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Our homies at Anxious and Angry are hooking up some sweet deals. Hit'em up!

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We're well aware that it's been some time since we've posted anything substantial, but we assure all of you that noteworthy announcements are forthcoming in the next month or two.

In the meantime, we've got some shows coming up with our other bands, so if you live in or near Ottawa, London, Toronto, etc, you can choose to see some of us sooner than later.

Also, as is the style of the day, I've curated and added a playlist to the CRUSADES Spotify page:


It's essentially a list of musical ingredients that have gone into the crafting of Crusades' songs over the past 10 years. So for anyone who might be curious about what's made us tick, give it a listen. And y'know, maybe keep in mind that we are, in mathematical terms, old as fuck. Dig it!…

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100 songs/artists that have influenced Crusades over the course of our decade-long existence, from our more straightforward beginnings up to our most recent, decidedly broader output.
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While we are sleeping.

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The Creeps

It's been a while since you've heard from us, but that doesn't mean we haven't been working away - in our slow but steady fashion.

We're very excited to announc...e our upcoming new LP, entitled 'Beneath the Pines'. The album features 11 carefully, and thoughtfully crafted songs. The attached photo, of Skottie's childhood cottage - serves as the album cover - and will feature layout and design work by our pal Josiah Barnett.

The album will see its physical release this spring, through our long term pal and partner, Adam and It's Alive Records. It will also be available on all major streaming platforms.

Pre-order, and streaming release dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

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ALRIGHT! New items added, prices changed, and shipping reconfigured as best we could (still pretty cruddy).

Some of this stuff is down to the last few (back patches, 'Perhaps You Deliver' LPs) and there should also be more new stuff arriving from Anxious and Angry (hoodies) & Underground Communique Records (cassettes) in the near future.

Dig in!

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Long-overdue webstore overhaul/sale/etc. in the coming days. New(ish) shirt designs, 2nd pressing of the new LP, combo packages, clearance crud, what-have-you!

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In the grand tradition of "power ballad videos cobbled together with tour footage" (c/o our own Jordy Bell), we offer you a mind-bending glimpse into Crusades' 2017 Euro tour.

It's essentially our version of Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home"... if you replace the 'bikini babes', 'nose candy' and 'sold out arenas' with 'older German gentlemen', 'John Lescroart novels' and 'tumbleweeds'.

Keep your eyes peeled for cameos by our beautiful friends in Martha / Onsind, No Weather Talks, WONK UNIT, Harker and even the illustrious Drew Millward!

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Crusades shared an event.

While Crusades is taking a bit of a post-LP breather, BLACK TOWER is back in full swing.

We're making our way back to Toronto to celebrate Ms. Sarah Kitteringham's treintañera alongside fellow Ontario ragers Possessed Steel and Freeways!

We'll be busting out some new jams from our upcoming 2nd LP (out in 2018 on the mighty Unspeakable Axe Records) and may even have some fresh merch to sling.


Looking forward to hitting Stained Class Records beforehand too!

Toronto hard music socialites/who's-who: tell your pals & let's make Sarah's 30th a doozy. And feel free shower her in the rarest of the rare trad/doom records!

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Sat 9:00 PM EDTCoalition: T.OToronto, ON, Canada
124 people interested

While CRUSADES takes a bit of a breather in the aftermath of the record release/tour/Ottawa Explosion/etc, Dave and Scott will be busying themselves with a new BLACK TOWER LP and some killer shows. Dig it.

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While the seas may seem silent in the land of BLACK TOWER, indubitably things are a'churning:

I. On August 18th, we will be joining Sweden's mighty Screamer at ...the House of TARG to celebrate the release of their excellent new LP 'Hell Machine'.

II. The fine folks at Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. have invited us to grace their Black Forest Stage on the Saturday of Beau's Oktoberfest 2017 alongside our brothers The Creeps and Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish, as well as an assortment of other ne'er-do-wells.

III. We are neck-deep into the creation of our 2nd LP for the venerable Unspeakable Axe Records, with demos underway and details ironing out. Venture out to the above two spectacles to get a taste of the scorching new jams!

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Heads up, balmy evening enthusiasts:

You can score these thin-yet-cozy summer hoodies over at the Anxious and Angry webstore (along with the new smoke-coloured A&A version of our 'This Is A Sickness' LP).

Ryan says:


"Summer hoodie, you ask? Well let me hip you to it.

These are hoodies that are slightly thicker than a tee shirt. They are perfect for that in between weather, such as a summer night. People love these. They are comfy and perfect for the season. Plus, it's the goat hugger. So that's sick."…/crusades-goat-hug-summer-h…

Artwork (re-vamped Crusades Circle and 'Porch and Portal' designs) c/o the brilliant Rodrigo Almanegra.

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Summer hoodie, you ask? Well let me hip you to it. These are hoodies that are slightly thicker than a tee shirt. They are perfect for that in...
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Dave Monomania

Dearest pals in the Canadian retail record world:

Crusades and Countless Altars have recently been taken on board by the wonderful folks at F.A.B. Distribution.... One lovely result is that Crusades' newest LP, 'This is A Sickness and Sickness will End' is now readily available for order/sale in actual record shops across the ol' nation.

So if you work at a cool record store, or have a friend/acquaintance/mortal enemy who does, please share this with them & get'em to stock up. We gotta move these units!

[Big thanks to Darin for setting this up!]

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Hey all,

Check the message below from our good pal Amor (and European merch magnate) over at Wir sind die Toten. He's raising money for a wonderful cause and we're doing our best to help out.

[And obviously any sharing of this across the intersphere would be hugely appreciated]

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Wir sind die Toten.


Mila ist 3,5 Jahre alt und wird seit ihrer Geburt durch eine Sonde ernährt. Wir sammeln Geld um ihr einen Platz an der Esslernschule zu ...finanzieren. Bestellt jetzt das "Circle of Friends" Shirt vor - der Erlös geht an Mila!

Mehr Informationen:

Mila is 3,5 years old and has to be fed artificially since her birth. We are raising money for her so she can afford a place in a special program, where she can learn to eat. Preorder the "Circle of Friends" shirt now - the profits go to Mila!

More info here:

Artwork by Rodrigo Almanegra for Crusades.

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Thursday evening at 1am we will be stumbling onstage at Galerie SAW Gallery for our 7th annual booze-fuelled appearance at Ottawa Explosion Weekend 2017!

We'll have the new-ish LP for sale, as well as some completely out-of-season beanies, some sweet grey tops that I thought would be darker when we ordered them, plus CDs, cassettes, patches, pins, and other potentially ill-advised accoutrements that are beginning to rival the Jerry Only-era Misfits merchstravaganza!

And obviously you should head over right after an early dinner to see the PRISM hardcore portion of the show (featuring Remwar, Faze, and Grimm) as well as Ultra Love, Towanda, Lonely Parade, Partner, the tremendous BLACK TOWER, Strange Attractor, and Rhythm Of Cruelty! That's a serious night.

Thu 6:30 PM EDTGalerie SAW GalleryOttawa, ON, Canada
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Hey all,

Just wanted to bring everyone's attention to the Razorcake/Gorsky Press, Inc. subscription drive that's happening right now.

It shouldn't be news that print zines aren't as plentiful as they once were, and of the few that remain, Razorcake holds a special place in my (Dave's) often-racing and/or palpitating heart.


If you've ever thought about getting a subscription, or have read and enjoyed a copy, or simply like the idea of helping out some punk folks who genuinely do what they love and love what they do, now's a better time than ever to fork over a measly $17.

Watch the video, check out the website, and score yourself (or your workplace or your jamspace or your barbershop or your dentist's office or wherever) a year's worth of killer reading while helping out a huge familia of wonderful people.



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Razorcake/Gorsky Press, Inc.

Help Razorcake Stay in Business: June Subscription Drive.
10 Issues for $17.

Razorcake is facing trouble.


Since the beginning of this year, the independent distribution system Razorcake developed for seventeen years took some huge hits. Several key stores and distributors went out of business, leaving Razorcake in a horrible position.

We need your help to get out of this hole. That’s why we’re throwing this subscription drive. By cutting out anyone in the middle, we’ll send you 10 issues of Razorcake directly to your door. You get over a year and a half of great DIY punk coverage. We take more control of our own distribution.

If you value what Razorcake does, now is the time to show it. The situation is dire, but we can get back on the right track with your help.

One sub per person (Unless it’s a gift for someone else). You can add to your existing subscription. Domestic only.

You can’t put your arms around a website.

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3+ hours of music from bands playing OXW! Check it out!

Ottawa Explosion Weekend

Crusades at Obenuse Fest 3 in Zurich, Switzerland. May 6th, 2017.

Photos: Stefano Bevilacqua