Never give up and i hope this finds you all feeling well. 💗

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Crohn's disease and U.C. help and support for patients friends and family

!!!! keep fighting everyone! and remember to help fellow page members, by answering questions and comments on the "Posts by others" wall. Thinking of you ALL! ~Sara


"Pineapples are a rich source of vitamin C and contain the enzyme bromelain, which aids the digestive system." " Bromelain is used for a variety of medicinal purposes. Bromelain seems to have anti-inflammatory properties, notes MedlinePlus. It is used to treat inflammation in the nose and sinuses, ulcerative colitis, relaxing muscles and helping the body reduce body fat."
"Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Pi...neapple Juice...
Numerous studies have looked at the benefits of pineapple juice and the enzyme bromelain when it comes to the treatment of inflammation. A study published in December 2010 in the journal “Inflammatory Bowel Diseases” looked at the connection between pineapple juice supplementation and the treatment of chronic colitis. Previous studies had shown that purified bromelain from the pineapple stem had decreased the severity of colonic inflammation and researchers wanted to see if the bromelain concentrations in the juice were capable of the same. Their results showed that long-term dietary supplementation of fresh pineapple juice with active bromelain enzymes was safe and did reduce inflammation severity."

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Pineapples are a tropical fruit that are grown primarily in Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador and Nicaragua and imported into the United States. Pineapples are a rich source of vitamin C and contain the enzyme bromelain, which aids the digestive system. Bromelain...

Many of you know Amy Reynolds. She is an amazing woman with a heart of gold! She has dedicated so much of her time to help those with crohn's, colitis and other digestive issues. Even when Amy herself is sick and has to work anyway, she still manages to help people on a daily basis. She is one of the angels who is in charge of the "Lets talk crohns" page. Amy is Amazing and this beautiful woman now needs our help. Her family needs our help. She has suffered a brain aneurys...m, and now a stroke on top of it. She has swelling on her brain, and is literally fighting for her life!
The medical and other bills are piling up so quickly as her family sits by her side praying for her life.
If you can help, please please do. Even if you can spare just one or two dollars. All and any sonations will help. This amazing and generous woman who has helped so so many, now needs OUR help, for her and her family. Thank you so so much and please keep her and her family in your thoughts. ~S

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On November 10, 2015 Amy Reynolds was taken into surgery because of a brain aneurysm behind her eye. The surgery went well and she had continued improvement until November 17, when they found her brain was swelling. Amy suffered a massive stroke. Amy's prognosis is not known at this time, but we...

How is everybody doing? Sorry i haven't been able to post or be here! Its been a crazy crazy year. Moved, new business, crazyness. Health is ok, joints still bad. New G.i.
Please update on how your doing? Missing everyone lots! And would love some updates ~S

What is remission like for YOU? Are you totally symptom free when your not in a flare? Or do you still have some symptoms? I know its different for all of us. For me, my joints are always in a flare 100% of the time, even when my guts are doing ok. (So far anyway) so I guess I am still waiting for remission, or maybe this IS my remission. So let's discuss remission, how is YOUR remission?

For those who are in remission or ha e been in remission: can you describe what remission is like for YOU? I'm not sure I have ever been in remission, because when my guts seem ok, my joints are still ALWAYS in a Flare. But maybe that is my remission? So when you are in remission, are you symptom free? Or do you have some symptoms? Wound love to hear what YOUR remission is like. ~S

This one goes out to all the PARENTS: interested in hearing from other parents of children and teens with IBD, who are supposedly in remission, but feel poorly / in pain, and don't attend school much, if at all. How are you coping with this? Please share in this thread how your kids and you are dealing with IBD. ~S

Hi my IBD family. I hope this finds everyone doing ok. Pls excuse my absence as of late. Big news, crazy news! My fiance Andrew and I have bought a restaurant on the other side of the country, and we are moving in less than a month!0 We plan to open in early April, with a soft opening at the end of March. If this isn't stressful, I don't know what is! So far my Crohn's is doing okay- except my usual-horrible-arthritis. We are both excited, nervous, and totally overwhelmed, but so so looking forward to this adventure I will not let this disease mess up our dream. Thank you everyone for being a part of this page. I could not do it without you guys. Going to need lots if help with the comment wall and thanks so much to those who have been answering posts! This page would not work without
you! Keep fighting everyone! ~Sara

How is everyone doing? What sort of things in life do you find that can set off an IBD flare? starting new job? moving? death of a friend or relative? stress in general? well my Fiancee and I have purchased a restaurant, and its on the other side of the country, so we are moving, AND opening a business!! yikes. my tummy hurts just thinking about it. Lets discuss what types of things have set off a flare in your life? and how do you cope with it? Sara

Hey, for all those who have Crohn's in their mouth/throat: mine has been flaring lately, and even to the point that I had a severe infection on my gum from it... I have a script mouthwash called: "Benzydamine". Is there anything out there on market that would help this? preferably a prescription, so I don't have to pay for it. (salt water helps some) This is very painful, so any other advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks, and I hope this finds you all feeling ok. ~Sara

what foods are you able to eat-if any- while your flaring? Do you have a favorite meal that you make when not feeling well? for me, bananas and rice are my "go to meal" when not feeling good. what do you eat? ~Sara

Thinking of EVERYONE! xo Sara

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Crohn's disease and U.C. help and support for patients friends and family

!!!! keep fighting everyone! and remember to help fellow page members, by answering questions and comments on the "Posts by others" wall. Thinking of you ALL! ~Sara

How is everyone doing? in a flare? in pain? waiting for surgery or scans or scopes? or are you feeling ok? feeling great? The Good, bad and the ugly, we wanna hear how your FEELING and DOING! ~Sara

Do you feel like you have a lot of support for your illness? or if your a parent or spouse, do you have enough support as a person w a loved one with these diseases? Who thinks that having a support group--face to face- support group would be more valuable? lately I have heard from a lot of people that a lot of the "foundation" type groups/chapters, are more about raising money than support. Does anyone have a support group that they attend that is separate from raising funds... for a cure/treatments etc? (not bashing foundations, as without them, we would be lost, I am just meaning from a personal support stand-point). Would love to hear from those who have support groups they use, or those who have had experience in the past, or if your looking for one.. Any perspective and comments welcome! Hope this finds you feeling ok! KEEP FIGHTING.~Sara

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How has your Crohns or Colitis affected your career? or school? or your childs. Are you able to work? are you on disability? can you work only part time? also, how do your employers-for those who do work- treat you? are they accommodating? sara