Meet my new baby 😍 Have been playing it for some time already and it really opens some new horizons. Can't wait to share the results with you 😉

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Btw here's a Telegram channel for those of you who prefer this kind of media. I think I'll post not only the CD-related stuff there, so it'll be kind of a proggish newsfeed.

You can view and join @cryostaticdream right away.

So this is how you do it in 2018? Okay...


Alex here, it's been a while. I decided to part ways with Andrey. I'm enormously grateful to him for his contribution to the project. He is a talented musician and also one of the most inspiring human beings I've met but I want to take Cryostatic Dream in a slightly different direction (and I'm actively working on it). Good luck to Andrey with all the awesome collaborations and projects! Go check them out and support:

Hi guys! Just wanted to say that the next Cryostatic Dream's release will generally sound very similar to the previous one released four years ago.


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Cryostatic Dream updated their profile picture.
April 2
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Cryostatic Dream updated their cover photo.
April 2
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Our bros NYN just released an album!

Celebrate the new #techmetal release: NYN (Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt)

Noyan Tokgözoğlu: Vocals, Guitars, Programming
Jimmy Pitts: Keys, Seaboard, ...Theremin, Additional Arrangements
Tom ”Fountainhead” Geldschläger: Guitar Solos, Oud, Mixing, Mastering

Additional personnel:
Maelstrom also written by Ali Mete
The Hallway also written by Ahmed Hasan
Solo on The Hallway by Christian Münzner
Additional vocals on Omnipotence Paradox by C.J. Jenkins and Hayato Imanishi
Solo on Maelstrom Part II by Brandon Morris
Label: #Vmbrella

#deathmetal #metal #progressivedeathmetal #progressivemetal #techdeath #technicaldeathmetal #Arlington…/entropy-of-chaos-and-salt

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10 track album

Thank YOU Alek Darson!

So this record has been getting some well-deserved attention recently. Many thanks to the good guys over at Cryostatic Dream for featuring me on it!
Send some ...of your good love their way guys! Prog on!

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10 track album

Alex here. Look whom I've met

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Alex Kuzmin is with Jakub Żytecki at Futurum Music Bar.

This guy is a real talent, a bright star in the sky of so-called 'progressive metal'. Was really happy to see him and his band playing live and to have a chat with them. Keep on inspiring me Jakub Zytecki!

It's the birth of the new label - Vmbrella! Fatum Black, Tom Fountainhead Geldschläger, Vishal J Singh, Jimmy Pitts, Matheus Manente and Andrey Sazonov have teamed up for new musical adventures! If you're an independent artist - join us!
Ok, guys! The time has come!
#label #vmbrella #independent #artists #union


We are tired of the fact that talented musicians struggle to be #heard among the tons of throw-away muzak that dominates... the market. We are tired of prejudice. We are tired of genres. That´s why we are bringing together the most creative minds of our generation and our planet together. Post-prejudice. Post-genre. Post-greed. Our mission is to re-open the infinity of art to the world.

Whether you are a listener or performer, if you constantly feel something similar — this label is created for you, and for the solution of these problems. Join us!

Sincerely yours:

Tom Geldschläger / Vishal J. Singh / Andrey Sazonov / Fatum Black / Jimmy Pitts / Matheus Manente

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Worldwide music label. Featuring Tom Geldschläger / Vishal J. Singh / Andrey Sazonov / Fatum Black / Jimmy Pitts / Matheus Manente

Please consider supporting this amazing artist. Share, like, subscribe? BUY.

Hold up, let me address those of you who dare love '#progmetal' AND have actual money to support this stuff. What? Nobody there? Broke or just too greedy to sup...port insanely talented people? Hmmmm.

Tomorrow is the release of the absolutely mind-blowing #techy #prog #metal (and #progrock) album of my bro Fountainhead. He plays insanely technical and catchy stuff without perpetuating the use of self-repeating stereotypical same flippin' licks forever and ever and ever. Cliches? Never.

Tom is doing a #fantastic job creating music. It needs your attention. And it needs your #support. Nur ein bisschen. It just needs a little more for the artist not to flippin' #starve himself to death.

Let me put it simple, folks. Pre-order it, buy it, spread the word, do all of the above if you can, but make sure you support this guy. Even if you don't like it - this man is one-of-a-kind musician and probably one of the best living guitar players this planet has to offer.…/reverse-engineering


C'mon. Seriously, support. Now.

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9 track album

Tom Geldschläger is the boss and you know it. Buy his album now. We dare you.

Tom Geldschläger aka Fountainhead has a new album coming out, and we have an exclusive playthrough of the title track, which he plays on a fretless 7 string guitar. It's wild stuff!

Check Tom Fountainhead's new track is here!

Intricate fretless guitar work (including rhythm guitars), both non-clean and clean vocals and much more!

Ex-Obscura guitarist returns with new music from his solo project.

Exclusive stream from our bro Fountainhead!…/exclusive-premiere-strea…/

Here at Heavy Blog we have a pretty good understanding of who our audience is, the type of music they…

There were a very few requests, but anyway, here are the "unofficial" guitar tabs for Boundaries provided "as is" (some parts are missing, some are left unchanged from pre-production stage)

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Alex here. Had some fun using sources from my side project (which is a straightforward synthwave, as you'll hear in a moment), so enjoy this summer rendition of a familiar tune I've put together in a couple of minutes

This can be considered a cover of @cryostaticdream - Again Into A Dream (a track of my main project). Made just for lulz, 'cause synthwave is now trendy.