If you're not ready to face opposition for your obedience to God, you're not ready to be used by God.

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Christopher Joel Pack
· March 6, 2018
I have gone to church almost all of my life, but never felt like I belonged in any of those churches. As an adult, I guess it's safe to say that I lost faith in church. Not in Christ, but in church. O...nce Robyn and I started attending Countryside, I knew we found a place where we belong! There are no outsiders here, and we really feel like part of the family! Pastor Glenn really knows how to deliver a message from the heart, and every message applies to my life in one way or another. God is rapidly moving me in a positive direction for sure! The praise and worship team is comprised of some amazingly talented individuals, and the A/V production is mind-blowing. Countryside Christian Church has placed this joy in my heart from the Lord that I have never felt before, and it is not going away! Their motto is "Love God, Love People" and you can tell that everyone there strives to live by those four simple, yet powerful words.

As musicians, we have to be out of town sometimes. The fact that we can view the service on Facebook Live is so perfect for me! I remember a few weeks ago, sitting in a hotel in Daytona watching the service, thinking about how blessed I am to be alive in 2018. There is also the MyCountryside app that helps me with the notes and such. I like to look at it ahead of time to get my mind in the right place, and I like to look again afterwards, for further research.

While all of this sounds like some huge distant production, it is also very personal. Everyone is encouraged to meet in small groups, and every Pastor I have met there welcomes my conversations with true interest. There is a prayer request wall, which is great for members of the congregation to pray for each other. Even though this is a large church, every single person is an important part of it.

Side Note:
I wish Facebook would let me do an entire separate review on the Breakfast Burritos in the Cafe... Listen to me: These are the best dang Breakfast Burritos in the world! I like food a lot, so for me to say that is a big deal. I'm serious. If you want to try this church out, go a little early and get a Breakfast Burrito.
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Jakki Wortham
· October 23, 2017
I fly to Tampa from Louisville Ky. This was the selected Church my mother in law said we would love and boy was she right! If I could move to Tampa and attend this church I would do it in a heartbeat.... I love how passionate and caring and into it the Pastor got. He's 100 perecnt REAL. It's hard not to be judge having tattoos and piercings and finding a place to feel like you fit in and he made me feel just that. His son's solo part was on point and just the whole vibe of everyone on stage was super postive! I can't thank all of you enough. I will def share with the ladies at bible study Tuesday night just how awesome it was to be a part for the one day I got too. When I come back, you will see my family and I again and again. Thanks to everyone at Country side �🕇 See More
Brandi Elizabeth
· January 24, 2018
I don’t physically attend this church but I do watch the messages via online & I must say the Holy Spirit is upon the Countryman Family! The Holy Spirit works through Jeff & Kody Countryman like no ot...her. They get the message across with so much passion & love for their Savior & for people! Thank You Father for using them as Your mouth piece to share the Gospel & about Your Love Amen! See More
Katherine Cordero
· February 11, 2018
OMG today was the first time I went to countryside with my family and boy oh boy I can't wait till next Sunday's service I loved it the word was amazing thanks pastor Jeff Countryman thanks Josh for i...nviting us in the name of Jesus amen See More
Mike Ingram
· March 3, 2018
I am kind of a Little Church in the wildwood sort of guy... but a very beautiful facility, great for concerts. Church staff and volunteers were very friendly and helpful. May God Bless this huge congregation!
Kimberly Parker
· March 3, 2018
Saw Rend Collective last night and it was great. All the church family that I came in contact with were super friendly. It was a great night!
Zenaida Pino
· January 31, 2018
We love the people and Pastor Jeff. Our son looks forward to going to church , he loves the youth center and the youth pastors. Is a blessing to see him so excited when he comes out, he keeps talking ...about how much he likes it. And us, well we just love our church. � See More
Tiffany Robinson
· December 3, 2017
I love this church. And my 7 year old son loves it aswell. Was the best decision I ever made bringing Jesus into our lives we come just about every Sunday for 2nd service. It's a wonderful church and... pastor Jeff is amazing ��� See More
Jeff Brainard
· October 30, 2017
Wonderful service this church and the community that attends,Our prayers are stronger when we have more places like this!They definitely got my famliy and my attention.I will continue to attend this s...ervice every Sunday with my famliy,Thank u father for opening new windows for us to reach out.. See More
Jennifer Sawicki
· April 2, 2018
Very welcoming church. Went for the first time on Easter Sunday. I’ve been looking for a nondenominational church in the area and will definitely go back.
Gale Eckert Bokun
· December 7, 2017
Keeping it Real. Let go and Let God.
Pastor Jeff, Pastor Glenn, Pastor Patty. Guest Pastor from Grace.
I'm overwhelmed, Joyous, Blessed by your statements. ...
I've been able to share with numerous people, that I've walked in ok, yet walked out Strong.
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Janet Alonso Bloss
· May 15, 2017
I love this church, although its a distance for me, I come out feeling so spiritually uplifted it's a gift from God. I especially love pastor Joey and the manner in which he conveys the word from the... Bible, I love his sense of humor and how he makes the Bible transform into how it applies to living life in everyday life. Pastor Patty is a dynamic speaker and a spirit filled sister in Christ, love the Winans groups and the live streaming. When you see how much they are genuinely concerned they are about serving the community at large; well it's so impressive you will feel the love in their actions. Want to get to know the living bible? Attend this church, you won't be disappointed. Christianity in Action with lots of love through Jesus Christ. See More
Daniel Trueblood
· August 26, 2017
What an amazing place to hear the word of God preached and feel the love of Christ lived out among its members. We knew this was our church home the moment we pulled into the parking lot on the first day!
Tina Puraty
· September 18, 2017
Yesterday was my first visit, and I felt right at home. I moved here from Ohio and have not had a church family since living here. I am hopeful that this will be my new family.
Renee Spaur Mendoza
· April 10, 2017
I can't tell you how much my life has changed since I have been at this church. I was saved at age 8 years old and have been to church since I was a kid, but I never felt like I was really part of a c...hurch family until I started attending Countryside. Pastor Joey and all of the other pastors are so down to earth and energetic. The church accepts you for who you are and just wants everyone to know about the Lord and his word. I have gone through Growth Track and even though I was baptized as a kid I came and got baptized at growth track as an adult. My family and I all go to church together and it is just an awesome way to fellowship. Love you all at Countryside Christian Center. See More
Paige Price
· April 1, 2018
My husband and I love this church. They make you feel right at home immediately! Thanks Pastor Glenn and the Countryside Family!
Barbara Ruth Jackson
· April 1, 2018
Love the spiritual feeling I get with this Fellowship the music is uplifting the message is clear and strong and touches your heart
Cashmere Mouzon
· March 31, 2018
Feels good great activities for children. My child hood days I enjoyed. No lie. They preach but the truth is there actions show alot.
Julie Michalski
· January 23, 2017
We are from Illinois and when we visit the area we come and worship with you all. Great teaching and preaching and worship teams.
The presence of the Lord is real and tangible
and we are free to wor...ship our Lord.
We follow you on fb when we are back in Illinois. We are praying for God to advance mighty in your midst.
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Jackie Butler
· March 4, 2018
Wish I lived closer to attend a church like this!! Amazing church and I feel so at home.
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