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More buckshot testing done today. I'm using a Benelli M2 12 gauge with an IC choke. I wanted to finish the penetration test with some different loads that Bill and Joe gave me to try. I fired, at 30 yards again, into the same type of stacked magazines as I did the other day to compare these other loads. Bill's Remington 3" magnum #4's hit the 10 1/2" by13" target with 35 pellets and penetrated into 9 magazines. Joe's Hornady "Varmint Express" 2 3/4" #4 load hit the target wit...h17 hits and penetrated into 10 magazines. My Hornady "Heavy Magnum" 3" BB load hit the target with 38 pellets and penetrated into 7 magazines. Each of these rounds pattern fine at 50 yards, but that would be the limit with my shotgun and choke combination.
I also fire a few rounds to check their pattern at 60 yards. This is where things get interesting. I installed a new CompNchoke XX Full choke and fired Joe's Hornady load and it patterned fine at 60 yards but no further. I also fired Federal's 2 3/4" #4 load with the same results.
Conclusion from this further data...Most ammo and gun companies recommend Improved Cylinder for shooting buckshot. I believe they are talking about buckshot in larger sizes than number fours, because the XX Full choke really improved the pattern from my Benellii at 60 yards with a much better pattern at 50 yards. Things got sketchy at 70, so I'll keep my shots around 60 and only fling lead farther if it is determined there isn't any other chance of a better shot on coyotes. For now, I'm going with Bill's choice -- Remington 3", #4's with my CompNchoke XX Full in my Benelli. I would recommend that everyone pattern their own shotguns because each may perform differently. The Federal 2 3/4" #4's are a close second place and I wouldn't feel under-gunned with them. I would not use BB loads or 00 buckshot unless they were under 25 yards (rare).
Take note: If you only get a few shots at coyotes during the season, why mess with sub-par performance in ammo. Get the ammo that works the best in your shotgun and drop the first coyote you see.

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Below is the result of some testing I have been doing with buckshot for coyotes. I'm not an expert and don't claim to be one, but wanted to take the time to see what ammo works the best. Some folks only get a few shots a year at coyotes -- not the time to be experimenting...that's why I did the testing before getting in the field. Hope it helps us get more coyotes. (sorry about the long post, but lots of info)

Coyote Ammo Test

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Western Maine Coyote Control puppies with first snow. 13 weeks old
This is today where I work, plenty of coyotes, one problem is logging trucks. I know conditions allow us to hunt, but might have to wait until Sat. Bill
Puppies on a bay today. Bill- WMCC

Danny Proctor, with a coyote taking with hounds today, some crust, but once it was jumped, it was a short run. Bill - WMCC

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Coyote Hunters of Maine updated their status.
March 29

I want to thank those who have donated to Western Maine Coyote Control, this winter. Helps us with the cost of what we do, remove coyotes from the western Maine woods. Bill Houghton - WMCC

Another female shot by WMCC Danny Proctor, over bait today

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Great coyote hounds come into your life, unexpectedly. Took this photo, yesterday before I had to put him down. Best start dog I ever had, had great success with him. He is standing over a coyote, that we took with his granddaughter. I wanted him to have that scent one more time.
R.I.P Jack..... Bill Houghton - WMCC

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WMCC hunter Danny Proctor took this nice female on his bait yesterday

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WMCC dog Cammi with her first coyote, close to having 2 with her today


Female taking over bait by, WMCC hunter Joe Sterry last night ...

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WMCC stickers, $5 each

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These two died very close together, (150 yds) one fed the other, I fed the coyote #4 Buckshot yesterday. Bill - WMCC

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Coyote taking today with hounds by Western Maine Coyote Control.

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Dylan Maynard , with his first coyote..

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Aaron Lane's hounds, with a good size coyote

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Hannah Maynard's first coyote.

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Photo by Doug Lisherness, he took today while hunting. Many coyotes, shitty hunting conditions = dead deer

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