While the Voskhod gets tweaked for production, think it is time to start making its home.

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Another poll time! This one is out of more curiosity than anything else. Where do you prefer the power jack to be placed?

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Animated pre-case

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Some might be aware that another manufacturer produces Animato clones as well. I can't do anything about that, it's a free market, that's fine, I do my thing, they do theirs.

I've been quite silent about this for a while but one of the things that this particular manufacturer claims is that my version is not authentic.


I want to state this with no ambiguity:
The Crowella Effects model of the Animato, the Animated, uses the 100% correct germanium transistors (NTE102/NTE103) and are made new to order, specifically for use in the Animated. Not NOS, New. The exact same product as used in the original and are not anything else that is otherwise claimed by a particular manufacturer.

I have to make this clear. I, up until this point have not made shots at any other manufacturer for making clones. I encourage the making of them for personal use and to sell if you feel so inclined. I've even offered help DIYer's and certain manufacturers (yes, including that manufacturer) get off the ground with making them.

I would strongly encourage people to be vigilant of their purchases, to be critical of manufacturers claims and to research. I try my best to promote an open environment where customers are free to ask anything and everything about my products and at all times make pedals to the highest standard.

If you spot anything false, please point it out, please make it clear, you can not only benefit yourself, but many others.

I do want to note that there are some other striking similarities to my product in this manufacturers too but I cannot verify if they chose to make those changes prior to mine, or after to match up with the specs of my model, it could be purely coincidental.

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Turn your bass tone into a monster with the Crowella Effects Animated, a high-gain, face ripping distortion designed to eliminate the guitar from any band. This is the original clone of the Human Gear Animato, as made famous by Chris Wolstenholme of Muse.

Each one is tuned to match the original and features a clean blend and an internal gate control to maximise the impact of your bass tone.

For sale at $290AUD, it includes free shipping and lifetime warranty. For more information, visit

The Animated is a high-gain distortion tightly suited to turn your bass into a loud and cutting sound, perfect for those that need a distortion that’ll go wild and fill out the gaps in your band or solo.

For those that want to nail down that Muse bass sound, Adam Aarts covered a fantastic selection of 10 Muse bass riffs,, featuring the Animated at the heart of the tone.

Thank you to all who have requested songs for this! I appreciate all your comments and love! More MUSE Bass stuffs: Reapers Cover:

Lovesick Radio have been in the recording studio and getting the absolute most out of the Animated. Sounding epic!

Instagram Post by LoveSick Radio • March 12, 2018 at 01:44PM PDT

For 24 hours only, you can grab an Animated pedal from for a total of $260AUD, with free shipping worldwide. Only 3 are available at this price so first come, first served.

The Animated is a high-gain distortion tightly suited to turn your bass into a loud and cutting sound, perfect for those that need a distortion that’ll go wild and fill out the gaps in your band or solo.This is a clone of the Human Gear Animato, made famous by Chris Wolstenholme of Muse

It's Friday, thought it would be time to play a cover of one of my favourite songs. Good way to demo an Animated too.

This is a cover of Bliss by Muse. Pedulla Rapture RB5 - Crowella Effects Animated - Yamaha THR5. No other post processing used. Recorded in Audacity of all t...

It's tiny, miniscule, even nano. This is what happens when you compress an Animated down to a miniscule size. And yes, it works.

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A quick audio preview of the Voskhod is up to demonstrate that yes, it exists. Much more gain on tap than demonstrated here.

This is a demo recording of the Voskhod, just done direct into it, into my Yamaha THR5. There is no other effects or EQ/Comp added.

Hand working some SMD. Coins for scale.
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Goods are in. Time to assemble some prototypes.

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Voskhod, You've probably heard it mentioned here before if you've been following for a while. Today's blog post is all about it.

So I’ve had a few people on various forums and other places about Voskhod? You’ve probably noticed it on the future products page. Put simply, it is going to be a variant of a Russian Big Muff with a clean blend. I did say that’s the simple answer.

Animated pedals are now for sale online at and includes free shipping worldwide.
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