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About Courtney
  • At the age of 22, in the year of 2009 Courtney Weaver had over 95 musical performances and sang at five festivals in Northern California establishing herself as the resident blues belter. Just as her career was beginning to take off she was derailed when she was shot in the face and arm by her abusive boyfriend on January 15th 2010 in Arcata, CA. After moving back to her hometown of Seattle in January 2011 and 13 reconstructive surgeries later she is finally healed. Courtney has spent the last 18 months building her chops and performing in Seattle’s illustrious music scene, recording her debut EP Paper Tiger with Grammy-nominated pianist Josh Rawlings writing songs about gun violence and domestic violence, and founding her Survivor Voices Collective.

    Courtney Weaver’s Survivor Voices Collective features artists and musicians who have used music to heal and transform themselves after domestic violence and gun violence. Sharing their music, story, and voice as a way to unite and be empowered in their truth in their own voice to fuel their passions, art, and intimacy.

    Paper Tiger is a culmination and celebration of her transformation since that fateful day on January 15th 2010. Each song illustrates a snapshot of different stages of her journey that ultimately integrate and transform her into the woman she is today
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