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Lara Malfatt Goers
· June 2, 2016
Full disclosure- I am a neighbor but I think that makes me qualified to review. I have watched how hard and how well this family has taken care of this very special stand of trees. There is a lot of... love in their cherries!!! Your visit will be worth the drive and a tradition you will want to continue for years to come. See More
Dale Domerese
· June 6, 2016
Great orchard to get crisp, ripe, sweet cherries. Very nice to meet Owner/Operator. Lance Phillips and his mom. My trip to Emmett not only provided me with awesome cherries, but also an educational ...experience as well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, providing an orchard where we can pick, and an environment where I look forward to bringing my friends. See More
Trenton Hill
· June 25, 2016
Awesome people to talk to they will even tell you about what smudge pots are great place to relax and enjoy the scenery while sitting on one of they're stools while your famiy gets cherries Thano guys... and that was supose to be a 5 star See More
Kay Lynn Scarborough
· June 16, 2016
Our go to place from now on to pick cherries! The friendliness of the family right off told us this was the place to be! Cherries are marvelous!
Senada Kadrić
· June 11, 2016
Absolutely loved this place. He took the time to explain how the orchard was set up and how to pick the cherries! Even let us try a few in the beginning to taste the difference! Definitely going back ...and telling everyone I know that this is the place to get your cherries. They're delicious. See More
Rene Gunari
· June 19, 2016
Yesterday we visited Crimson Gem Orchard. Lance and his daughter were just the best. Not to mention the Lapin Cherries are delicious. OMG, Seriously good. Bought 10 lbs. and froze some for pies. ...Made a pie tonight and it was amazing. Trust!e go there. See More
Tempe McFarlane
· June 11, 2016
Best cherries on the planet ! I LOVE coming to the orchard. Thank you for sharing your passion and amazing cherries with all of us. We are so grateful.
Brian Vegter
· October 3, 2016
Cool little orchard with great cherry jam and the even hosted a cross race. What's better than cherries and bike racing. Thanks Crimson Gem.
Lisa Desilet
· June 18, 2016
What a great time with my family! It was a pleasure meeting Lance and his wife! The history lesson and seeing this families passion was an exceptional experience! We will be back for sure.
Deb Maddalena
· April 9, 2017
It's so wonderful to see trees being planted and cultivated with love and care. Lance and his family are wonderful.
Linda Corbus
· September 20, 2016
These were the best cherries hands down that I have had in a long time ....They are absolutely wonderful.
Lana Leake
· June 21, 2016
This is an excellent place to pick up cherries. I went yesterday and had great time. Highly recommend. Cherries are delicious.
Philip T. Desilet
· June 18, 2016
Lance Phillips, his family, and their orchard were a great experience! Thank you we will be back.
Sandee Price
· June 5, 2016
Amazing orchard. The fruit is fantastic and Lance is a wealth of knowledge. Best orchard in Emmett!
Pruning Tip #6 - Bouncy limbs. Trees grow from the tip outward, as a tree matures fruit tends to set near the end of the branches where 3 and 4 year old, which is the most productive, produces fruit. If a limb gets too long from the trunk it has what I call "bounce". Bounce is when you pull down and let go the limb continues to go up and down for 5 seconds or more. When a limb is not stiff, minimal bounce, fruit set is too far out and the likelihood of a break is highly probable, about the time you want to harvest thereby ruining fruit. To prevent breaking limbs, trees need to have limbs header cut back about every three years. I call this my heavy wood cut year. These usually require some saw work as limbs are 2" - 4" in diameter. These strong cuts help bud break on dormant limbs and start new bud wood further in and reduce the bounce to 1 to 2 seconds. It also keeps trees sized where you can manage them (see tip 2). Tomorrow secondary heading cuts.....
Pruning Tip #7 - Good pruning day today. Temperatures were 40 degrees. Today's tip is watch for dead wood as you work through your pruning steps. Nothing is worse than pruning a series of limbs then realize that the buds are black and everything you pruned was alive and what you left is dead. Cloudy days can make it tough as everything can look grey, but as you start, cut any broken or dead wood out first. Healthy wood cuts easy and dead wood is brittle. I took a video of bouncing limbs as mentioned in tip 6. More to come.......
Local bee keeper Midhat Smajic dropped off 6 hives of these little workers. I can hear the cherries forming....... It is the gentle hum of wings

Cherries are one of the most beautiful fall colored trees around. They usually have reds, oranges, and yellows all at once. Photographers now is the time to catch those colors and the orchard is always available for senior picture backgrounds.

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RACE DAY!15 minutes from start if you not here yet you will be amazed and head this way. We have Rotary club hamburgers, jams and jellies galore galore, apples and hot apple cider. Mostly lots of FUN! Google crimson gem orchard and get here for a fun day. Share this please.


The second annual Crimson Cross is just three days away. The host of the event, Boise VeloWomen, are donating all profits to the Emmett food bank. This is a great FREE family event that people can hang out and cheer on the racers. Hamburgers will be cooked and Crimson Gem Orchards will have our delicious Cherry Gem Jams for sale as well as other baked goods made by our neighbor Carol A. Maddalena. As a special treat we will be selling fresh, hot spiced handsqueezed apple cider by the glass made by the Emmett Marching Band. We also will have Golden Delicious Apples for sale that are freshly packed and ready to go. Hope to see you there.

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Race day is rapidly approaching, September 30th at 11 a.m. This is a great group and if you've never seen a cross race you'll enjoy watching them race between the new trees. Hope to see you there.

Strutting your puffy coat and knobby tires after today's rain? The 1st day back with your Cross family is coming in 12 days at Crimson Gem Orchard! Are you regi...stered for Crimson Cross 2017? You can expect a new course with lots of fun on and off the bike. Apples and cherry jams will be available for sale again. Please get registered so we can plan!

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Crimson Cross Emmett, ID Saturday September 30th 2017
Forget onions, bloomin' apples are the true snack hero.

So it looks like fall is on the way. The best part for me is the apples ripening! I tested the sugars and firmness and golden delicious apples are ready if you like them firm and crisp. These are perfect for apple pies and slightly tart. Over the next few weeks these will be vine ripening and the Emmett Marching Band will be selling our picked apples for $1 / lb. And U-pick is .60/ lb. If you want to do it your self. For larger quantites, i.e. 1 bin or more we can do better p...rices. If you would like 10 lb bags or 20 lb boxes we are accepting orders. Also if you haven't tried the "blooming apple" recipe I will be posting that and they are GOOOOOD! Basically a 30 minute apple pie without the work. Also as the goldens ripen we will start pasturizing and freezing fresh cider. These keep in your freezer for a year with no problems. Please share our post with friends to get these sweet treats in your hands.

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Crimson Gem Orchard is hosting the second annual "Crimson Cross 2017". Although we had a no go on the cherries this year, the golden apples look great with our partners Seven Oaks Orchard. This is a bicycle race event that is fun to watch as competitors race between the new peach and cherry trees. The proceeds go to the Emmett food bank and is a great time. We will have a variety of baked goods including our "Gem Jams" and other baked goods. More info to come as the event gets closer. Hope to see you here.

Sat 11:00 AM MDTCrimson Gem OrchardEmmett, ID
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May 27, 2017

With a sad heart Crimson Gem Orchard will not be open for picking this season. Due to cold wet weather and hail damage we will not have a marketable crop for 2017. The golden delicious apples still look great and look for future crops of both peaches and cherries are in our future. Thanks to everyone who checked in at our site.

What a spring. Rain, hail, even some snow. I have been talking to my fellow cherry growers and most of us are seeing damage from reduced blooms due to cold wet weather. We still think that cherries will be ready about mid-June, not early like last year. One grower wondered if he would even be open for more than a week. I think we are looking at about 25% normal. The good news is we should have BIG cherries. I will continue to monitor, but plan to be early if you want to guarantee Emmetts best cherries. Also the view this year was one to remember of the Butte from the orchard

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What a spring. The first cherries are setting and looking a bit lighter than last year. Hopefully that means bigger cherries. We have had two hail storms including another tonight. Hopefully minimal damage. We are about two weeks behind last years schedule so closer to mid June for the first cherries. I would plan to be on the early side of u-picking fruit if we run short due to weather conditions this year.

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..........and tonight's storm. What fun.

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