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Jax Turner
· June 12, 2017
I love the use of cartoons to bring awareness, humor and an open dialogue to a very misunderstood line of illnesses. Not only that, the creative brains behind it ask others in the community for From what we face to what we'd like to see covered in future toons. It's a great project and I always look forward to the next. See More
Brad Watson-Davelaar
· August 16, 2013
Great place for a laugh
Gutsy Walk (Vancouver) 2017
I was asked by Sharon Coyle Saeed from ibdjourneys to make this short video about what makes a good GI doctor or what we should be looking for in a good GI doctor. Please feel free to add anything I've missed either down in the comments below or add your own video. Share it around. Let's make this into a proper discussion and maybe it will help some folks who are in need of a better doctor.
Crohn's Awareness PSA
Crohn's Awareness Project added a new photo to the album: C.A.P Funnies 2018 — with Dylan Moore and Brad Watson-Davelaar.

‘Chronic Illness Chronicles I’
April 9th 2018
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There’s a cycle I get in everytime my health is passed a certain point or I’ve come down with a bug. A cycle that is hard to pull out of when my body is too busy trying to fight off other battles across my body. I need to eat but lack the energy and motivation to get up and cook. But if I don’t get up and cook I’ll only get worse. Then mix in the fact that even if I do cook, I’ll most likely not even want to eat the food I’ve cooked.

So how do I get around this? Sometimes I can’t, but over the years I’ve found things that I’ll be able to manage while I’m feeling like garbage. Broths & light soups if I’m so far gone that solids are too much. Mashed potatoes are good when I can eat solids but are require a bit of energy for peeling. It all comes down to finding a balance and trying to ride that wave (if it is indeed a wave, you know your body better than anyone else) to the finish line. I just went through some type of mini flu where symptoms were hitting me daily but were gone again the next day. Over a week I felt tired, lethargic, not wanting to eat and unable to focus. I knew it was this weird flu but my brain started ringing warning bells, worried it was something else. Thankfully it was just a bug and I’ve started pulling out of the nose dive and have started eating again but it proves that being ready for that turn is always a good thing.

What are the type of routines, foods and or activities to you go through when you’re in a flare or a virus/bug has torn you down a peg or two? Tell us in the comments below.

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Far too often do my guts decide they are not in the mood to cooperate with me about having plans. Sometimes I just want to sit them down and hash things out. Man to... Guts.

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Crohn's Awareness Project is with Dylan Moore and Brad Watson-Davelaar.

'3 Amigos'
March 16th 2015
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This happens to all of us. We're hoping to go out for a social event, whatever it may be. Going through all of the steps & routines, it feels like we could actually do this. Things are going right. It feels like this could actually happen. We're going to get out & see people! For myself, it's usually the moment I'm ready to head out the door that my guts start back up.

'Hey, did you forget about us down here?'

'Dammit, I thought we had a deal!'

All bets are off & I'm back in the washroom counting the minutes until I'll be late for my engagement. I usually try to plan for this inevitablity but there is only soo much you can plan for.

What do you do to try & make your guts behave, tell us in the comments below.

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