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STERLING — The number of clients Centennial Mental Health Center is seeing is on the rise according to executive director Dr.

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“To rescue the fallen is good, but ’tis best to prevent other people from falling.” —The Fence Or The Ambulance by Joseph Malins, 1895 Bright colors danced before Josi Stewart, a blurry kaleidoscope floating in the distance. She blinked her chocolate brown eyes and implored them to focus. Slowly…
Dawn Taylor wrote to let people know about the importance of early intervention with children and young adults at risk for or showing early signs of developing a mental illness ("Strategies for maintaining mental health," Daily Camera Open Forum, Aug.

Something to pay attention to parents.

Researcher says ‘digital sunset’ might improve sleep quality as separate study shows girls turn to social media when they’re anxious

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Let's talk mental health.

Children’s Mental Health Youth Action Board
2015-2016 Application Instructions

The Children’s Hospital Pediatric Mental Health Institute is recruiting up to 8 passionate youth (ages 15-18) to participate as members of the Children’s Mental Health Youth Action Board (YAB). The board consists of up to 15 youth from across the Denver Metro Area who are interested in improving mental health in Colorado.


Goals of the Youth Action Board:
Advise Children’s Hospital Pediatric Mental Health Institute staff on projects and materials to improve patient care.
Raise the awareness of child and adolescent mental health issues in the communities we serve by creating a project each year that will support social change.
Develop the leadership and advocacy skills of each board member.

Applicant Qualifications:
A young person ages 15-18
Interested/ passionate about youth mental health
Able to get to and from Children’s Hospital Colorado
Available on Tuesdays from 4:30pm-6:00pm starting October 6, 2015
Interested in making change

Time Commitment and Expectations:
The Youth Board will meet every other week starting October 6th. Meetings will be held on Tuesdays from 4:30-6pm at Children’s Hospital Colorado in the Gary Pavilion, Aurora, CO. Travel stipends are available to youth who need to travel more than 10 miles to Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Aurora campus. Each selected youth will have the opportunity to participate in the 8 hour Youth Mental Health First Aid Training that may be held on a Saturday.

Application Process:
Complete the attached application AND include ONE picture that says something about you, your passion for children’s mental health, your family, or your community then e-mail both the application and picture to by 5pm on September 11th.

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Eating healthy can be challenging, but it is a crucial aspect of our overall mental and physical health.
"... the state would need to increase psychiatric beds at both hospitals by 90 percent in the next 10 years just to maintain the status quo."

While the overall level of severity of patients with psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder has increased, the staff-to-patient ratio at Fort Logan
When cops in Los Angeles encounter people who may be mentally ill, there's a specialized unit that can offer help on the spot.…/theater-shooting-trial-leads-co… Why it's more important than ever to battle stigma.

Experts and advocates struggle to combat the stigma around mental illness.

Very important story. ..

The case of William Bruce, who murdered his mother in a psychotic rage, highlights debate over treatment for the severely mentally ill
Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) speaks on the House floor about the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015, H.R. 2646.

If you know a Veteran or a high school grad who is looking for a career, this is an amazing program.

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"Earn while you learn" Only 4 spaces left in the ACF Colorado Chef’s Association apprentice program. Graduate with 4,000 hours of valuable hands-on experience, ...42 college credit hours transferrable to any Colorado Community College and a ACF Certified Culinarian or Pastry Cook designation. Chefs are in high demand. The program is approved for veteran's benefits.

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Schools are taking a more proactive role in caring for students' mental health in counseling availability, sleep, tech and play.