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Fox's Tucker Carlson falsely accuses Rep. Jim Himes of promoting legislation that would immediately confiscate everyone in America's guns.

More fearmongering from NRA lapdog @TuckerCarlson over on state-run TV.

Tucker Carlson spent almost all of a nearly eight-minute discussion, supposedly about gun control, dishonestly suggesting his guest, Democratic Rep. Jim Himes, was just itching to confiscate Americans’ guns.
John Amato on E's 15 Most Shocking Political Sex Scandals

Michael Steele, at CPAC, called the remarks 'painfully stupid.'

Michael Steele, at CPAC, called the remarks 'painfully stupid.'

Tokenism, that's how conservatives see hiring black people.

At the Ronald Reagan Dinner at CPAC, ACU Communications Director Ian Walters said the RNC hired Michael Steele as chairman in 2009 "because he's a black guy."

Robert Mueller is everywhere.

Happy Saturday! Enjoy your day with these links to great liberal blog posts...

Links to great liberal blogs for your Saturday...

No, we're not trying to confiscate all guns. Get off your splooge fantasy, ammosexuals.

It's nice to denounce the clear dishonesty of some of the most vocal and idiotic right-wing mouthpieces, but stops short of actually speaking truth.

Watch these kids scratch up vinyl records and kvetch that it's not downloadable.

Kids discover what this old thing called a "record player" is.

Make conversation with the trees

Make conversation with the trees

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Wow, it's a huge jump in early voting turnout for Democrats in Texas.

Blue Wave in the Lone Star State!

The Blue Wave is coming!

Alysin Camerota did a good job here.

NRA's national spokesperson Dana Loesch is having a bad week. Aw.

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It's not as though he has a single original thought on any issue.

Side by side, Trump and Wayne LaPierre sound the same.

Puppet? He's the puppet, alright.

CNN sets side-by-side videos of Trump and Wayne LaPierre, and it's the same words.

Despite these charges, we're still at the tippy-tip of the iceberg.

The Mueller investigation is accelerating, and this time Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is caught in the net.