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¡Aún lo estás pensando? ¿Qué esperas para disfrutar de la mejor Fiesta de Playa junto a JUAN MAGAN y muchos Djs más? 🙌🏻🐊☀️ --> Fecha: 10 de febrero, 2018 ---> Iniciamos a las 3:00 p.m. y finalizamos a las 2:00 a.m. ----> Entradas a la venta en y putos Servimás autorizados #terceraniversario #juanmagan #DejateLlevar
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JeJe Hauser
· January 30, 2018
Worst experience ever! I own a restaurant in Jacó beach and wanted to celebrate my sisters birthday at the casino and play blackjack with her and her friends! We were told that being that no guy was w...ith us we couldn’t go in! I recommended this place to all of our customers when they would ask for a good hotel! Never again! The guard made us understand that we were prostitutes and that was the reason they denied the entry! See More
Flo Man
· January 30, 2018
Staying here as I write this. Room smells of mold once dry now smells like nursing home. Feels like I am in North Korea every where you go someone asks you what your doing or where your going. At $20...0 a night I don't need a fucking babysitter or be interrogated. Too many rules and security like the Whitehouse with nobody here. Been in this business for over 35 years they better loosen up or they will be gone! See More
Mark Glenn Umana W
· October 16, 2017
I've been wanting to check this place out for a while and so I went over the weekend with my family, as we spent a lot of time over by the pool area I noticed nothing out of the ordinary as some peopl...e complain about prostitutes, in deed you as an adult notice a lot of foreigners with local female prepaid company but Jaco is known for that, other than that in all justice I saw nothing strange or offensive against me nor my family, as a matter of fact everyone was courteous and supportive with my Gang. The weather was not perfect but that's mother nature, and the beach is not among the nice ones I've seen, prices are a bit steep but that's average in hotels unless it's all included, it would be nice if there were specials and a happy hour which at the end it only makes us spend more, I can also see how some more water slides and other stuff to keep the young ones busy can relieve the adults and give us more freedom to do other adult like stuff, but I found it overall very Nice and would definitely comeback as a nice quick away from the city getaway. Thank you for the good time Croc's Resort & Casino. See More
Leonie Hauser
· January 30, 2018
Today is my birthday, a couple of friends, my sister and myself wanted to visit the casino and play some blackjack. The security guard at the entrance asked if there was anybody else in the car beside...s myself and my sister, (friends were in the back seat). We said yes, to which he responded that we weren’t allowed in the casino if we weren’t accompanied by a guy. What is this, the 1800’s?
When one of my friends that was sitting in the back seat who’s a guy started talking, the security guard automatically said that it was okay if we wanted to go in.
They’re literally judging people by their looks, and we aren’t even dressed in a provocative way. We were going to be paying customers who were going to spend money at the casino.
At that point we didn’t want to go in anymore. It’s not right that if my guy friend hadn’t been in the car that we wouldn’t be allowed in.
Thanks Crocs for making my birthday that much more special.
By the way, we’re all Jaco locals.
My sister owns a restaurant and my girlfriends dad is one of the owners of Jaco’s most famous hotel.
Any local security guard would have know that.
I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with being a woman wanting to gamble.
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David C. Krupp
· January 6, 2018
We brought our family of six adults and two children to Croc’s over the holiday and stayed in four condos. We had a great time and highly recommend everyone make a visit to Croc’s. We loved the reso...rt and the town of Jaco.

The resort has three restaurants on property—all good. The Adacus Restaurant on the second floor is fine dining with a beautiful setting and an outdoor patio. Food and service were exceptional. Live music was provided on the night we visited. The sports bar on first floor included music and multiple TV’s…. pool table included…

The coffee shop/bakery was a morning habit. The place constantly smelled of fresh coffee and baked goodies.

First floor included large gift shop with daily necessities and basic food items if needed.
The pool, as seen in pictures of Croc’s is as good as it looks. In addition to what you can see they have lounge chairs molded in the pool floor to allow sitting right in the pool, which works well with the warm weather. Yes, they do have two live crocodiles in a separate caged pool area.

The views from the condos or any of the water side hotel rooms are amazing. In addition, the sound of the surf day and night creates the relaxing sounds one needs on a vacation. The condos are huge and nicely furnished. TV/Movie selection was good if needed. Internet worked well.

The Casino encompasses a large percentage of the first floor and was active every night. Centrally located to bounce from restaurants and bars back into Casino.

The beach is a short walk outside the pool area. If you walk to the right,
you can experience local fisherman and a little tropical forest area. If you walk to the left, you can walk to the town of Jaco.

If you want to venture out of the resort, the town of Jaco offers several good restaurants and shopping. Jaco Walk, an outdoor mall in Jaco, even offers a local brewery. A live band was playing older American rock music when we visited. Manuel Antonio is within an hour or so drive and offers beautiful beaches and plenty of monkeys, sloths and birds. Zip lining and ATV rentals are also available. The concierge was always available to set up tours for any of these excursions. In a week’s time we could not do all the excursions, one would need to visit multiple times to accomplish.

If you drive, assume you could be passed on the right side of your car. Just a tip to be safe if you drive. Ask Croc’s to arrange a shuttle for you from the airport, they will have a person holding a sign with your name to pick you up.
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Lyndsay Bee
· September 15, 2017
Pool alarm is extremely loud and goes off all hours of the day and night. I phoned the hotel many times regarding this issue but the hotel has done nothing to stop the alarm from going off all the t...ime. It is unacceptable to neighbours and guests to have this level of noise going off all day. Fix the alarm. Younare ruining the peacefulness of this place. See More
Justin Jones
· October 9, 2017
I'll admit that I only write reviews when I have had a bad experience, so read on if you like. They advertise themselves as a "resort" with a Las Vegas style casino, resort pools and a "5 Star Rating".... I'll start with the resort - I'm not sure what your definition or their definition of resort is, but theirs most certainly does not match mine. This place is the equivalent of a motel 6 on steroids. The rooms are overly humid to the point that you feel like you are sleeping in a tent (I'm from Houston so I know my humidity), the rest room has a constant sewer smell emanating from god knows where, and the furnishings scream gentlemen's club (which might make sense since prostitutes are readily available at the casino bar). ON TO MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT - CUSTOMER SERVICE. My wife and I had been sitting at a blackjack table for about an hour just hemorrhaging greenbacks. We both ordered a glass of wine, me a pinot noir and her a sauvignon blanc. When the drinks arrived she took a sip and immediately puckered up. The dealer immediately took notice and asked if he should bring the server back over. I tasted and confirmed that the wine had indeed soured, so we agreed to let him bring the server back over. The waitress returned and we asked for a pinot grigio since the bottle of sauvignon blanc had obviously spoiled. She returned with a fresh glass and, drumroll please, a fresh bill for another $11. After I wiped the dumbfounded look off of my face I explained (again) that the first glass was bad and that we shouldn't have to pay for something that was spoiled. She then explained that she was a sommelier (sarcasm) and told us that we didn't know what we were talking about and that the wine was fine. We reluctantly signed the check and continued on with our gambling. The dealer motioned for the pit boss and requested that a manger come speak with us (all on his own accord) about the charge. Guess what! The manager never showed up. We finished gambling and I went to the front desk to plead my case since that's what guests should have to do on vacation. Adolfo called the bar and spoke with the waitress who charged us - he did some pretty ridiculous fake typing and then hung up with her. He told us that we ordered a sauvignon blanc and that it doesn't taste like a pinot grigio. Thanks captain obvious, we know that. He then told us that we drank half of the glass - Lies. Two maybe three small sips to confirm the spoilage. So now we are liars, don't know what wine tastes like and are clearly not important to the staff of this so called resort. I really could not care less about the $11, but I damn sure care about customer service. Please go to Villa Caletas or try one of the many boutique hotels in Jaco., Don't spend your hard earned dollars here just to be called a liar and have to put up with terrible customer service. See More
Leah Jansen
· February 15, 2018
Stayed for a few days, wish I could have stayed longer. Beautiful rooms with an even more beautiful view! I will definitely be back.
Bart Brie-Lock
· February 14, 2018
First of all I want to say that I very rarely write reviews but I took a lot of time to write this so that people do not have to experience the same kind of appalling service that we had to. My girlfr...iend and I stayed here two times in the last three years, however we had a truly terrible experience in 2018.

The first time we stayed at Croc's was in February of 2015 and we stayed at the hotel for our two year anniversary on Croc's Grand Opening weekend - literally the first night they opened. There were many hiccups: none of the front desk employees were familiar with the software so check-in took over an hour. The pool bar had similar issues with software and we tried to have dinner at the upscale restaurant on the second floor. We sat down and were not given menus or asked for a drink order for over half an hour. We decided to order everything at once (drinks, apps, and dinner) in hopes that the service would be faster. After forty minutes our appetizer came and we decided to get up. The manager apologized and told us to come back the next day, and when we did the service was spectacular and the food was great, they even comped us a bottle of champagne for our anniversary. The pool and other facilities were amazing and despite the first day hiccups we genuinely had a great time at Croc's. We were very happy, and when we were planning our trip to Costa Rica for our 5 year anniversary we decided to celebrate at Croc's.

The reason I give Croc's a 1 star review and will NOT recommend them ever again is because of how we were treated this most recent trip (February 2018). We were in Costa Rica for almost two weeks and planned to stay at Croc's for the last weekend of our trip, (Feb 9-11) which happened to fall on our anniversary as well as Croc's three year anniversary. We booked our trip in late November and asked for an ocean view room and included some notes in our reservation about how we were celebrating our 5 year anniversary with them and had been there during all the chaos of their grand opening. There was no response and we didn't get any acknowledgement of our anniversary or that we'd stayed before, which didn't really matter, it just would have been a nice gesture or perk. In late December I received an email from Croc's stating that there would be a "3rd Anniversary in Croc’s Resort party featuring the International Music Presentation of Juan Magan" and that the tickets for attending would cost $70. I responded back with an email about how we were aware of the anniversary and that we were celebrating our own and asked about any deals for guests of the hotel (or loyal customers). I received no response.

We spent the first part of our 2018 trip to Costa Rica on various excursions, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, hiking, and we expected our last weekend to be a peaceful time drinking mojitos and relaxing at Croc's beautiful pool. When we arrived at Croc's on Friday February 9th, the lady at the front desk asked for our reservation, we asked the usual questions about getting an upgraded room, its our anniversary blah blah, she told us that they were fully booked on account of the 3rd Anniversary Party. We started asking about the party, specifically about where it would be located, the time, any deals on tickets for hotel guests, etc. She let us know that it would be held on Saturday and it would be just outside in Croc's pool. My girlfriend and I were confused because although the pool is quite large - it's supposedly the biggest pool in Costa Rica - we knew there'd be no way that they could have a concert there without affecting the hotel guests. It wasn't until we started asking some more questions that she let us know that the pool would be closed to all hotel guests after 1PM on Saturday and you would not be admitted in without a concert pass. We were obviously shocked because we planned our whole trip around relaxing at this pool and had no idea that paying hotel guests would be barred from entering without paying for an extra ticket. If we would have known about this, we would have planned our trip differently and stayed at Croc's first.

This is where things got interesting. I asked about any kind of help or deal as we obviously paid a lot of money, in order to enjoy this pool. She let us know that there were absolutely no discounts for hotel guests and that we would have to be out of the pool by 1PM on Saturday in preparation for the event. I decided that this was unacceptable and asked if there was any way she could help us. After talking with her supervisor on the phone she gave us a take it or leave it response of: "we can refund your stay," basically saying f*** off. We were shocked to be treated this way. I decided it would be impossible to try to find another hotel for Friday night so I asked her to give us some time to see if we can find a hotel for Saturday and that'd we'd come down and let them known about refunding us. She gave us the keycards to our room which happened to be one of the worst possible Ocean facing rooms on the 4th floor: with a wall blocking a view of the sunset and the garbage facilities right below us. We scrambled up to our room and as I took out my laptop to start looking for other hotels for Saturday night my girlfriend noticed the pool from our Juliette balcony window: there were construction workers building scaffolding, yellow caution tape over half the walkways, and a stage blocking the beach.

I finally found us another hotel for Saturday and we asked the front desk to refund us for the last night. We wanted to get down to the pool to try and enjoy the last couple hours of sunshine. When we got there, it was utter chaos: as we noticed from our room, more than half the pool was blocked off, for some reason there were over almost 100 float toys in the water, and when we went up to the outside bar, they told us they were closed and to go inside to get a drink... on a Friday afternoon in the middle of busy season! On top of all this there were construction workers pounding away building seating above the water and sound guys testing speakers and instruments: literally minutes of cable buzzing sounds, you know the kind of sound when an instrument cable is plugged into an amplifier but not an instrument? Not exactly "paradise".

We decided to go back upstairs to our room to get ready for dinner in town. We needed a taxi because Croc's is on the opposite end of Jaco. We waited in line for a cab like everyone else but all of a sudden the taxi line guy let a couple frat boys cut in front of us. He assured us to not worry because there were more cabs around the corner. We waited for 5 more minutes and then decided to start walking towards town. We made it to ChiChi's before we saw a cab heading back from Croc's towards town. When we returned from dinner to our room we were surprised by the sounds of insanely loud EDM and various strobe lights being tested at 11PM. I say this as a fan of EDM having attended Ultra, EDC, Spring Awakening, and various other EDM festivals - it was not fun. We tried our best to get to sleep so that we could wake up early to try to enjoy the last couple hours at the pool.

When we got to the pool the next morning, we noticed more than half the patio seating was stored away and all the construction workers had been hard at work the previous night: there was a giant black divider down the whole pool! You had to go back inside of the hotel just to be able to walk around the pool because of this giant divider, presumably for cables for the stage. All of the lawn chairs from the beach were gone, there was a black temporary fence surrounding the beach area so if you wanted to get to the ocean, you had literally walk through a cut out black netting. It was truly unbelievable. I was able to grab a lawn chair for my girlfriend to tan on but after 30 minutes there were people walking around aimlessly trying to figure out how to get around the giant black barrier to the other side of the pool, let alone get a chair to sit. Even the slide was roped off with caution tape.

Croc's Resort did an absolutely horrible job communicating the logistics about this party. For all I know it could have been an amazing night for the concert goers, but we stayed on the opposite end of Jaco so that we wouldn't have to hear it. However, inconveniencing paying customers like they did and not communicating when purchasing tickets that half the pool would be closed off for two days prior to the event and that hotel guests would not be allowed in the pool is the most unprofessional behavior I've ever experienced.

If you're going to stay in Jaco and want a "luxury" experience stay literally anywhere else because Croc's Casino Resort does not care about their customers.
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Vedant Bubna
· July 6, 2017
$27 a drink. Lol.. Don't ever order drinks or stay in this hotel. Way over priced.. The only place in Jaco with decent table games but when you are even slightly up they will start changing dealers ev...ery 2 minutes or waste time. $27 for a normal whiskey �.. unreal See More
Jim Leone
· February 10, 2018
Stay away from this place. The casino sucks, the management is horrible. Just go away.
Shannon Murphy McNamara
· September 28, 2017
I love Croc's !
The staff is so much fun, and love the pools!
Ericka Chaves
· September 17, 2017
Hemos vacacionado desde que abrieron y la comida es buena los chicos agradables Pero cambian mucho de personal y ayer pasó algo muy curioso... siempre nos hospedamos allí y mi pareja hace la reserv...acion consumimos en el lugar y al final se cancela .... nunca habíamos ido en días festivos donde llegan mucho gente nacional y justo ayer solicitaron mi cédula y me negaron el crédito cuando nunca han solicitado mi cédula y nunca han preguntado si se abre el crédito .... así que me pone a pensar si es discriminacion y hacen diferencia de los americanos y los nacionales.... porque el encargado dijo recordar q mi pareja aye es americano pero no recordar a mi y mis hijas quienes durante muchos años hemos visitadoy permanecemos juntos frente a los queen trabajan en reception .... " pésimo señores" y ademas de no abastecer El servicio de toallas limpias con la excusa no acceptable en un resort de que la maquina se dańo justo cuando la mayoria de los clients son nacionales y en un fin de semana largo... No hay excusa para un mal servicio en un hotel que cobra 220$ LA noche...!!! See More
Andrea Obaldia
· November 5, 2017
Todo muy bien, la habitación Exc y la alimentación muy bien pero a las 7 am de domingo una mucama nos abrió la habitación para darse cuenta q estaba ocupada y además ponerse hablar afuera durísimo y ...hacer un escándalo arreglando una habitación al lado, creo q es un pequeño detalle q deben de tener en cuenta, la gente viene a relajarse a dormir un poco más tarde de lo q lo hace entre semana, deberían de tener un poco más de consideración con el huésped al fin al cabo en un hotel. See More
Patry Fuentes
· January 2, 2018
Ayer llamé y pregunté si tenían pase del día. Reconfirme a las 6 pm nuevamente y me indican lo mismo.
Hoy llegan al hotel y el oficial no nos deja pasar, dice q no se puede los martes q nos dieron la... información mal� .
Llamo y hablo con la persona que me atendió ayer y le reclamo, entonces me autorizan el ingreso y me dicen que los equivocados son los del hotel, cosa que ya no entiendo. No se supone que trabajan para el mismo hotel?
En fin, perdieron un cliente y la oportunidad de otros más por desordenados. De mi parte no los recomiendo más.
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Ale Monge
· August 22, 2017
El lugar es muy bonito, muy elegante y en la mayoría de mi estancia recibí un buen servicio al cliente, pero en la cena en el restaurant Parsley & Pepper m íbamos a consumir el especial de pasta toda familia ordenó la pasta de su preferencia, y todo perfecto pero mi orden fue tomada tres veces distinto ya que me traten mal mi plato en dos ocaciones, cosa que provocó que fuera la ultima en recibir mi plato por lo cual empecé con mi cena cuando ya todos habían terminado. See More
Thomas Vargas
· December 27, 2017
Muy bonito, muy rico, cómodo, etc. Pero que un 27 de dic. en plena temporada alta cierren la mitad de la piscina (y las sillas al rededor, a pesar de que no hay campo para la gente) para hacer quien s...abe qué brete, que desde las 6:30 am lo despierten a uno con escándalos exagerados de ese mismo brete y cosas así, no tienen sentido y uno dudaría en volver. � See More
Prisci GTorres
· January 2, 2018
Primera vez (no soy aficionada a las playas en general) sin embargo fue una experiencia genial, desde que llegamos nos recibieron de forma muy amable, las instalaciones son bonitas, la comida es excel...ente y la vista muy hermosa. No me puedo quejar, me encantó, lo recomiendo y definitivamente volvería.
Felicidades!! Tienen muy buen personal �
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Sasha Zaragoza
· June 26, 2017
Recién fui el fin de semana con mi mamá, ella me invitó por mi cumpleaños. El hotel bellísimo, la comida excelente (precios altos, pero cuando la calidad es tan buena como la que probamos, no duele pa...gar pués lo vale), los empleados bastante amables, la estadía hubiera sido casi perfecta de no ser por el ambiente del lugar, mucha prostituta en un hotel de playa que se supone es para diversión familiar, y no hablo de su presencia en el casino o en la disco, me refiero al area de piscina. No pude dormir ninguna de las 2 noches, pues el huésped de la habitación del lado tenía compañía femenina de esa que requiere pago, ambos borrachos y haciendo bastante escándalo, muy mal de mi parte no llamar a recepción para quejarme, me arrepiento, pero sentí pena; sería bueno que tuvieran mayor control al respecto o que aclaren que el ambiente no es apto para menores de edad, pues habían bastantes familias con niños. See More
Belkis Gregory
· July 2, 2017
Pros: habitaciones muy cómodas y amplias, el trato del personal siempre fue muy amable y servicial, la comida del restaurant Parsley & Pepper muy buena, los precios son un poco altos pero por la de la comida vale la pena. El desayuno incluido ofrece una gran variedad y es muy rico, y la piscina muy amplia y limpia.

Contras: pagué mucha plata para tener una habitación con vista al mar, sin embargo, había un gran techo que no permitía apreciar bien la vista por la que cobraron. Adicionalmente, todo el ruido de lo que sucede en pasillos y otras habitaciones se escucha demasiado, para ser un hotel 5* deberían tener algún sistema para amortiguar el sonido. La comida del restaurant de la piscina El Zarpe, no es muy buena, no hay relación precio-calidad.
Es un hotel con un ambiente más para adultos, si quieren proyectarlo como familiar, deben habilitar más espacios especiales para niños!
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