2016, including Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Last Guardian, God of War 4, and Pokemon. 1:20 – E3 Week! 4:32 – VR…

Hey, all! Neefu, one of the co-hosts of the Cool Down Timer Podcast recently put up a short story on Kindle! It's a creepy little short about the man in the picture (cover art by Zingalls Artman, one of our other co-hosts).

And, best of all, it's free until Sunday! So check it out and post a review for it! We'd love to see what you think!

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The Mixologist: A Short Story by Neefu
Now Available on Kindle:

Cover Art by: Zingalls Artman

"I saw Norman Reedus from a distance!"

Neefu, ZAM, and Mark talk about a potential live-action Pokemon movie, the upcoming video game movies of 2016, ZAM’s return to WoW (and his love for orcs), the delay of Zelda and the NX, cosp…

New episode of CDT!

"Be like Andrew!"

Neefu, ZAM, and Mark talk about Rogue One, Stardew Valley, Pokemon (as usual), and Dominions 4. 0:40 – Be Like Andrew 1:33 – Rogue One Trailer 12:24 – The Hunger Games? 14:06 &#82…

This week's episode is now up! We talk about Pokemon Sun and Moon, and do a partial sequel to our Overthinking Pokemon episode.

(I'm thinking of shifting over the posting date to Sundays, cause it works a bit better for my schedule)

Neefu, ZAM, and Mark talk about their theories for Pokemon Sun and Moon, chat about ZAM's least favorite Pokemon, and overthink a few more aspects of the Pokemon Universe. 0:47 - Pokemon Sun & Moon 1

This week, ZAM disappeared, so Mark and Neefu talk about XCOM 2, creative endeavors, being good at games, and an earthquake that happened in Alaska.

0:00 - Where is ZAM?
1:45 - An Alaskan Earthquake!
12:42 - XCOM 2...
21:14 - Video Game and Their Sequels
23:00 - "Being Good" at Competitive Games
38:50 - Mark & Neefu Being Creative

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